Tyler Durden Leaving RSD?

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Is Tyler Durden Finally Finished?

Is Tyler Durden Finally Finished?

Did Edward Norton just shoot himself in the face or something?

Tyler Durden writes:
Alright so probably by now you’ve heard I’m wrapping up with my role as figurehead of RSD and moving into self help.

If you’re not a regular reader of RSDN then you probably guessed it based on the content of this blog.

This has been a conflict for me personally because “personal transformation” and “pick up artistry” are intense passions of mine and I love teaching bootcamps. Funny enough I actually consider teaching bootcamp my “time off” because I enjoy it so much.

Regardless I have to take this next step which will likely limit my future availability to, well, pretty much nothing.

Mwuahahhahahahahahhahahah mwuahahah mwuahahahhahahahahahhaha…





*Cough *Cough

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Harmless, Movin’ on up to the *SOUTH* Side

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**Reposted from the first Lair, original date: 12/20/03

Hey all,

New-kid-guru-on-the-block Harmless has just announced his arrival in Austin Texas on mASF. I know he plans on starting up his seduction business soon and is looking to start teaching workshops in the coming months, which should present a nice alternative to the Tyler/Papa Real Social Dynamics workshops which are going to go up in price soon.


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From: Harmless reinhen27@yahoo.com
Date: Friday, December 19, 2003 11:50 AM


I made it to Austin. Alive. In ONE night. 17 hours. I’m sore, tired and cranky. BUT… It’s time to teach these Austin ho’s who their daddy is. Don’t worry, my pimp hand is WAY strong.

Anyone who wants to come up to Austin to sarge with me, let me know. I should point out that I’m going to be VERY poor for the first month or so, but it’s still on.