The First REAL Movie Based On The Community?

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We all know that The Game was optioned by a studio to be turned into a movie, and like many other books got stuck in development hell, so my guess is we probably won’t see a movie based on Neil Strauss’s book anytime soon.

However, there is another movie out there called Let The Game Begin, and it looks like it actually has some “real” actors in it.  You can check out the trailer for it here.

Oddly enough, I actually took my first ever Mystery Method workshop with the producer of this movie in 2003.  You can definitely see some Mystery Method influence in the trailer, even down to the Matador lookalike pick-up guy.

From what I know, the movie is about a loser “AFC” who learns how to be a ladies man and uses his social skills to help him in business.  Now, the movie doesn’t look all that great (in fact, some of the club/pick up stuff is kind-of painful to watch in the trailer) but what the heck?  Any movie with Stephen Baldwin in it is worth checking out, right?

As a quick side note – Zan is also in the movie playing HIMSELF (of course).  He’s even in the trailer for a moment.  Leave it to Zan, that pimp.  =)

What do you guys think of the movie?  Would you go see it?

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15 Responses to “The First REAL Movie Based On The Community?”
  1. j says:

    its things like this that are ruining the community this must get banned

  2. Dr. Pepsi says:

    Looks like a straight to DVD movie.

  3. Des says:

    This movie was supposed to come out something like November last year or something. Trust me I waited for it. If you want to learn from TV or the movies watch “Coupling” or “How I met your mother”.

  4. ELEV8 says:

    i only watched 1/2 the trailer. that shit looks boring as all hell. i’m only gonna watch it ’cause of the pick-up relation. other than that, looks pretty crappy.

  5. Roger Dodger says:

    I know the guys making it in LA as i met them during Stylelife conference that just happened. The trailer was being used at film festivals. Its undergoing color correction and visual effects. From what i heard the movie is gonna look like a video game where everyone’s playing games in it, not just the pickup game. They are thinking of releasing it on Valentine’s day ’09 as the anti-romantic comedy.

  6. Noel says:

    Wow, what a disaster of a trailer. Oh… I have a merger to do because I used to be a doctor, but now I have a company and, and…. I think I’m getting divorced so I need to Pick-Up so that I can use the strategies in the business world and merge the companies and…. get a girl? Huh? Did he even want a girl? Seemed to me like he was a doctor that women liked.

  7. Lansing says:

    Hey, I am glad to see you posted about this because I am looking for some more info, but, you could have at least credited the reason why you posted this (i.e. an e-mail from a reader – aka me).

    You didn’t have to say my name or anything, but, I hope that you at least credit some vague sources for your inspiration in the future. It will get more guys sending you interesting stuff.

  8. anon says:

    - I know all the Producers of this movie.. and they never took an MM seminar … one of them is good friends with Mystery and Neil.

    - the movie isn’t about the community, there’s some pickup but its not the main theme… just for some harmless fun

    - its an attempt to be an example of all the types of games people play with each other in relationships and business… which is hard to portray in a trailer..

  9. Goose38 says:

    looked terrible…..straight to dvd my brothers,
    good to see azhemat bagotov getting some work though.
    was that rowengardner in there. wtf!
    ill be watching it on

  10. Pasternak says:

    The previous commenter was correct. This movie is not about the “community” at all. It is about the games people play! In business and in our personal life. Including the game of picking up girls. Also, this is just a test bunch of footage put together. This is not an actual trailer.

    I’m looking forward to it!

  11. Nader says:

    I heard that the movie is the first movie to be structured like a video game. It has five levels that the main character goes through, as he learns games that people play in life. The pickup game is only a part of his learning in the beginning. Its not about the community and the characters don’t resemble anyone from the community, except for Zan’s appearance for a few segments in the film. They are doing small screenings around LA if you get lucky to get into one! I’m trying myself.

  12. Mr. Right says:

    I really want to know when The Game based on neils book will be out and maybe in a few years or whatever

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