Tyler Durden Leaving RSD?

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Is Tyler Durden Finally Finished?

Is Tyler Durden Finally Finished?

Did Edward Norton just shoot himself in the face or something?

Tyler Durden writes:
Alright so probably by now you’ve heard I’m wrapping up with my role as figurehead of RSD and moving into self help.

If you’re not a regular reader of RSDN then you probably guessed it based on the content of this blog.

This has been a conflict for me personally because “personal transformation” and “pick up artistry” are intense passions of mine and I love teaching bootcamps. Funny enough I actually consider teaching bootcamp my “time off” because I enjoy it so much.

Regardless I have to take this next step which will likely limit my future availability to, well, pretty much nothing.

Mwuahahhahahahahahhahahah mwuahahah mwuahahahhahahahahahhaha…





*Cough *Cough


Okay, its no secret I don’t like Tyler.  In fact, his involvement with RSD, along with that of Papa’s, is pretty much the only reason I DO NOT recommend Real Social Dynamics to ANYONE.  Because those two guys are probably two of the unhealthiest people one could possibly learn from, next to Ross Jeffries himself.

So because of this news, here are my official predictions:

1.  RSD is not long for this world.

Now, I could be wrong about this, since it is possible for the company to keep on trucking, but Tyler was the rock star that attracted the crowds.  I know for a fact there has been some strife between him and Papa Cho for a while now, and that the two of them were unhappy working together, so its unsurprizing that Tyler has decided to break off to do his own thing.  Without Tyler at the forefront, I doubt RSD will have the market presence it currently does.  Honestly, I don’t think Jlaix, Timmy, or Alex have the charisma it takes to head a company like RSD.

And knowing how Papa is, he’ll probably mismanage the thing into the ground within a year without Tyler’s celebrity and content to help him out.  In fact, I’m willing to bet most RSD instructors jump over to help Tyler out with his “self help” project and leave RSD floundering in the cold.

2.  Tyler is not “quitting.”

A Still Of Tylers First Self Help Seminar

A Still Of Tyler's First Self Help Seminar

Tyler made it apparent that he’s “stepping down as the main figurehead” of the company.  But what does that mean?  From his post, it sounds like he will be withdrawing from all workshops, bootcamps, seminars, and product creation.  But he never said he was “leaving.”  So he’ll still own part of the company, and might continue to cultivate his influence and cult-like leadership qualities behind the scenes of RSD, like among the instructors and the message boards.

I don’t know how involved Tyler is in the Day-To-Day running of RSD’s business, but if its anything like it was back in the day, its probably minimal outside of posting rambling pieces of content and acting like a spaz.  But I’m sure he’ll stick around to keep the troops rallied, since his lifestyle is basically supported by RSD still, just to make sure his income doesn’t disappear.

In fact, he may be able to get away with even MORE nefarious behavior now that the spotlight isn’t on him.  *shrug* I guess time will tell.

3.  Tyler Will Seek To Re-Invent Himself

Tylers New Role As A Self Help Guru

Tyler's New Role As A Self Help Guru

With his move into a new (but related) arena, Tyler opens up his audience to women as well as men, and he also alleviates a lot of the criticism aimed at him in doing so.  Now, the focus isn’t about getting laid.  It’s about “feeling good about yourself,” some which Tyler, for all his faults, is very good at.

The guy maybe a sociopath, he may be a weasel, he may even be a maniacle megelomaniac… but he’s charismatic, and he no doubt can get people riled up in a good way.  So I predict Tyler will be successful in his move to the self help arena.  He no longer has to lie and exagerate his success with women.  He can accept the adulation of men without guild or scrutiny.  And he can focus on meaningless philosophies instead of tactics which actually work – all of which will play to his strengths.

I would not be surprized to see the “rebranding” of Tyler Durden start very soon after his “Final Bootcamp” which he is most likely doing to help finance his start in the self help arena.  He’ll have a new name (well, chances are he’ll use Owen Cook, his real name, but whatever), he’ll have a new company, and a new philosophy on life.

