The Mexican Lair Is Pimping

August 20, 2008 by  
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Both Barry Kirkey and Donovan are making a point to show what the guys over in the Mexican Lair are wearing…

I’ve been to Mexico a couple times.  Everyone down there dresses like that!  (I’m joking, Mexican readers.  Please don’t cut me!)

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8 Responses to “The Mexican Lair Is Pimping”
  1. Jorge G says:

    you should’ve put more pictures, they are all epic..

    Jorge (yeah the actual guy)

  2. Me says:

    Hey Jorge, what time is it … is it gonna be on?

  3. Goose38 says:

    whoa…. i dont know how to take that

  4. Dreaded says:


  5. garcia says:

    si seniore

  6. nextopmexicanPUA says:

    please Don`t dissapoint me hermanos, is that a joke??.. :(
    come on Im a mexican guy and I know there are really good players here, but you guys
    had gone too far, you look “nacos”, really please dont dissapoint the mexican lair, PLEASE,
    just think about that, the game is changing in these days almost any PUA dont need to use a fucking clow hat, or a fucking extrvagant haircut, please MADUREN..

  7. Poser says:

    ooo cmmon that guys are just disgusting, i’m mexican n that doesnt means, i have to dress like mystery, that kind of people are called, “nacos”, here in mexico city, but actually a great number of mexican players, are well dressed.

    (by the way. that girls are so fucking ugly!)

  8. Mr Chiiiiiido says:

    jajajaj si se ve naquisimo jajaja

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