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Hey guys,

Great job with the other contests!  We definitely have some winners there.  Remember, I’ll be announcing the winnners TOMORROW, along with the unveiling of the Top 10 PUAs of 2008.

But for now, how about another contest worth $100?

Tell me what you thought was the best product of 2008.  The course you got that changed your life forever!  One caveat is that the product had to have been released during 2008, so nothing from before that – even if its new to you!  Also be sure to include WHY you thought the product was so good, and mention where others can find it.

I may hold off until Sunday to announce the winner of this one since the Top 10 comes out tommorrow, unless of course someone writes a great entry really quickly, in which case I’ll just make the announcement along with the others.

Don’t forget – it is totally possible to win more than one contest!  That means if you enter all three with a good entry, you can get $300!

So be sure to check back tomorrow for the unveiling of the Top 10 list!  I’m sure it will surprise some people.

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30 Responses to “Top 10 Contest 2008: Best Product”
  1. God says:

    How about nothing, because at this point new seduction products are like new fad diets:

  2. Hammer says:

    Mehow’s Infield Insider is HANDS DOWN the best product of 2008. There isn’t even a question. This product shows you the material being delivered in field, and then breaks everything down step by step. It gives you all kinds of different styles and breaks them down to the basics so that anyone with a basic knowledge of pickup can understand.

  3. Matthew Twells says:

    ULTIMATE NATURAL GAME,by Richard Gambler!!!!

    The guy is a god :P

    I have one of the 100 copies :D – best money ive ever spent :D

  4. JamesBond says:

    Ultimate Natural Game was released in 2009, not 2008. I’ve ordered too :)

    Best product of 08 must be “RSD blue print decoded”. It’s extremely good, very educational and aims at learning guys to be attractive, creating a better mindset and not some new “who lies more, men or women?” routines. I’d personally say that a program that is aiming for guys to be naturally attractive IS the best product. And Tyler D knows how to Game better than most guys out there :)

  5. Useyourillusion says:

    Blueprint decoded by Rsd by a country mile. Routine stacks aren’t going to plug holes in you’re self esteem and neither is watching endless videos of Mpuas in field. Being good with women is something you are, not something you do.

  6. TightGame says:

    Although he is ostensibly ripping on the pickup scene, I still think that the Barry Kirkey Radio Show is the best new community product of 2008. If people listen to Barry riff with Gun, Sinn, Cameron, etc- they will learn more about conversation flow and calibration than they could from most pickup products. I also think the show was a huge breakthrough in that now gurus have to convey their real personalities in pickup interviews, as opposed to their guru personas. Are you listening, Pickup Podcast?

    As a couple of other commenters noted, The Blueprint Decoded was also a big release in 2008. Tyler really delved deeply into questions surrounding ego and identity, although many of his insights are borrowed from others. I don’t think the Blueprint is a 4 day magic bullet by any means, but is nonetheless a great resource for those exploring the issue of identity in the context of success with women.

  7. Jack says:

    MAN TRANSFORMATION by David DeAngelo.

    It is certainly David DeAngelo’s best program so far. it teaches guys how to step out of their comfort zones to the advanced techniques. All of the famous PUAs are there, sharing their tools to help people.

  8. Matthew Z. says:

    Attraction Formula, Day Game and Beyond The Digits by Paul Janka

  9. Don says:

    Tyler’s The Blueprint Decoded is hands down the best product of 2008. It’s the one product that is worth watching, SERIOUSLY. Most of the stuff that comes out of this community is garbage. This product will actually help you become “normal” and an adult.

    And if you want a product for entertainment and will help you get out of your head I’d recommend: Tim’s Flawless Natural, Mehow’s Infield Videos, and The Berry Kirkey Show.

  10. Gator says:

    How about a content for best free site?

    Why pay $400 for shit when you can find the same advice for free?

  11. Twice says:

    I was an AFC, i’d been reading almost everything out there, i can say i was addicted
    to any PUA product, Inner Game, Outer Game, Cold Approach, warm approach, club game, attraction, comfort, everything…results? NONE

    Then i “met” online a Guy, actually i’ve just found his site, and it was written that in one month it was going to begin a new program…i fill the form and…WOW it was just amazing!! i’m still doing it, but i’d benn with some number closes, one kiss and one fuck close in 4 months…now after 9 months i’ve had 2 new girls in 6 days, and so many are waiting for ;)

    which product? Brad’s P. Club 30/30, it’s just open mind on everything, you take it, you’ll change your life! Every month you work on an aspect of your game, Identity, Fashion , Body language, voice tone, social freedon. one night stand, club game, one month one Big Goal!! with Brad, Glenn and the online coaches who helped you about everything.