He’ll try and distance himself from the community and go with a more “clean cut” and “metaphysical” image, rather than a “player” persona.  Why?  Because that will allow him to become more “God-like,” which was always Tyler’s goal.

But more than that, I think Tyler knows he’s getting older, he’s losing his looks, and its getting harder for him to lie about his skills at picking up women – not only due to the fact he has a girlfriend, but due to the fact that since he was never very good, its only going to get harder as he gets older (and balder).  That’s not to say he COULDN’T get chicks as a chubby, balding, aging sociopath.  I just don’t think he wants to put in that kind of effort anymore.  And why should he?  When it would be easier for him to become all woo-woo and rake in the dough without any of the criticism?

Seriously – enough people are coming out of the woodwork with the Truth about Tyler and his lies and shady practices.  You have Barry Kirkey, who by all accounts was Tyler’s best friend for a while.  You have the criticism revealed right here on this blog.  You have the scathing critique of his practices in The Game, and of course, the fact that Neil Strauss and Mystery, two of the biggest names in the business, who think he’s a tool and a liar.  Finally, you have a greater and great number of other big time seduction gurus who speak ill of him behind closed doors.

Now that the truth is getting out and more people are turning against him, I think Tyler saw it as time to move on to an arena where he CAN’T be criticized, and can play to his passions and strengths.  Will he be good at self help?  Probably.  All you need to be good at self help is some writing skill and a charismatic stage presence.  Tyler certainly has those.  Will he be able to fool people into thinking he can help them improve their lives?  Most definitely.

Will he ACTUALLY deliver any value to his students other than exciting speeches and high-minded philosophy articles disguized as products?

I doubt it.

But hey, what do I care?  This doesn’t affect my life any, other than maybe meaning I don’t have to write about this loser as often.  Maybe if he improves himself enough he’ll be able to come to me and appologize for being a douchebag when I counted him as a friend.  That would be a good start for his “new path,” if you ask me.

But I get the impression Ross Jeffries will actually get laid by a non-hooker before that happens.  (And we all know how long it’ll be for that to take place!)

Anyway, syanora Tyler.  Good luck building your new cult.

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46 Responses to “Tyler Durden Leaving RSD?”
  1. johnnyboy says:

    thundy stop give moral lessons

    u used your illness of your dad to make ppl buy your shitty products for god sake and so on.

    “and its getting harder for him to lie about his skills at picking up women”–wasn t it tyler in your top 10 pick up artist?

    give me a break u hypocrite!!!!!!

  2. Fucktard says:

    “Sorry for the confusion.

    I’m stepping down from the FIGUREHEAD position which only a small part of the overall role I play in RSD.

    I still have 80 hours of work a week to do in general with the company.


    TD is not leaving RSD, just putting less work into it.
    TD may have his flaws but I think he has always contributed great content.
    What do you provide Thundercat? Don’t compare yourself with the best because you are intermediate at best.

  3. Fucktard says:

    “I think we already have 5 figureheads. Jeffy, Tim, Alex, Nathan, Saad, and Ryan.

    These guys are stars and have more new value to offer the subject of success with women than I do.

    I think I run a fucking off the hook bootcamp but I’ve said most of what I have to say about pick up in Foundations, Transformations, and Blueprint.


    I am not a TD fan, but he is a MUCH better person than your friend Style.
    How come you don’t criticize Style for the douchebag he is?
    Because you made thousands of $ from him and not from TD?
    Ok, now I get it.

  4. wally says:

    Psychological projection

    “I think Tyler knows he’s getting older, he’s losing his looks, and its getting harder for him to lie about his skills at picking up women – not only due to the fact he has a girlfriend, but due to the fact that since he was never very good, its only going to get harder as he gets older (and balder). That’s not to say he COULDN’T get chicks as a chubby, balding, aging sociopath

  5. Dr. Pepsi says:

    “But hey, what do I care? This doesn’t affect my life any”


    You probably had a rock hard boner writing this up.

  6. Mom says:

    Wait, you’re saying one of the reasons Tyler is quitting is because he’s getting older and uglier and that’s going to make meeting women too much effort for him to bother…

    …and you’re in the middle of releasing a product based on the promise that looks don’t matter…


  7. HG says:

    Give it up already Thundercat. Tyler is about 45 times the man you’re ever going to be.

