Tyler Durden Leaving RSD?

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Is Tyler Durden Finally Finished?

Is Tyler Durden Finally Finished?

Did Edward Norton just shoot himself in the face or something?

Tyler Durden writes:
Alright so probably by now you’ve heard I’m wrapping up with my role as figurehead of RSD and moving into self help.

If you’re not a regular reader of RSDN then you probably guessed it based on the content of this blog.

This has been a conflict for me personally because “personal transformation” and “pick up artistry” are intense passions of mine and I love teaching bootcamps. Funny enough I actually consider teaching bootcamp my “time off” because I enjoy it so much.

Regardless I have to take this next step which will likely limit my future availability to, well, pretty much nothing.

Mwuahahhahahahahahhahahah mwuahahah mwuahahahhahahahahahhaha…





*Cough *Cough


Okay, its no secret I don’t like Tyler.  In fact, his involvement with RSD, along with that of Papa’s, is pretty much the only reason I DO NOT recommend Real Social Dynamics to ANYONE.  Because those two guys are probably two of the unhealthiest people one could possibly learn from, next to Ross Jeffries himself.

So because of this news, here are my official predictions:

1.  RSD is not long for this world.

Now, I could be wrong about this, since it is possible for the company to keep on trucking, but Tyler was the rock star that attracted the crowds.  I know for a fact there has been some strife between him and Papa Cho for a while now, and that the two of them were unhappy working together, so its unsurprizing that Tyler has decided to break off to do his own thing.  Without Tyler at the forefront, I doubt RSD will have the market presence it currently does.  Honestly, I don’t think Jlaix, Timmy, or Alex have the charisma it takes to head a company like RSD.

And knowing how Papa is, he’ll probably mismanage the thing into the ground within a year without Tyler’s celebrity and content to help him out.  In fact, I’m willing to bet most RSD instructors jump over to help Tyler out with his “self help” project and leave RSD floundering in the cold.

2.  Tyler is not “quitting.”

A Still Of Tylers First Self Help Seminar

A Still Of Tyler's First Self Help Seminar

Tyler made it apparent that he’s “stepping down as the main figurehead” of the company.  But what does that mean?  From his post, it sounds like he will be withdrawing from all workshops, bootcamps, seminars, and product creation.  But he never said he was “leaving.”  So he’ll still own part of the company, and might continue to cultivate his influence and cult-like leadership qualities behind the scenes of RSD, like among the instructors and the message boards.

I don’t know how involved Tyler is in the Day-To-Day running of RSD’s business, but if its anything like it was back in the day, its probably minimal outside of posting rambling pieces of content and acting like a spaz.  But I’m sure he’ll stick around to keep the troops rallied, since his lifestyle is basically supported by RSD still, just to make sure his income doesn’t disappear.

In fact, he may be able to get away with even MORE nefarious behavior now that the spotlight isn’t on him.  *shrug* I guess time will tell.

3.  Tyler Will Seek To Re-Invent Himself

Tylers New Role As A Self Help Guru

Tyler's New Role As A Self Help Guru

With his move into a new (but related) arena, Tyler opens up his audience to women as well as men, and he also alleviates a lot of the criticism aimed at him in doing so.  Now, the focus isn’t about getting laid.  It’s about “feeling good about yourself,” some which Tyler, for all his faults, is very good at.

The guy maybe a sociopath, he may be a weasel, he may even be a maniacle megelomaniac… but he’s charismatic, and he no doubt can get people riled up in a good way.  So I predict Tyler will be successful in his move to the self help arena.  He no longer has to lie and exagerate his success with women.  He can accept the adulation of men without guild or scrutiny.  And he can focus on meaningless philosophies instead of tactics which actually work – all of which will play to his strengths.

I would not be surprized to see the “rebranding” of Tyler Durden start very soon after his “Final Bootcamp” which he is most likely doing to help finance his start in the self help arena.  He’ll have a new name (well, chances are he’ll use Owen Cook, his real name, but whatever), he’ll have a new company, and a new philosophy on life.

He’ll try and distance himself from the community and go with a more “clean cut” and “metaphysical” image, rather than a “player” persona.  Why?  Because that will allow him to become more “God-like,” which was always Tyler’s goal.

But more than that, I think Tyler knows he’s getting older, he’s losing his looks, and its getting harder for him to lie about his skills at picking up women – not only due to the fact he has a girlfriend, but due to the fact that since he was never very good, its only going to get harder as he gets older (and balder).  That’s not to say he COULDN’T get chicks as a chubby, balding, aging sociopath.  I just don’t think he wants to put in that kind of effort anymore.  And why should he?  When it would be easier for him to become all woo-woo and rake in the dough without any of the criticism?

Seriously – enough people are coming out of the woodwork with the Truth about Tyler and his lies and shady practices.  You have Barry Kirkey, who by all accounts was Tyler’s best friend for a while.  You have the criticism revealed right here on this blog.  You have the scathing critique of his practices in The Game, and of course, the fact that Neil Strauss and Mystery, two of the biggest names in the business, who think he’s a tool and a liar.  Finally, you have a greater and great number of other big time seduction gurus who speak ill of him behind closed doors.

Now that the truth is getting out and more people are turning against him, I think Tyler saw it as time to move on to an arena where he CAN’T be criticized, and can play to his passions and strengths.  Will he be good at self help?  Probably.  All you need to be good at self help is some writing skill and a charismatic stage presence.  Tyler certainly has those.  Will he be able to fool people into thinking he can help them improve their lives?  Most definitely.

Will he ACTUALLY deliver any value to his students other than exciting speeches and high-minded philosophy articles disguized as products?

I doubt it.

But hey, what do I care?  This doesn’t affect my life any, other than maybe meaning I don’t have to write about this loser as often.  Maybe if he improves himself enough he’ll be able to come to me and appologize for being a douchebag when I counted him as a friend.  That would be a good start for his “new path,” if you ask me.

But I get the impression Ross Jeffries will actually get laid by a non-hooker before that happens.  (And we all know how long it’ll be for that to take place!)

Anyway, syanora Tyler.  Good luck building your new cult.

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