RSD Exposed: Part I

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So a lot of you who frequent the blog know that I’ve been ragging on RSD for a while now.  And while my intention isn’t to "be negative," certain people seem to think that I just enjoy bullying TD and his crew just for the fun of it.  Well, that isn’t true.  I want to expose to everyone else what I know to be true about these guys.  But before, I’ve only been able to go off of what I, personally, knew about the type of people they are and how they operate.

But now, I have proof.

RSD has a secret message board where their instructors share tactics on how to manipulate students and take down their enemies.  Recently, I was contacted by an insider who was able to go on this message board, and send me posts from it.

These are real posts from the real RSD instructors.  I have five of them, all of which exposes them for who they truly are:  Manipulative, greedy little boys who care more about money than they do about really helping other people.

Some of the things they talk about are:

  • Manipulating students into giving them good reviews.
  • Brainwashing students to think they improved more than they did.
  • Badmouthing of who they consider to be bad/difficult students
  • Their plot to retaliate against Neil Strauss for his depiction of them in The Game

This isn’t me saying this stuff.  This comes right from the horses mouth.  These are actual writings from actual RSD members, Papa and Tyler included.

My source says this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Over the course of the next week, I’m going to make these posts available for download.  The first post I want to shed light on is one where the RSD instructors discuss their tactics on getting good reviews, against the students getting real results.

It seems that RSD places more importance on getting their students to write them good reviews as opposed to getting them actual, long lasting results.  In this post, Tyler goes to great lengths to discuss his strategies for "long term" brainwashing so once the workshop high wears off, students won’t come back and badmouth the RSD training process.

Seriously, this stuff has to be seen to be believed.

Right Click Here And Choose "Save As" For The First RSD Expose!

I’ll follow this up tomorrow with yet another example of RSD brainwashing techniques.

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