    You know, Tolle said it pretty well when he said : there’s a whole of bad in this world, but there’s also a whole lot of good, it’s just that the bad makes a whole lot more noise. Ahh but then, what do you know of Tolle and all this other inner game jumbalaya eh? We’re still stuck on the whole ‘Looks don’t matter it’s the outer game that does!!’ trip, aren’t we, old chubby old pal :)

    Give this bullshit up. Grow up, admit (to yourself) that you’re hanging on to this hate for no particular reason, and move the fuck on.

    As far as Alex not having the charisma, who needs charisma when you’ve got http://alexattitude.com/?p=35 < Pretty Decent Analysis eh?

  8. Jan says:

    He is only leaving to celebrate his comeback 2009

  9. Me says:

    ” … he’s losing his looks …”

    But looks don’t matter to women … right Thundercat?



  10. Eazy E says:

    “But looks don’t matter to women … right Thundercat?



    Not when it’s Thundercat they don’t!
    Maybe for people for TD that are less skilled in pickup and/or kj’ing

  11. Johnson says:

    well thundercat just doesnt realizee that no one seriously believes that he is any better a teacher or a pick up artist than RSD.

    whether they are crap or not, thundercat and them are in the same business and thundercat has never been accused of having a better product or being a better teacher.

    we only know for sure he is a better gossiper.

    i duno. maybe thundercat can stand up and go YES I BELIEVE I AM A BETTER PUA AND A BETTER TEACHER. If he can do it with a straight face, haha then im sure he’ll defnitely receive a sales boost just for the guts of saying it.

  12. Rob says:

    you are a loser thundercat, if u think learning routines is a way to help a person then by all means…….

    if u actually watched his products u might realise that they are half good.

  13. Lurid says:

    Its interesting that the insiders and gurus all like to talk shit on TD. But the unbiased people, namely those seeking to get good with women through the seduction community, find more value in the products that he creates than any other guru or company. VA products are shit. PU 101 shit. Love Systems shit. etc etc Yet everything RSD puts out is gold. Foundations alone offers more value than most companies have in their entire catalogue.

  14. eltranced says:

    there is nothing real about “real social dynamics” its all regurgitated shit

  15. Eazy E says:

    “Its interesting that the insiders and gurus all like to talk shit on TD. But the unbiased people, namely those seeking to get good with women through the seduction community”

    oh, so you mean that the insiders, who know him as a person and ‘peer’ of sorts don’t know him as well as the people who give him money to help them and/or read his archive or blog?

    You didn’t say anything that’s gonna convince anybody that he’s anything that people say he is. ‘cept for may somebody who wants to believe all of the rumors are false

  16. Goose38 says:

    i have to agree that foundations alone is better than most companies entire product list.
    all the recent products feel like the same stuff i saw when i entered the community.
    style and mystery are still teaching the same old stick.
    i can’t be angry at rsd for going in new directions with the natural gig. sure helped me.
    TD for whatever reason is labeled with a bad name.
    so did i when i was 22…. so if he is still a dick when he enters a broader scene than it will eventually come out ( see Rosie O’Donnell )
    if not i always saw TD as a motivational speaker anyway, more than a pickup artist to say the least.
    well it should be fun to say the least…..especially when somebody asks him about his pick-up business with total ignorance about the community, dateline style!!
    lastly, i credit thundy for actually knowing the guy. people who work with me actually think they know me.
    but thundy like i said earlier i used to be a total prick when i was 22 . alot changes with age

  17. “I am not a TD fan, but he is a MUCH better person than your friend Style.”

    Why all the hate without explanation? What did Style do that has a person on his ass?

    Just like everyone talking about RJ, what was this terrible thing he did while I was in an LTR? Busting people’s ball on Cliff’s List? ASF?
    Ha! Big fucking deal! It’s just a messge board.

    Now TD is a wierdo. He takes his name from a movie, tried to pick up girls using Style’s name, spread rumors about Mystery because it was the only way he could even try to level the playing field, regurgitated other people’s stuff ad infinitum for profit, and badmouthed other companies way more than RJ ever did for less noble reasons.

