The First REAL Movie Based On The Community?

August 20, 2008 by  
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We all know that The Game was optioned by a studio to be turned into a movie, and like many other books got stuck in development hell, so my guess is we probably won’t see a movie based on Neil Strauss’s book anytime soon.

However, there is another movie out there called Let The Game Begin, and it looks like it actually has some “real” actors in it.  You can check out the trailer for it here.

Oddly enough, I actually took my first ever Mystery Method workshop with the producer of this movie in 2003.  You can definitely see some Mystery Method influence in the trailer, even down to the Matador lookalike pick-up guy.

From what I know, the movie is about a loser “AFC” who learns how to be a ladies man and uses his social skills to help him in business.  Now, the movie doesn’t look all that great (in fact, some of the club/pick up stuff is kind-of painful to watch in the trailer) but what the heck?  Any movie with Stephen Baldwin in it is worth checking out, right?

As a quick side note – Zan is also in the movie playing HIMSELF (of course).  He’s even in the trailer for a moment.  Leave it to Zan, that pimp.  =)

What do you guys think of the movie?  Would you go see it?