Podcast 8: Introducing The BootyCast

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Hey guys,

Here’s the latest Podcast for the week – I’ve been listening to all your feedback and want to introduce you to the "BootyCast" show.  With me are my new regular cohosts Adam Lyons & Amanda.  In this week’s Podcast, we cover…

  • Awesome TV shows
  • The Sargathon Debacle
  • The Drama At Charisma Arts
  • The Community Believes In You
  • The Winner Of The Dimitri The Lover Contest
  • Emails From Gurus
  • Sean Messenger’s "Save The Boobies" campaign
  • Strange Fetishes
  • Community News & Gossip
  • And More!

You can check out the Podcast for yourself by clicking here:

Click Here For The BootyCast

Please leave your feedback and/or comments in this thread.

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20 Responses to “Podcast 8: Introducing The BootyCast”
  1. Patrick says:

    this isnt working

  2. Miso says:

    For the record, Adam sucks balls in Tekken 5… unless he plays with Steve the boxer, or that girl, whatever her name is… :D

  3. Dare says:

    Enjoyed the podcast Thundercat,

    The Dimitri winner was so funny! Enjoyed that alot, AND your energy seemed a lot higher & better to listen to with co-hosts. Having said that..

    “Im not gonna make any reference to why its on your computer” -a “joke” by Adam Lyons.

    He’s overly Positive, AlphaTry male, who’s humor consists SOLELY of ENTHUSIASM & his emoting just DOSNT JIVE as REAL with me:

    “Canada scares me” not even funny, so if it was supposed to be serious WTF?

    This is the SHITTY Cocky-Funny I hear ALL the time by LAME self-help-culture guys my age in this country (PUKE…BLEARGHHHH)

    You know maybe its just me. I don’t like this guy. He pisses me off.

    “iRobots with Will Smith when the Apple robots malfunctioned” ..(tumbleweed rolling past)

    I’d rather hear you on your own Thundercat.

    I DONT wanna hear anymore “I..i, i i i , i, i..i” either PLEASE..

    ..& That accent..oh god… Maybe some of you gayboys like it in America but not most Brits. He just sounds fake, & if not, SHALLOW.

    Saying all that Thundercat, YOU were funnier & definitely higher energy having other people on the podcast.

    Dude GET CAMERON TEONE or Someone else PLEASEEE?!!

    “And they were like Jizzing themselves as they see how their students react to Ross” with thematic Starwars music in the background! Loved it!

    Vince Yoda –LOL

    Actually one thing I did start laughing about by Adam was:

    “He’s got a solid frame Ill give him that.”

    PLEASE…SOMEONE with a PLEASANT accent & SOMEONE with a different personality…

    “Everyone’s nice really”

    When your overly positive, you turn into a LIAR you unfunny SHMUCK.

    Adam, FIRST go check out JOE ROGAN for REAL, ADULT HUMOR.

    SECOND, Go see Barry Kirkey for HUMOR. Get a Phone Consultation with him & fucking LISTEN UP. Try construction humor WITHOUT JUST ENTHUSIASM. that’s boring. It only FEELS funny because it causes some slight tension.

    HA HA!!

    Nice one Thundy, “You’re their BITCH” to Adam! LOL!!! Keepin it REAL, man. Love it.

    Lastly, I think Barry might have a few words to say about some of the clips with David X…We’ll see:)

    So, Thanks for the Podcast. Enjoyed it. Felt to me a bit tarnished with AFC Adam’s LACK of humor & GIRLY dumb personality…

    Add that to two cents & you get 2 Cents.


  4. non-Ross says:

    Why m4a format boys???

    this is not music, we are not animals, we are Devo

    mp3 please

  5. Dare says:

    Barry “Soundbites-Repeated-Ad-Infinitum” Kirkey has referenced this podcast in a Friday (yesterday) Special podcast with Stefan, his homo-mate.

    Pretty funny. Slightly gay.

    “Two 17s is 34 years of rapport” BLEARGHH.

    Where’s my manhood.

  6. Dare says:

    “Despite all my Rage
    I am still just a Rat in a Cage”

    You should get your ears checked BaZo! You couldn’t figure that out? Roughly how many times have you heard that song? Its what like 4 choruses in the song. If your not a fan you maybe heard it 10 times

    10 x 4 = FORTY times to catch that…Cuckoo.

  7. Craig Jordan says:

    I liked it.

    Good podcast Thundercat. Look forward to more soon!


  8. lansing says:

    Please post an MP3 version. My portable players don’t support M4a. Would prefer MP3 version in the future

  9. Craig Jordan says:

    Lansing, Dude:
    0. Download the file.

    1. Open iTunes

    2.Drag the file into iTunes

    3. i) Highlight the track IN iTunes, click “Advanced” in the MenuBar (like Tools->Advanced if in Windows)

    ii) Select “Convert Selection to MP3″

    4. Wait a few seconds. Voila.

    Hope it helps.

  10. marshall says:

    dare, you’re full of hate.

    i really dug the podcast. you guys were hilarious to listen to. it was a nice change. i enjoyed it, keep them coming!

    definitely try to dig up more dirt on the community. the pissing thing was unreal.

  11. davo says:

    Converting the m4a file to a playable format has been a major pain in the ass. Why you chose such a user unfriendly format, when mp3 is available and so widely used, is beyond me.

  12. Lansing says:

    Yeah, I don’t use Itunes.. Hence the reason I want an MP3 version. If I used Itunes I would probably have an ipod and not need to worry about converting…

  13. TightGame says:

    Nice podcast, Thundercat. It’s a good trend to have shows like your’s and Barry’s that give the community a bit of an edge. More interesting to listen to than the the usual one guru sucking another’s dick.

  14. Dare says:


    But I love you? Does that make up for my failing your standards?

    Guys its like a one minute download to get iTunes even if its just to convert it..

  15. Lansing says:

    I don’t want Itunes on my machine. Regardless of how long it takes to download. Anyway, I am listening to it on my PC now through VLC but the audio is annoying because Mattress’s voice is so low…

  16. davo says:

    I don’t want it on my machine either. Ah well, there are plenty of other seduction podcasts, in mp3 format, on the Net…

  17. Miso says:

    Fuck, you guys ever heard of ANYTHING else BUT iTunes?

    Winamp, anyone?

    The best goddamn audio player on the net for what, 10 years straight?

  18. Dare says:

    “ever heard of ANYTHING else BUT iTunes?”

    -> Yeah, in all seriousness I do have to admit my second most used and most favorite music player is the jukebox software that does a mean Lone Ranger Theme Song playback

    ..made up entirely of your mom’s pussy farts

  19. Lansing says:

    The issue isn’t playback on my PC. The issue is playback on my portable Mp3 player that just plays MP3s

  20. I love listening, but no RSS feed? comeon!!

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