Bishop & MINE’99, At It Again!

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Seems Bishop and MINE’99 are once again crossing swords, this time in my post about the upcoming Cliff’s List Seminar.  After responding to a poster who claimed MINE’99 hasn’t made any advancement in years, MINE’99 listed his rather sub-standard product catalogue, which Bishop then took the opportunity to spank…

Bishop writes:
In response the defendent, Ross, who wrote:

""Going 7 years back to 1998 we have:

LA Frame Control videos 1999
DC 2000 Seminar Videos 2000
Palo Alto 2002 Hyper Response videos
Beyond Confidence
Fear Into Charisma
Advanced Irresistible Arousal""

LA Frame Control:
Is that the one where you recited the "Two Eyes" poem? Okay, you’re
right, that was previously only available in written form, so THAT was
an advancement.

DC 2000:
More like Major Mark’s finest moment than yours. Oh, wait, isn’t that
the videos where several times you mention "Bishop’s Journal" with such
high praise, and say that it’s the best example of combining
traditional patterning with the "new" stuff? But, I thought "Bishop’s
Journal" was a fake??? How can something fake be the best example of
your materiels???

Palo Alto 2002:
You used MY "fractionation" technique as your foundation, so it wasn’t
your advancement, it was piggybacking on MINE. Oh, okay, you found an
alternate way of doing the powerful self exercise.

Beyond Confidence:
Okay, so you found yet ANOTHER alternate way to have people step into
their ideal self. Hardly an advancement. (Unless you count advancing

Fear into Charisma:
From what I read in the ad copy, you pretty much combined my stuff,
David D’s, and Mystery’s. So where is YOUR contribution to it???

Advanced Irrisitible Arousal:
My fractionation techniques you used in Palo Alto 2002, Bishop’s
Journal, my Methods & Masters CD, Advanced Double Your Dating, and
reworded old stuff just repackaged as a new product.

Come on, Paul, are you REALLY expecting people to not notice these things????

""That’s 6 products right off the top, Bunky. Now, in the years you
have been involved with this, how many products did you actually manage
to complete? Hmmm?""

Five. And based on your products since then, apparently they had an
influence on you.(I can’t wait to see what you "borrow" as your own
when I release "The Fire of Seduction" But I have news for you; you
won’t find any SS materiels anywhere in it, so you’re going to have to
think for yourself, "bunky")

""Creating an inferno? I knew you broke into a house, but I didn’t
know arson was one of your great loves too. Please tell me you are just
using a metaphor, Mikey.""

There is yet another case of you making a libel statement. I was never charged nor convicted of breaking into a home.
Speaking of my legal matters; It’s a good thing I was a fraud and my
book was full of fiction, or else one might get the idea that I had the
hypnotic and infuential ability to get my former cellmates to come
visit people who don’t behave. Good thing THAT could never happen, me
being a fraud and all.

By the way, I thought you said Major Mark stopped speaking at your
seminars because he wanted to focus on his own company. Hmm, so why
does he speak at all those DeAngelo seminars??? How’s the new
attendance at the seminars been since he left?
By the way, did Yates make sure to get someone to eliminate the nearly
dozen mentions of me and my book, in the DC 2000 videos? If not,
excellent free advertising, thanX!

It’s a well known fact that MINE’99 isn’t the most "original" person in the world.  His initial products were based on NLP fundamentals he certainly didn’t invent.  And since then, he’s taken all the good stuff from former students and put his claim to it.  Hell, I’m surprized he’s not claiming he invented Yoga too.  I think Bishop’s post points this out better than anything (and this is coming from a guy who was in the top inner circle of SS!  Seriously, you don’t get any deeper than he was).

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