Premature EJECT-ulation

August 25, 2008 by  
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Today I thought I’d share with you guys something I know is still plaguing a lot of the guys in the community.

The question to ask yourself is… Are you a victim of Premature Ejectulation?

What I am referring to is leaving a set prematurely because you “feel” you have been blown out.

I have witnessed a wide range of students now some of them pretty well known amongst the community who will quite happily open a set, get them hooked, and run a decent number of routines generating a great deal of IOI’s and then eject, actually saying goodbye.

A key point here is that this should not be confused with capture – recapture. Whereby you leave the set on a high note at the beginning of the night, with a time bridge stating you will probably see them around later on, and maybe they owe you a dance/drink whatever. Just so they don’t feel trapped by you early on in the night.

I am talking about having a set hooked late into the evening, and leaving the set for a number of reasons which may seem valid in your head at the time, however upon further inspection you can see that it would have made more sense to stay in set.

The common reasons I have heard are as follows:

a) Run out of things to say
b) I was about to get blown out
c) It wasn’t going anywhere
d) I don’t know why I did it

Each of these reasons are an assumption based on the ideas of the PUA in question and not the girls in set.

a) If you have run out of things to say, go quiet for a while… but stay in set. I have field tested this and it is amazing how long you can just sit there not saying anything without getting blown out. Try it yourself Catnap did a great game that illustrates this on my first ever meeting with the community where you ask a question and just freeze. The key point is that people are generally too polite to tell you to go away. So as long as when you do eventually speak you say something worth while you just look like you are enjoying the company.

b) How do you know this? if she will blow you out… let her do it. One of my natural friends once asked me if I had ever told the secret to attraction. I asked him what he meant and he said PERSISTENCE! Thinking back alot of the girls I have gone out with in the past before I got into game, I got by being persistent. Persistence can almost only ever exist with confidence. The more you persist the stronger your inner game can appear as long as you don’t get too freaky… Stalker style.

c) Again see point b above. The only way you will know is to try it out. We almost always only learn from negative experiences. The more you fail the better you become.

d) Again it is highly likely to be a reason from above, or something similar. The only exception i can think of would be a lack of attraction on your part, in which case fair enough. Why sarge a girl you don’t like.

So think about it next time you are in set, a little bit of practice and living in that uncomfortable zone and you too can put an end to Premature Ejaculation!

AFC Adam

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