Some Old Stuff…

February 4, 2004 by  
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**Reposted from the first Lair, original date: 12/16/03

Okay, so I’ve been around a while and have a backlog of shit I can post here for your viewing pleasure. Some of it is old, but whatever, if it helps someone, it will be my pleasure to put it up. I sometimes write articles for Cliff’s List, which is the best newsletter there is on seduction. If you aren’t a subscriber, you’re missing out. You can sign up for it by sending an email here: Anyway, I’ll post any articles I write for Cliff here, along with any interesting advice I give to people in any of the mailing lists I’m on. Oh, a few field reports will be thrown in for good measure as well. =)

I’ll try and update this blog as often as I can. If any of you wanna help out by replying to my articles or anything, feel free. If you want to even send me field reports or articles, and I think they’re worth two pesos, I’ll even post them. Check back for more cool shit from the wide-world of “PUA!”