Scarlett Johansson Nude Photos – Yes, They’re Real, And They’re Fabulous!

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Okay, so poor ScarJo had some naughty pics on her cell phone, and said phone got hacked by some douchebag hacker (and by douchebag, I mean God Amongst Men) and her naughty bits were then released upon the interwebs for all to enjoy.

The FBI is looking into the case because hacking is getting to get a serious problem.  And its said that poor Scarlett is incredibly distraught over the whole affair.  And we here at the Lair sympathize with her pain, anguish, and embarrassment over this whole situation.

That said, we’re also totally going to post these pics because they are so awesome.

These are NOT safe for work (like anything on this site is, really).  But, if you want to check them out, here they are… Read more

Moment Of Zen: Children Tell It Like It Is

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Some things, once seen, just cannot be unseen.


9-11 In Memorium: With Boobies

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Nothing commemorates the tragedy that was 9/11 better than the things that make America great.  Things like Beer, Buffalo Wings, and… boobies!  As evidenced by this extremely moving and heartfelt video from the girls of Hooters.

Never forget. NEVER forget!

Top Boob Euphemisms In Music

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Every guy knows that a favorite male pastime is giving various names to one of the greatest parts of the female anatomy – BOOBIES.  Well, the music industry has done its fair share of naming, and this article points them all out.  They are as follows…

  • Titties
  • Tatas
  • Melons
  • The Girls
  • Balloons
  • Hooters
  • Lumps
  • Peaches
  • Love Muffins
  • Knockers

Conspicuously absent from the list is my favorite euphemism… Bitch Hills.  (Followed closely by Tig Ol’ Biddies.)


15 Things you Should Know About Breasts

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Here’s a very interesting graphic listing 15 things about breasts you should probably know.

Good stuff.

Me likes boobies!