NEGs Really DO Work!

January 22, 2008 by  
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Looks like Mystery has some competition… lol.

Priceless.  Nothing says "high status" like wiping your ass with a girl’s number.

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7 Responses to “NEGs Really DO Work!”
  1. T. says:

    Meh. This just strikes me as that lame Beta Male slacker geek humor that you find everywhere in comedy now, like in those Apatow flicks. Unfunny for the most part.

  2. If I were an outsider to the community, that’s the way I’d perceive Mystery, and I’m an insider… and still kinda do.

  3. hahaha says:

    only a community nerd KJ would NOT think that was funny.

    If only anybody knew who RSD was…they could do great parodies on those bozos…….hahaha

  4. Anonymous says:

    “Is it real? Did you buy it? @hat is that, horse hair? Dumb, cheap hooker.”

    hahaha.. this is going to be my new opener!

  5. RayGordon says:

    Those makeup wearing BETAS are ripping off my best material!

    Luckily I have scores of game that I’ve been keeping a secret from this whole scheming community.

    Now that this part of the game has been let out of the bag – all of those copycat cock roaches won’t be able to recycle those insults that were in the video.

    However, that’s only a FRACTION of anti-player method!

    *Game Over*

  6. Rey-Rey says:

    “You’re kind of a fat chunky bitch”
    It’s been apx a minute since I saw it and I’m still laughing.
    This will be my required morning view to buck up my Boston-winter induced mental-fuzz…

  7. Dreaded says:

    Fucking a all you haters get over yourself you guys are the real AFCs this is comedy

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