    Plus, I don’t like RSD’s steamroller attitude with women. I think alot of these guys are gonna get laid like bandits by freaks and insecure women in their 20s, then get into their 30s and realize how TDs practices have ruined their reputations in society.

    Plus RSD has a track record of putting AFCs in trainer positions and using posturing to get newbies hooked.

    Like the videos showing how great an instructor is at being the “Tacky Club Make-Out Guy.”

    i.e. – Tacky club make-out guys don’t get laid by the 9s and 10s very often cuz they have no discretion or respect for an HB’s rep, but newbies don’t know that, so it looks impressive.

  18. McPenis Whissle says:

    You’re such a joke you fat slob

  19. “Like the videos showing how great an instructor is at being the “Tacky Club Make-Out Guy.”’

    If you have ever been to a bar/club with people under 30, you tend to see Tacky Club Make-Out Guys . Nothing new, it’s pretty common. RSD probably modeled that in order to hook it’s fan base of guys 18-29 … it’s something they can relate to therefore market easier to a large mass. Like David DeAnalHole, the cock funny appealed to a wider audience of men, kinda like the guys who watch “the Man Show”. doesn’t mean it works well, but it’s comprehensible to most

  20. Cook left in order to “launder” his sociopathic tendencies…but they will always be there…waiting to emerge……

  21. jjj says:

    you completely overestimate your villainous foe. you sound obsessed and insane.

    i’m wary of pyschology because it often implies or relies upon ethical perfection – not just goodness, but bonafide perfection – in the psychologist.

    but even ignoring that issue for the time being, you are completely out of your gord here.

    sociopathy by its official definition either involves:

    1. A PERVASIVE disregard for the law – as evidenced, for example, by a criminal record.


    2. The inability to maintain long-term relationships – as evidenced, for example, by not having, you know, a 3-year-long girlfriend.

    I think perhaps you are confusing “success” with “evilness” …

    Basically, you project WAY too much power onto this Villain you’ve constructed. Tyler’s just some guy. He was a dick. THen he made peace. Now he’s normal, except with a very good skillset (which he may have forgotten how to explain).

    I think a lot of his stuff appeals to the stupider side of the brain, BUT, a lot of the people who use it get TANGIBLE, ACTUAL results that they are really happy about. That in my opinion is the bottom line.

  22. Adam Gets Laid by Tens says:

    Owen Cook (aka Tyler) was nothing more than a trainee approach coach, who spent more time playing video games than sarging.
    His products are nothing more than him backpeddling on the critisms mentioned in the Game.

    PS You cannot sell your shitty DVDs on Ebay when you finally realise they HAVE NO VALUE IN GETTING YOU LAID!!!!! I got a message from Papa stating the smallprint says you cannot re-sell them when I tried getting rid of them.


  23. opa says:

    I love how someone who goes by Seduction Maestro says someone else is weird for picking a name from a movie

  24. RSDfan says:

    Tyler just posted an epic post on his blog.

    And LOL at this: “I love how someone who goes by Seduction Maestro says someone else is weird for picking a name from a movie”

  25. Ray Gordon says:

    Oh what a HATER you are. Same shit since 1998. All you and the other HATERS hve proven since then is how STUPID the public is.

    The “big names” in the community all cross-promoted each other and cut off markets to their competition by restricting advertising on the “portal” sites, so the same dozen or so names, many of which were getting referral cuts of each other’s revenue, got “big.” Meanwhile, the average guy sees four-figure prices and women in bars and clubs calling out their material. Maybe great marketing, but it’shardly evidence of anyone’s ability.

    Mystery and Neil throw Tyler under a bus in THE GAME, calling him names, yet what are they doing? HATING on him, in public no less, while trying to convince us they are above him, meanwhile they’re the ones who basically betrayed the privacy a roommate and formerr business. Oh, and since when do “journalist” authors do business with those they write about? One could argue that a truly investigative piece on the “seduction community” has yet to be written. In any other industry, a “community” of competitors would be called a CARTEL and sued out of existence.

