New SS Approaching Technique

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I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t read it with my own eyes…

Tom Sawyer writes:
MINE’99 is teaching something called Walkup Diamond, where a person superimposes a diamond on an HB and uses the points of the diamond to sarge with.

Is anyone using this?

If so, how is it working? And, what is the best way to make it work?

Seeing as how this was just begging to be responded to, the regulars at mASF were more than happy to oblige…

Alessandro writes:

Coolwater writes:

And of course, my favorite response goes to the one and only jlaix:

jlaix writes:
This is even BETTER.

I am field-testing the JLAIX WALK-UP ANUS. This is where I superimpose an imaginary anus on the chick’s head as I approach. Then, by observing the various levels of anal sphincter dilation, it allows me to calibrate VERY effectively. If the sphincter muscle is tight and pinhole-small, I know I need to build more comfort to "unlock" her. However, if I can see her entire face through the anal opening, I know it’s ON BABY!!!!! That’s when it’s time to FIST FUCK!

ROFL.  But a post about SS wouldn’t be complete unless there’s a retort by the infamous MINE’99.

MINE’99 writes:
My student, Vince, has been using the Walk-Up Diamond with great success.  In fact, he’s at the Standard virtually every night making out with a hot chick and pulling women right out from under Tyler, Papa, Mystery and the rest of them.

The advantage of the diamond is it gives you a focus to select from 4 different approach attitudes, so you can rapidly cycle from different attractive aspects of your personality, fractionating her from the very start of the sarge.

We are offering a field workshop in this, perhaps the start of many such workshops. If you want to find out what SS can really do IN THE FIELD, without having to pimp, peacock, or hang out in clubs til 4am, email me at:

You know, I’ve been out with Vince Kelvin (the guy MINE’99 is referring to) before.  Back in my SS days, I looked at Vince as a God, because he was the only person I ever met who would actually go out in the real world and DO this stuff.  And I gotta hand it to the guy, he CAN approach women.  But with all due respect to Vince, I’ve seen Tyler and Mystery do stuff with women that would blow him away.  And I just can’t buy that he’s at the Standard EVERY NIGHT outgaming two of the best there are.

For instance, on Wednesday ALONE, I saw Tyler with two seperate hot women within the span of maybe 3 hours.  Both he pulled to the mansion.  I saw Mystery play two incredibly hot girls (one’s a blonde bombshell, the other is a stirpper) against each other so they were actually FIGHTING over him!  The blonde ended up trying to pull another girl for a threesome just so she could outdo the stripper!

I have yet to see or hear anything from the SS camp that comes close to the shit the guys at the mansion are pulling on a daily basis!

Anyway, if you want to take a look at the WHOLE thread, you can check it out by clicking here.

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