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Art Of The Pickup is the first offering from those crazy kooks over at  It’s a 2 DVD video set with over six hours worth of information culled from’s vast repository of pick-up knowledge, all compiled into an easy to reference format.

The thing that makes the Art Of The Pickup stand out from other similar DVD sets is that it’s designed more like an interactive course on how to meet women than a simple recorded lecture, like you might get with other DVD courses.

This format works very well in an instructional sense, because it breaks down the different phases of pickup in an easy to follow way, and allows for quick reference of the different tactics available.

Watching Art Of The Pickup, it was hard not to think of some of the sex
education videos I used to be forced to watch in High School. 

Because the videos are meant to be educational rather than
“documentary,” the scenarios in the video are staged with actors rather
than candidly caught.

While this does a good job of actually demonstrating the techniques
discussed, it makes the tactics seem forced and “fakey” while watching
– in part due to the substandard acting involved in the vignettes
(hence the “cheesy” sex-ed video feel).

Though this can make the examples in the video hard to watch at times,
I don’t feel that it takes away from the validity of the tactics being
discussed.  Some of these tactics include:

  • Approaching
  • Confidence Building
  • Initiating Conversation
  • Email and Phone Number Closing
  • Creating Attraction
  • Comfort Building
  • Follow Up And Day 2s
  • Making Your Move/Late Game

The worst part of the video series, at least in my opinion, is the
narrator – a slick looking pick up guy (or actor?) who narrates the
methods being talked about.  The guy’s voice is deep and I can see why
he was picked to do voice over, but at the same time it drips with a
kind-of sleaziness that is more than a little off-putting.

In fact, it’s almost obvious that the narrator is almost portraying a
type of “pick up” guy, rather that coming across as genuine.

Though this can be distracting, the production of the DVD set more than
makes up for it.  This isn’t some fly-by-night operation where guys are
videotaping tactics on a 1985 camcorder in someone’s basement.  The
series was shot on digital video, with professional lighting, graphics,
and editing.  It really is a quality production.

While the acting is cheesy, the example videos are well made and quite
explanatory, with freeze frames and narration intercut to discuss what
is occurring in the vignettes.

The course breaks down as follows:

DVD 1 is the primary disk in the series.  It contains the foundations
of the course, which is are the underlying principles, understandings,
and psychology behind the tactics.

After that, there are 2 more sections to the disk, broken up by
encounter (in this case, the first time you meet the girl, and the
follow up).  In the 1st encounter segments, you’re shown how to
approach a woman and get her contact information.  In the 2nd encounter
segments, you’re shown how to follow up the initial encounter, get a
date, generate attraction, and finally seduce her. 

The second DVD in the set is an “Extra” DVD, divided into two
sections.  The first section has to do with Interviews of other pick up
artists.  The experts interviewed are the two guys who run – Jay and Ray, and Will the Dating Coach (of Double
Your Dating fame).

This is my favorite part of the course because it’s not scripted, and
you get to hear the guys talk candidly about their views and
experiences.  Though these experts aren’t on the level as someone like,
Neil Strauss, for instance, they still have some good things to share.

The second feature on the second disk is a series of affirmations
designed to help re-enforce the teachings of the course.  The
affirmations are audio only, though, and have no video features that go
along with them.

Now, I’m not a big fan of affirmations, because I feel most
affirmations are a series of mental masturbation meant to make you
“think” you’re actually accomplishing something as opposed to getting
you to take action.  But I do recognize that affirmations can help
people stay on the right path in terms of keeping focused on goals, and
in that respect, I think the affirmations included on disk 2 are pretty

A little bonus feature on the disk is some audio of Jay giving a
presentation recorded from a seminar.  I think the audio was recorded
at the 2004 Pick Up Summit, but I’m not sure.  Anyway, like the
affirmations, this feature is audio only, and lasts for about 90

All told, you get about 6 hours worth of media in the course.

Here’s the breakdown:


  • The tactics and techniques presented are sound
  • The production quality of the course
  • The organization and presentation of the media
  • The interviews with experts
  • The interactivity of the course
  • The girls in the videos are hot


  • I don’t agree with a lot of the evolutionary philosophy presented in the course
  • The video segments come of as a little too staged and fake
  • The acting is sub-par
  • The narrator is too sleazy and disingenuous for my tastes


Over-all, despite it’s flaws and shortcomings, I think the Art Of The
Pickup is a very good course for beginners who are new to the
dating/seduction scene and looking for a place to start.  I wouldn’t
recommend it to advanced students of The Game, because the concepts
presented are rather basic, but for your average Joe just getting into
this, it would be a good place to start.

The interactivity of the course makes it easy to follow, and the many
examples are good at illustrating how the concepts are supposed to
work.  The price of the course is $147, which may seem a bit steep for
some, but considering it packs a bunch of the starting material into
one format, you can save money by not buying some other courses that
present the material in a less organized manner.

So bottom line:  The Art Of The Pickup is a solid course that I
would definitely recommend to anyone getting into the pick-up game who
want to build a solid skill set rather quickly.

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