Donovan Interviews Thundercat

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I just did an interview over at the Seduction Chronicles about the whole “Looks Vs. Personality” debate.

Donovan asked some pretty interesting questions.

If you guys want to see (or even care about) my responses, you can check them out here:

Click Here For The Interview.

The Mexican Lair Is Pimping

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Both Barry Kirkey and Donovan are making a point to show what the guys over in the Mexican Lair are wearing…

I’ve been to Mexico a couple times.  Everyone down there dresses like that!  (I’m joking, Mexican readers.  Please don’t cut me!)

Is Juggler A Megalomaniac?

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You know, dealing with people in the community is always a fun and exciting prospect, because you really get to learn who some people really are.  One of the guys I haven’t yet met in person, but have had some interactions with, is Wayne "Juggler" Elise.

I’ve never had a "bad" experience with Juggler.  In fact, I have a lot of respect for the guy’s teachings.  My friend Alleycat, who I had cover the Austin PUA summit a few years back, really liked Juggler when he met him down there.

But I have heard things from other people about Juggler that aren’t so nice.  Things from more than one source that are making me see some sort of pattern.

I began thinking about this when I saw this post over on Donovan’s blog:

We all want to know – what happened with Charisma Arts?
Without going into specifics, the relationship just wasn’t working out.
But I have respect for what they teach and I think the guys who work
there are amazing. The Juggler Method is a powerful thing, and it was
fun to help take that company from two guys in a coffee shop into the
worldwide success that it is today.

The above is an excerpt from an interview Donovan did with Christian Hudson, one of the guys who started Charisma Arts with Juggler.  I’ve deal with Christian off and on over the years, mostly in the respect that they wanted me to do promotions for Juggler on this site and other stuff.  He always seemed like a good guy, but he hinted to me more than once that Juggler was a difficult guy to work with.

Juggler has always been someone who seems to "March to his own drummer."  I’ve even heard he’s had a much unpublicized feuds with some very prominent "gurus" in the field of dating and seduction, mostly because he reportedly has quite a big ego about himself.

Not that there’s anything new with a pickup guru having an ego.  But apparently Juggler’s one to hold a grudge as well.

Now that I’ve learned Christian is gone, I’m wondering about the future of Charisma Arts.  Will it continue to be a success?  Can Juggler really carry a business on his own?  Who knows?  Juggler being a bit of an egotist doesn’t reflect on his ability to teach others how to succeed with chicks.  But I’m wondering just who else he may piss off while doing so.