Eva Mendes Sex Tape

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A new sex tape from Eva Mendes has hit the net!

Hugh Hefner Says: ‘Women ARE Sex Objects’

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Fuck you feminists.  If Hef says it, it MUST be true!

Hugh Hefner spoke to the Daily News about his new documentary, ‘Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel,’ which explores his contributions to the civil rights and feminist movements. In the interview he talked about his love of Viagra and blondes, how he helped legalize extramarital sex and what he doesn’t allow in the bedroom.

Hef, who still has sex twice a week with girlfriend Crystal Harris, has previously referred to Viagra as “God’s little helper.” Read graphic accounts of Hef orgies from former bunnies here.

Here are a few excerpts from the Daily News interview, read the whole thing here.

On people who say he objectifies women:
“The notion that Playboy turns women into sex objects is ridiculous. Women are sex objects. If women weren’t sex objects, there wouldn’t be another generation. It’s the attraction between the sexes that makes the world go ’round. That’s why women wear lipstick and short skirts.”

On whether sex changes with age:
“Well, not particularly. Thank goodness for the arrival of Viagra. It breaks down that wall. But I think you gain some experience over the years and that helps. Woody Allen said, ‘If you don’t think that sex is dirty, you’re not doing it right.’”

On his love of blondes:
“No, my first wife was a brunette and Barbi Benton, my major romantic relationship of the early 1970s, was a brunette. But since the end of my marriage, all of my girlfriends have been blonds. I have made the comment that Picasso went through his pink period and his blue period before he arrived at his abstract period. I am in my blond period.”


PUA Deathmatch: Ross Jeffries vs. David DeAngelo

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Welcome to a new feature on the Lair – PUA DEATHMATCH!  For years, people have speculated who would prevail should two PUAs go head-to-head in the field, but until now, none have occured!

Many challenges have been offered, yet we haven’t seen any PUA’s willing to make it happen… until NOW!

Meeting for the first time in mortal combat in the Thundercat Seduction Arena in Orlando, Florida – scheduled for one fall, the two “Godfathers” of the seduction community meet in the first ever PUA DEATHMATCH!

Everyone loves to hate him, and now the originator of Speed Seduction -Ross Jeffries – gets a chance to take on his once-and-former student David DeAngelo!  Its no secret there is a lot of bad blood between these two titans of the seduction industry, and now they get a chance to take out their frustrations on each other!  Will RJ stop at nothing to defeat David DeAngelo?  Will David D.’s meticulous nature wear down the dastardly hypnotist?

Who will win?  Who will survive?  Watch and see in this TSL exclusive:  PUA DEATHMATCH, ROSS JEFFRIES VS. DAVID DEANGELO!!!!!

And if you have any suggestions for future Deathmatches, leave them in the comments below!

If Men Wrote Women’s Magazines

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Some genius put together some images of covers of popular women’s magazines if men were in charge of writing them.  (Correction: heterosexual men! lol).  It’s pretty funny.  Check it out here.

The Mexican Lair Is Pimping

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Both Barry Kirkey and Donovan are making a point to show what the guys over in the Mexican Lair are wearing…

I’ve been to Mexico a couple times.  Everyone down there dresses like that!  (I’m joking, Mexican readers.  Please don’t cut me!)

Study Completed On How Women Can Please Their Man

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This is priceless…

If only it were true.

What To Do If A Girl Has A Boyfriend

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Ever wonder what you should do if a girl tells you she has a boyfriend?  Well, this video has the answer…

The Community Theme Song

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I stumbled across a funny video on YouTube which is pretty much, as far as I’m concerned, the offical anthem of the seduction community – even if it does have some homosexual undertones.


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Stephen Nash from How To Get A Girlfriend sent me a video he did with Christian Hudson.  It goes on a bit too long, but its sort-of funny.  Check it out…

Sean Messenger Loves Barry Kirkey

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How come I never get crazy man-stalker love like this?

Yes, gentlemen.  Sean is available for one-on-ones.

Show Me Your Genitals… Your Genitals…

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Sometimes… not often… but sometimes a YouTube video comes along that truly inspires you.  This is one of those videos…

Props to Barry Kirkey over at Revolution 31 for turning the world onto this.

What Every Girl Needs…

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Watch this one to the end.  It really pays off!

Porn Stars And Politics

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Here’s a funny little ditty from Funny Or Die where they asked Pornstars about their Super Tuesday picks.

See?  Every vote matters!

The 5 Hottest GI Joe Babes

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For all you guys who brew up with GI Joe, you might find this interesting.


NEGs Really DO Work!

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Looks like Mystery has some competition… lol.

Priceless.  Nothing says "high status" like wiping your ass with a girl’s number.

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