    Tyler made some of the defining posts in this niche. The names people call him seem to apply as well to those hurling the insults, if one measures their actions.

    No, what happened to this community is that YouTube and MySpace, and experience, changed the “dynamis” so that text and testimonials were no longer enough. And should I assume by Thundercat’s remarks that he thinks age, being fit, and having a full head of hair are what gets guys laid?

    Until the customers wise up, nothing will change, and that’s not likely to happen anytime soon. The audience should realize how little respect the gurus have for them, however. It’s sad.

  26. Sterks says:


    You have nothing better to do with your time than bash Tyler of RSD? Who gives a flying fuck about him and what he’s doing?

    You clearly have nothing better to do than be all over his cock. Why does his existence matter to you?

    Worry about yourself more. You probably won’t be such a venom spewing self hating jack ass. Its people like you in the community that make me not want anything to do with the community. Get a hobby!

  27. Mark Kuneberg says:

    All you blithering idiots are the reason no one really wants to be in this community to begin with. It is also one of the reasons I never post to the sites, because of worthless retards and dumbasses that have nothing better to do than talk shit and act stupid on here.

    I have done a bootcamp with Ryan and can personally speak for their extremely well-developed skill sets in the field that RSD instructors have. Now personally, I dont care for Jlaix, because of his drug induced characteristics (he once admitted to getting girls hooked on cocain and meth that hadnt done it before), but that is irrelevant to my own interests.

    In addition to this, Ross Jeffries is a complete fraud in my opinion. I have spent three years consistently going out sarging with SS and none of it worked (at all). My only caveat using it was learning something major mark taught and it was very useful/powerful even to this day. everything else RJ taught was worthless and not effective in any way.

  28. George says:

    Just out of curiousity does Thundercat ever call out Mystery on his products and maniplative marketing tactics? I mean serisouly am I suppose to believe that theres a pick up technique so powerful that the inner sactum has threatened to KILL Mystery or Blitz for making it public? Then theres the you’ve been personally selected don’t tell anyone bullshit where afterwards you turn around and other people are posting the same ridiculous letter on Mystery’s own forum. Then again virtually every PU organization outside of CA uses the David D spam machine so I guess it’s no surprise that TC doesn’t call out Mystery as they use the same shady and useless marketing techniques.

  29. JakeSteele says:

    I recently took a bootcamp with Tyler after reading many of his posts and seeing several of his Blueprint videos. I got a lot out of all of it. Maybe Tyler was an immature dick back then. I don’t know. I wasn’t there, but all this crap about cult adulation is really stupid. Tyler is a very positive and supportive guy. At least he was to me. He’s super ambitious. That’s a fact, but it inspired me, personally. And look at how positive the other trainers have become. They’ve gotten themselves in shape and are working hard to better themselves as human beings. Read Alex’s blog. It’s all good stuff. I don’t know Mystery or Style personally, but they seem like good guys. The thing is, canned game is dead now. It had it’s place but it’s no more. Natural game that RSD and Vin Dicarlo teach separately is more evolved and also healthier and more congruent.

    More importantly, Pick up teachers should get out of the habit of bad mouthing other people publicly. It’s immature and ego-driven. It’s a big DLV.

  30. Bill Smith says:

    Ditto on that, we need more teachings in the mold of Vin DiCarlo…Juggler…and Sebastian Drake…in the effort to become more natural ladies men, not social robots.

    Ross…Mystery…Fast Seduction…and Style are still kick-ass systems compared to being an AFC…and super-aggressive systems like Gunwitch and Paul Janka also have their merits. Such teachings however need to be incorporated into a more natural frame…a “Tao” of our own making…lest we become copycats of other dudes’ ideas and scripts.

  31. Bill Smith says:

    By Fast Seduction I’m referring of course to Fast Seduction.com as run by Formhandle…in other words, the asf model.

  32. DREBIN says:

    Thunderpants, Thunderpants, Thunderpants hoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    What a fucking hypocrite you are

    Tyler is 100x the man you will ever be

  33. Tristan says:

    I’ve read the Game, The Mystery method, and some of the other books and articles in this area. I’ve also seen a lot of videos on you tube, though I’ve not read or seen everything ‘out there’.