    The single ebook i consider the best one is with no doubt…”The adventures of Brad P.” the best lay report ever!!

    Every info about it is on and


  12. Gil says:

    If it’s a free site with the best content, it would have to be
    Adam Lyons website. Where what attraction is and why it is created is learned, which is much more powerful then just what to say in each specific situation.

  13. Bruce Min says:

    I’ve already found the best advice throughout the years already.

    I haven’t even had to need to check out any of the various products, as I’ve been pretty successful if I do say so myself.

    Well, good luck to all of you guys with your future endeavors.


  14. How about this: the free video series on my blog?


  15. Garret says:

    Blueprint Decoded – Real Social Dynamics

  16. TwoTyme says:

    Product of the year has to go to Tim of RSD or in book form Revelations by Lovedrop

  17. Gunwitch says:

    I vote afcadams program or pure personality, because it will be one of those anyway no matter what.

  18. P-to-the-ontus says:

    I dont think blueprint will be on the list, even if it’s the best product.
    Personally, I think it’s supreme.

  19. Redonkulous says:

    Just found this forum.. not a regular. I’m not too familiar with most of the programs being mentioned. I never could pull the trigger on buying expensive PDFs, but apparently I should re-consider.

    I got a book a few months ago called Secrets of the A Game. Actual physical book I got from Amazon. I hadn’t read much else except for The Game and Mystery Method, but A Game was a surprise. Its a huge book and has a crapload of theory and technique that’s worked out for me. Don’t know if it’s “groundbreaking”… anyway, came out last year so wanted to mention it.

  20. matrixx77 says:

    I vote for ross jeffries starterkit…cause it contains valuable old and stuff like
    his inner game stuff..all free

  21. Anonymous says:

    I liked David D’s new program. Man Transformation.

  22. Hootie says:

    I nominate the Blueprint Decoded as well. Although, it can be long and tedious, it’s the most comprehensive product that transcends pick-up.

  23. Stevie says:

    Enough of that junk capelta

  24. Anthony says:

    2008 Under 21 Convention Footage

    17.5 hours, $167.95

    Hands down rocks the house

  25. Nepronen says:

    blueprint decoded is the best one i ever seen, it focuses on you to be more atractive and how to make you live life you always wanted to live. not tips how to act to get a girl but who to be to get all the girls and be a happy man

  26. Glen Smyth says:

    Get A Great Girl, by Michael Marks, hands down the best product for getting a quality woman, period. It woke me up to things that I have been doing wrong since day one, stuff that for some reason no one in the community has made clear. And it’s also less than $40, so you don’t even have take take a risk.

  27. Glen Smyth says:

    Forgot to mention Michael’s site, it’s
    Also, if you get a chance to see Michael’s presentation at David D’s Mantransformation, that was cool too.

  28. Dan says:

    so where is the list??? i dont see it anywhere

  29. Manipulator says:

    I think that there is a natural, irresistible, commanding, manipulating, sensual and loving Etc. inner player in all guys. Its just so since, society only wants you to work hard at least until you make it to the top where your loneliness is meant to vanish and have the perfect life of a god king on earth it self. Woman are more of a scientifically under intelligent part of your life which do not require respect at the mind boggling levels as the society portrays since, at the end of the day the society is to loose from you anyway. Now, if its your inner Hugh Hefner that you won’t you can stop any praying to god that you could go back in time, have sex earlier in life specifically before the end of the age of consent and have less of a father figure who in fact was your worst cock blocker. Still, you can go pay the master of the eyes him self that, the amazing new noble Don Juan at where only a no nonsense 3 CD product is available so you can buy it to have your own natural Don Juan, Donald Trump or even Hugh Hefner replicated in you. This is if you desire it but, if you do so, then, it is the greatest thing you have never imagined about life and woman will happen to you. If you do so as the master then, you will have woman spawned around you, you will have no need for verbalizing your needs, you will get approached by all the beautiful woman that come in logistical contact with you only to make a life that you well simply is not worth explaining here. Its just so that, not everyone go to new york to visit it, not that everyone has to supplicate him self as the Magna Carter, The crown and the rest of it expected. I mean which, do you get the new Koran?

  30. Have studied and found much use from David Deangelo’s “Deep Inner Game” series, am looking to do “Man Transformation” next. Great stuff!

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