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Hey guys,

This week I have a very interesting video to share with you, but before I do, I want to give you a bit of background…

I got my friend Erica to invite a number of girls to come by my place one hot summer’s day.  None of them knew why they were going to be there, they were just doing it as a favor for my friend.

So I had NEVER met these girls before.  They didn’t know me.  I didn’t know them.

I had two guys I knew show up as well.  Their names are Theo and Zack.  Here’s a little bit about them:


Theo is a personal trainer here in Hollywood.  He’s extremely muscular and fit, and every girl who sees him is instantly turned on by his looks.

When you compare Theo’s chizzled body to my rotund Kung-Fu Panda-esque body, there’s simply no doubt about it – I’m the loser!


Zack is a big party guy.  He goes out to the clubs 5-6 nights a week (no kidding!).  By his own admission, he finds hooking up with girls “easy.”

Zack is a very good looking guy, with a head of hair I’d kill for.  Me, I’m not the club going type anymore.  So when it comes to social pick-up skills, Zack should have me beat.

The Shoot

The way things worked is that Erica would bring the girls out one at a time, and they each met with Theo, Zack, and myself.

After each meeting, my friend Ryan would interview the girls about their experience while my friend Steve video taped the interview.

I want to re-itterate:  NONE of the girls really knew what was going on!

And trust me – this was NOT a professional production!  It was just my friends with a video camera.  No make up artists, special effects, or any of that stuff.  I’m sure you’ll be able to tell from the quality of the video, this was really HOME MADE!

My friend Ryan, who interviewed each of the girls, was absolutely SHOCKED by their responses.

In each instance, I came of just as attractive, and in most cases – even MORE attractive – than the good looking guys!

You can see the whole video for yourself here:

Thundercat Vs. 2 Better Looking Guys

You’ll actually get to see the girl’s honest reactions to me and the other guys for yourself,

Let me know what you guys think in this thread.


P.S.  Some of you haters might be inclined to think that this video was somehow “staged.”  I can assure you, that is not the case.

None of the girls were coached on what to say.  All their reactions stem from the conversations they had with me and the two other guys.

You can tell, just by watching the way they answer the questions, they’re NOT reading from a script.

It was very important to me that we capture the REAL REACTIONS of these women, so I can prove to all of you how effective personality is when it comes to generating attraction.

At the end of the day, I know there are some guys out there bitter and shallow-minded enough to still think I “faked” this shoot.  But that’s okay.  Those are the guys who’ll never succeed with girls.

I’ll leave it to you to decide if what you see is real or not.

Go check out the video here:

Click Here For The Video

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107 Responses to “Video: Thundercat Vs. 2 Hot Guys”
  1. says:

    seduction maestro, you are just as messed up as mackwild.

    calling him an imbecile and trying to get him back on the board?

    i smell “issues”…


  2. Oh gosh I’m so hurt cybersex. I don’t care if he comes back to the board, just think ya’ll are a bit mean from behind your keyboards and petroleum jelly vats. I don’t think it was him I called imbecile, either.

    And yes, I have lots and lots of issues. In fact I’m prolly certifiable.
    Hope that makes you feel oh so good, brah!

  3. Yep, Cybersex, had to scroll up but if you had any reading comprehension you would have realized that the “Imbecile” comment was directed at the poster named “Me” who called Mack Whild an “Imbecile.”

    I generally only outright insult people who have been so rude as to outright insult other people or me personally, crazy as I am.

  4. Eazy-E says:

    …Please man…
    we don’t need ANOTHER guy who constantly rants and insults people. I understand that you say you’ve been away, but still…

    You don’t seem to get the point of explaining what the scientific method is (neither did your buddy Mack Racist).

    The point was that Thundercat having a video up that he calls a “behavioral study” means people with knowledge of how behavioral studies work will probably make some logical observations concerning how the “study” didn’t actually PROVE what it was supposed to be PROOF of.

    That does not equal saying that the claim isn’t true.

    what it does equal is saying that the video itself isn’t actual proof of the claim.

    It doesn’t take a “nerd” to grasp that. It’s just a little critical thinking.

  5. Yeah, sure I get you. But what’s the point of the arguement?
    I mean, I don’t expect the scientific method on a commercial PUA site.
    I just think that some people are taking this stuff too seriously, and that Thundie’s vid sufficed for what it was meant for.
    Do we really have to put Thundie in a lab to convince ugly people that they can get laid by hot women, even when it’s already common knowledge that they can?
    And let’s get real.
    Maybe Mack and Thundie aren’t sex gods or gurus, but I’m sure they get laid sometimes. It takes someone totally clueless about women and attraction, like I used to be, not to get laid when they are trying to.
    There’s a guy posting above who’s even saying that PUAs and gurus don’t ever get laid.
    C’mon, that’s just utter naivette.
    Anyone who has gone from being totally clueless to ACTUALLY USING some methods from ANY of the more popular programs out there has had at least SOME increase in attention from women.

  6. Eazy E says:

    I hear you, but I think part of it is that the video is more aimed at promoting Thundercat than it is aimed at proving anything.

    Making a video to prove that looks aren’t everything when it comes to picking up women is preaching to the choir on a blog like this.
    I really don’t think that the discussion about questionable variables in Thundercat’s video would have gone on for so long without Mack Wild defending Thundercat.

    I’m not sure what to think about the claims that a lot of the “gurus” don’t get laid.

    I’m sure some of them probably don’t get much action – or maybe not more than an average non-community guy…

    But now that you mention it, I’m sure plenty of them actually are practicing what they preach.

  7. The Investigator says:

    “I might think so too except that I actually know a guy just like that Asian guy. despite being an asshole, pulling out cell phones, and pretty much acting just like that dde he still gets laid by very superficial women. It never lasts long, usually it’s just a one night stand. Sad thing is, I think it’s kind of common in short super-attractive guys. Their looks make them lazy in personality, and their stature gives them the asshole Napolean complex.”

    I hate guys like this …I just call them “turbo charged Eddie Munsters” and send them packin’
    with short guys you gotta keep criticising tehm because deep down they don’t belive in themselves…just keep bringin’ it up how inferior they are

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