    Now it seems to me that Tyler Durden is not actually saying that ‘canned game’ is useless, or doesn’t work. In fact, in the Blueprint he often says he likes particular ‘lines’ and still uses them. His point though, in turning towards ‘inner-game’ or ‘natural-game’, is that he is trying to help people move beyond relying on these tactics completely. He is trying help people, if they are going to use them, embed them in a more congruent persona, and ultimately not need them at all, when they realise people are resonding to them positively anyway.

    It may seem to some that it’s just wishy-washy philosophy, but that is what everyone who doesn’t understand, or cannot be bothered to understand something thinks. In the Blueprint Tyler was trying to comprehensively pin down then the psychology and principles, and the cause and effect relationships behind, why ‘canned-game’ works, and why every other type of approach that works, works. The point of doing this was to lay the principles down in people’s minds so that they would flow out naturally for them when they become internalised. He was trying to help people understand social dynamics as comprehensively as possible. In doing so he was not saying ‘don’t use canned material’, rather, he was saying, ‘this may help you use it in the right way, or at the right moment, but not feel burdened by the need to use it, or the need to follow a script to the letter’.

    It sounds philosophical because explaining anything thoroughly sounds philosophical. In explaining it, like everyone else, he makes reference to evolutionary psychology. This is not just pure ‘tactics talk’, but all of the ‘gurus’ talk about it because it helps people understand why they are doing certain things. In the Blueprint Tyler cites ideas that are recognisably from philosophy. His ‘reactive/unreactive’ distinction is reminiscent of Nietzsche’s discussion of ‘proactive’ and ‘reactive’ men. Ironically for all those reacting negatively to Tyler’s work, the ‘reactive’ man is described there as the man of resentment or bad conscience. Tyler’s discussion of the ego is reminiscent of Hegel and Sartre. He also makes reference to more ‘spiritual’ teachings like those of Eckhart Tolle, and he very often communicates in more everyday ‘street talk’. All of this is done though in order to help as wide an audience as possible hear and understand what he is trying to communicate. He is just trying to come at it from as many angles as possible – for the benefit of the people he is communicating with – and he is doing it from a place of enthusiasm and complete immersion in the subject. That can only be a good thing.

    Others before him have discussed the reasons why the tactics work. This is done a lot in the Game and the Mystery Method, and it is done well. In Tyler Durden’s work though he has simply focused on this aspect far more and made understanding the reasons why the tactics work the basis and aim of his book and seminars. There is value in a lot of the books and advice out there, but in terms of understanding the reasons behind it all, and the depth of the psychological analysis, of those that I have read, Tyler Durden’s is probably the best. But it will make a whole lot more sense if you have read the other material. It’s all one long process, and this is why all the strange negativity, demonstrates a misunderstanding of why anyone is studying this in the first place. If all you are interested in is improvement with women or self-improvement more generally, then why get into weird arguments about who is the best? Just look for the good aspects, the parts you can use, in any of the material you come across. That would be the method of someone who’s only goal is self-improvement. I am not saying in all of this, by the way, that Tyler is the best, I am not involved in that argument by writing this. ‘The best’ is a subjective thing. If you get more out of Mystery, then for you, Mystery is the best. ‘The best’ is determined by who you get the most out of. For me none of them are ‘the best’, but reading all of them is interesting and beneficial.

    The argument that Tyler is himself a bad person and therefore that his methods or arguments are bad, is a fallacy called an ‘ad hominem argument’, where the writer’s character is attacked in order to devalue his arguments. Someone’s arguments, however, are logically distinct from their character. If someone was on the floor bleeding out and Jack the Ripper correctly described how to stop the bleeding and save the life of the person, the fact that he is a bad man, would not prove his advice wrong. Also, having read the Game, in which Tyler does not come over well, obviously, but having also seen him much more recently on video, and listened to the kinds of things he is saying, unless he is the best actor in history (and maybe he is), he clearly is not the same guy he was then. I find it difficult to believe that he would do now some of the things he did then.

