Sex and the Bitchy

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An article on the Website “This is London” talks about a study where researchers have found that women tend to be more bitchy when they are on the lookout for a man.

Fans of the TV series Sex and the City may not be surprised, but scientists have found women are prone to bitchiness when they are on the hunt for a man.

It is because females become far more critical of the looks of potential rivals when they are at their most fertile, say researchers.

This use of ‘indirect aggression’ to denigrate potential rivals is designed to boost their chances of finding a ‘good man’.

Wow, lookout boys! Our “Active Disinterest” is now being countered by female “Indirect Aggression!” Or, to give it the appropriate mASF spin, “IA!”

But I found this part of the article quite humorous…

‘When women are at their most fertile, they’ll pay more attention to each other’s appearance,’ said Maryanne Fisher, of York University, Toronto.

‘There can be more catty behaviour, there will be more gossiping, nit-picking and spreading of nasty stories.

‘You might see two women in a pub and one might say to the other, “Oh my God, look at her, she’s so ugly” or “your hair is such a mess”. That is an example of a competitive strategy.’

Looks like the HBs are whipping out some Mystery-style old school harsh negs. When I read this passage, however, it became clear to me where Style learned most of his techniques. It’s very powerful when you turn that gossiping, nit-picking, cattiness around. =)

You can read the whole article here.

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  1. Despair says:

    It’s appropriate that this piece was written by a women named Yapp =)

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