Jessica Simpson Loves Her Boobies

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Jessica Simpson... And Her Boobs

That bastion of investigative reporting,, is reporting that the rumors Jessica Simpson would be getting a breast reduction are UDDERly untrue.  (get it?  GET IT?)

In fact, Simpson herself made it clear her fun-jugs weren’t going anywhere…

Writing on her twitter page, Jessica said: “Been getting lots of questions about this alleged breast reduction…not to worry…I LOVE MY BOOBIES!! They aren’t going anywhere!

I think we need more celebrities speaking out against breast reduction.  Let’s start a “save the boobies” movement!  Who cares if women across America have to suffer from lower back problems?  Don’t you dare touch them playhills!!!

Bitches Be Crazy: Playmate Sent To Jail For Shooting Husband

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See?  PUAs aren’t the only ones who like to shoot people.  Former hot chicks do as well.

1968 Playboy playmate of the year Angela Dorian has just been sentenced to 9 YEARS behind bars for shooting her husband in the back in 2010.

66-year-old Dorian — aka Victoria Rathgeb — aka Victoria Vetri — pled no contest to attempted voluntary manslaughter in L.A. County Superior Court.

On top of the 9 year sentence — Dorian was ordered to pay $70 thousand into California’s victim restitution fund.

TMZ broke the story … Angela grabbed a handgun a fired one shot at Bruce Rathgeb following a heated argument inside their Hollywood apartment.

Bruce underwent surgery to remove a bullet fragment from his body — but he’s reportedly doing OK.

Whatever happened to the good old days where people beat on each other when they had an argument?  Now it’s like people are just shooting each other over dumb stuff.  But, I guess if you’re gonna go to jail, you might as well wait until you’re 66 years old.  At that point you might not give a fuck.

Should You Let Your Ex Back Into Your Life?

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Should you help your ex out in a time of need?