Have Women STARE At You…

July 25, 2008 by  
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So some Japanese company (typical) understands that a lot of people in the corporate world have very bad social skills.  So their solution?

Make a DVD of women staring at you.


Don’t believe me?  Go here.  They have a video of a woman doing nothing but STARE at you.

So to make people more social, they want people to sit in their home, in front of their TV, and stare at a woman who is staring back at them.

Anyone else have a problem with this?  Or is it just me?

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4 Responses to “Have Women STARE At You…”
  1. Bamboo says:

    You can do this with Jessica Alba too.


  2. Scot McKay says:

    OK, just to clarify…we’re supposed to stare into her EYES, correct? [laughs]

  3. CrackBaby says:

    I can see this working actually. Given how many nerds and weirdos there are out there that never get to see cleavage, when it is presented to you it is probably a big problem in the workplace.

  4. McPenis Whissle says:

    No women stare at fat guys…lose some pounds you slob

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