PUA Pitfalls: Cumming Inside A Girl

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TheTaoOfSteve asks the question over on mASF about blowing your load internally…

TheTaoOfSteve writes:

Do you do it or do you pull out?

8% yearly failure rate with couples and the fact that SHE is responsible for taking them has kept me skeptical..

So I guess I’ll take this opportunity to share some of TC’s rules for safe sex.

First of all, every guy out there knows how much condoms suck.  They’re uncomfortable, they’re inconvenient, and they just don’t feel all that great.  So the temptation to doing sans-condom is always there.  The answer to this is, of course, doing it with a girl who’s on birth control!  After all, the chances of her getting preggers is about as good as when you wear a condom, right?

Well, before you dive in (literally), there are some things you need to consider… Read more

The Bootycast Episode 14: Our Favorite STDs

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The Bootycast is back this week!  And we welcome “Gonzo PUA” Ratisse and his crazy pick up stories and insights.

We’d also like to thank you all for listening to our podcast!  Our analytics have recorded over 15,000 downloads of our show so far, which is really exciting.  Thanks for your support, and please feel free to participate in the show by calling in or participating in the chat room during the show.

In this episode, we discuss topics like:

  • Adam’s making short films
  • What happened to Asian PUA?
  • We welcome our stunt Asian PUA replacement
  • Stunt Asian PUA asks Ratisse how to pick up women in clothing stores
  • Ratisse talks about being the only PUA to be choked out by an AMOG
  • Why Ratisse wears women’s underwear to clubs
  • How Ratisse tries to collect STDs
  • Thundercat shares his STD stories
  • Thundercat discusses his most recent pregnancy scare
  • We talk about how to do pick up on a budget
  • We talk about how to create connections with women
  • We talk about using Facebook for picking up chicks
  • We discuss how to keep things interesting in a relationship
  • The news with Amanda
  • And more!

To check out the episode for yourself, please click here.