    Some people are just after the quick fix, aggressively search for tactics, and judge success purley by immediate results ‘in the field’. Other people would like good results, but are looking for understanding and self-esteem, and a feeling of being ‘at home in the world’, and can see the logic that if they had these things then they would be a more attractive person all round and be happier all round. Tyler’s work and the kinds of categories of thought that he applies in this area will help, because all in depth thinking, when it is internalised, helps. The first type of person here though does not have a very realistic world view, and will probably meet with a lot of frustration, and eventually when they get a bit older, i.e. into their twenties, will probably either give up completely out of frustration, or, they will begin to wonder whether there might be more to being attractive than just a few tactics. This is not to say that those tactics do not work in their domain, they often do, but it is the principles behind them that cause this, and thus it is those principles that are truly of interest. When this is understood the value of Tyler Durden will become clear.

  34. Spike Spiegel says:

    I think that it can be only a good thing that someone is looking in depth into the philosophical and psychological aspects of this newly emerging field of learning, whether or not you agree with what is being said, if your goal truly is self improvement then you owe it to yourself to hear the arguments. One of our greatest traits as humans is to pick apart the mundane and spectacular for knowledge, its the key to our success as a species, and the reason we have all the technology, lifespans and sugary treats we will ever need. the fact that someone is trying to solve the root of the problem rather than the aftermath should be admired, because once that root is solved, then all other problems become moot. a quick fix is exactly as it sounds, it is finite, I would rather have the tools to deal with something myself like the truly evolved species than rely on the next quick fix solution.

  35. Anonymous says:

    bla bla bla tyler is and always will be the best.

  36. bonzo says:

    why so much hate? as far as I’m concerned I’ve always found it weird to use a pick-up line or routine, I feel the new “natural” approach is much closer to what I need. I feel better about myself when I’m just in the moment and not “inside my head thinking of the next step”, and in the end it works much better for me.

  37. André says:

    What a shame Thundercat doesn’t comment on all the critizism posted here =(

    So Full of hate ^^ With Tyler not even reacting to such a shit I’m just more convinced that he is on the right path…

    RSD is awesome !

  38. redz says:

    i will listen to the pick up artist mystery[not really] and his recent opinions of tyler which he calls his good friend

  39. BigDick says:

    You fucking faggots

  40. Haha says:

    LOL, this article just stinks of “bitter nerd”. I’d be amazed if anyone actually bought your products after reading this childish flame-fest… smoke and mirrors are a thing of the past Thundercat, get over the community of 1999 and realise that women want cool guys, not old men that sit on their computer all day writing childish bullshit like this. You suck.

  41. Guru says:

    What happened to being a warm alpha male?
    You don´t have to like Tyler. It´s ok.
    But why are you always doing your best to write him and RSD down?

    RSD has come up with some great stuff. Like Blueprint!
    Mystery and Style are kings as well.
    I not a fan of anyone but I highly respect Mystery, Style, Tyler, David Deangelo and other gurus.

    Venusian arts and later Magic Bullets are great! Same with Blueprint and Flawless Natural. Also David Deangelo with his C&F and inner game is great.

    If you don´t like someone just don´t hang with them. Wish them luck and walk away. Don´t be reactive just concentrate on your business.

  42. Nel says:

    If you dislike TD and his staff it is your problem… You must have real own reason to do it.

  43. Twocents says:

    Just wanted to come out and back up everything Tristan and the others have said. After reading The Game I knew I had to check out this “a-hole” TD so I watched “Foundations” and “Blueprint.” Some of Mystery and Style’s materials seem disingenuous, gimmicky, and overall they are definitely hit-or-miss (although not completely useless). Most importantly, they miss the underlying principles of game. It’s now obvious to me why these two and others have directed so much vitriol towards Tyler: He had the audacity to innovate as limited old methods quickly became outdated and played out; and as a young guy and a newcomer, he was an easy target.
    David Deangelo has basically the same story, having moved from forced NLP/technique tactics to pure natural and inner game methods and his programs have essentially the same message as Tyler, yet he doesn’t receive this ridiculous level of hate.

