Date People Using Your iPod

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Okay, so online dating isn’t a big thing, but dating using your iPod just might be.  There’s a new site out there called PodDater.  It looks like a free dating site that’s trying to bridge the gap between "podcasts" and ""  In theory its an interesting idea, but it doesn’t look like its quite caught on yet.

Basically, you go there, open up a profile, and then upload a video to your profile of you saying anything you want.  Then, other people download that video onto their iPod and they can watch it (if they have a video iPod) or listen to it (if they have a crappy iPod that doesn’t support video).  And then when they get back to a computer they can go and contact that person.

Now, it looks like the site is still in development, so it’s not quite where it should be yet.  The idea of having a dating site where you can regularly upload audio or video podcasts to about yourself, what you’re doing, and what your dates were like sounds like a great idea – but it just doesn’t seem to be there quite yet.

You can check out PodDater for yourself here.  Be sure to come back and let me know what you think of it.

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