  44. Dreem says:

    TC have you seen the Blueprint decoded?

    Do you believe people can change and that TD is intelligent enough to learn, figure out what he was doing wrong during PH days, fix that, and evolve as a person?

    I read the Game and although I found the way Style went about trying to destroy Tyler and his business a bit distasteful, I was put off Tyler after reading that book.

    I had previously been a big fan of Tyler’s writings and actually met him in person many years ago, although I was never really into the canned routine thing, but I saw him demonstrate his skills and he was very good then with the canned stuff – at least for the initial interaction and sparking attraction.

    Anyway The Game put me off the guy AND interestingly put me off Style too.

    In the way he was prepared to destroy Tyler’s career for personal gain, Style showed a dark, vindictive, exploitative and ultimately unpleasant side of himself in that book. Something you would not expect from a supposedly evolved and charismatic PUA. When you look back and consider that Style was a PU teacher at that time, in effect a self-development teacher/guru but yet went out of his way to attempt to destroy a younger man who would have done with some good help and advice from him at that time. The snobbishness and superiority he exhibited towards Tyler right from the start of their relationship was borne of his own insecurities as a person.

    In any case I saw The BluePrint Decoded recently and what can I say!! First off, I saw a new Tyler, a cool evolved guy totally different from that person portrayed in the Game. Also after finishing the course I said to myself, “That’s it! The riddle of attraction and all the mystery surrounding what women want and why we still sometimes screw things up despite all the learnings has been solved!”

    It was a long journey that started with Ross Jefferies. Some people along the way contributed major paradigm shifts like Mystery and David DeAngelo but ultimately they did not SOLVE the real issues many men were facing. They provided tools and techniques to help really bad AFCs get off the floor but when you got to a particular level you realised a problem was still there that those gurus did NOT have the answers.

    The only product I’ve seen that essentially directly addresses the issue and provides the ANSWER in a way most guys will understand is the BluePrint Decoded.

    The BluePrint Decoded IMO brings this entire journey full circle…

    “Be Yourself” (advice from women) —> Hypnosis/NLP (Ross J) —> Structured game/Canned routines (Mystery) —> Inner Game/Being counter intuitive (DYD) —> Being Yourself/Authenticity/Grounded (Tyler – BluePrint)

    As you can see it has come full circle BACK to what women have been telling us all along but now with a ton of insights, background and context to actually make us understand the REAL meaning of what women were telling us.

    The riddle has been solved.

    Not surprised Tyler is looking to move on to other business ventures as there is nothing more to be said in this area.

    However I know the PU community is full of head cases i.e. people with other personality issues thinking that learning pickup will solve their issues when in fact they should really address those issues first. So I see the PU industry still flourishing with new products, many of which will be totally useless of course, apart from maybe getting really bad AFCs from the total inability to approach to actually approaching and initiating interactions but not leading to lasting relationships.

    For those who think they absolutely cannot stand Tyler, maybe due to the unfortunate representations in The Game, if you like DYD then watch Alex Allman in Man Transformation, DVD 11. He is especially conveying the SAME message as Tyler in the BluePrint Decoded however in a more condensed/abstract form which some guys may still have trouble understanding.
    The BluePrint provides the background, context etc that will enable you to understanding it. watch Alex Allman, if you can resonate with what he talking about then you’ll like the BluePrint Decoded.

    By the way I only got Man Transformation for David D’s advice on business and other self improvement and time management tips which he is very good at however he is now behind Tyler in terms of women and dating… from what I saw from Man Transformation anyway.

    I ask you to please watch the BluePrint (if you haven’t done so) – borrow from a friend if you have to because not only will it help your game it will change your perception of Tyler – the current/ego free Tyler.

  45. Steve says:

    I watched Blueprint 2 Times and have seen Man Transformations from David D. Both are excellent programs.
    The Blueprint will bring all sorts of enjoyment in your life if you actually apply the principles to dating and other areas of your life. Many times pickup is used to fill a void. Alternatively, once your voids are filled the women will come automatically because your self validated living outside your head and acting through your own intentions.

  46. JT says:

    just watching…

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