Is Picking Up Chicks Against The Law In The UK?

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I found this interesting little story about a couple would-be pick up artists getting arrested by the police for approaching chicks over on the London Seduction Society message boards…

3 Puas arrested in Oxford St. saturday afternoon

Thats right….
I was just on my way to my spot where I like to do some game when I spot 3 dudes with the PUA uniform. I spotted them and went to lean against a wall to see them in action from a distance while I was making sure that they were in fact PUAs.

I see one of them do a 3 set aproach and eject in 3 seconds, so I had some doubts.
Then, another one of them crosses the street to speak to this blonde lone wolf and after him goes a cop.

In matter of seconds, the cop arrests the guy that now just looks completely shock and disbelief and I think that he actually handcufs the guy. A second PUA crosses the street to see whats going on and gets arrested as well… So the third PUA just goes in and the party begins:

3 random dudes are arrested and searched in a corner of Oxford St. by one uniformed cop and 2 other civilian-dressed. I wanted to help, but I was risking exactly the same as the other 2 dudes and besides, I dont even know them, so I better mind my own business.

So I move on to my spot, open a lone wolf…. takes me 30 minutes to get her number and I walk back Oxf. St. again… AND THEY’RE STILL THERE!!!

Seriously… if you’re reading this and you’re the dudes, please just tell us what the hell just happened… Is it because you were opening too many sets on cctv?


And here’s the response from one of the guys who got arrested…

The first and third ones were students, the second one was me.

Fucking arseholes.

I don’t lose my temper easily. But that cunt really flipped a switch.

I saw one cop handling my guy really roughly for no reason, so I jumped in and got involved. Then another plain clothed came out of nowhere and got me while I was trying to write down his shoulder numbers. Then another student came in to see what the fuck was going on. Yeah, you guessed it. He gets nicked too.

They just go on about “dipping” and codes, like we were meant to understand them, and offered no alternative explanation in English.

They thought we were a gang of Romanian “dippers”, although they refused to explain what “dipping” actually means. They got really abusive and physical, left one of my boys in cuffs for ages even after they realised they’d just made twats of themselves.

I’m still in utter disbelief at how inept, abusive and overly zealous they were.

No explanation. Hardly identification. Fucking unbelievable.

Then turns out “dippers” are people who nick shit off people’s bags.


More later, I’m off to get some sleep. Everyone’s fine and we had a fantastic night after.


Yikes!  What’s next, a RICO case against seduction gurus?

Oh, wait…

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20 Responses to “Is Picking Up Chicks Against The Law In The UK?”
  1. Richard says:

    That is odd! Remember police are just people too, if we had no idea about ‘day game’ and monitored a group of guys approaching 50 sets over a period of 1 hour we would be thinking ‘whats going on here’ too…. their attitude after they realised their mistakes is unacceptable…

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  2. Dare says:

    Richard suck my balls.

    Im British and this is a SHAMEFUL state of affairs. I DONT feel proud to be British right now, though I really want to because there is so much we could be doing as a Nation.

    Instead, and this is a *cough* `True Story`.. Britain has THE MOST CCTV cameras installed in public places IN THE WORLD.

    And we`re smaller than most American states. Can anyone say…Homosexual perverted Police masturbating to live images of young boys on the streets of London?

    Okay I exaggerate for effect, but seriously:

    Fuck the Police.

    Someone Bitch slap some sense into us. Obama?

    [NOTE: to any Po-lice reading in, i wrote Obama, not OSAMA you Brain dead turd eating fat-fuck-ugly-butt munching inbred elitist Cockwads!]

  3. Paul Janka...OUT ON BAIL says:

    “Instead, and this is a *cough* `True Story`.. Britain has THE MOST CCTV cameras installed in public places IN THE WORLD.”

    That’s because of the Irish republican Army blowing things up….

    In the US we have cameras everywhere, at least in office buildings, shopping malls….guys have been booted from malls for pickup…welcome to the modern day world of sexual repression and the sex police

  4. #1 says:

    Damn, Britain sucks! Glad I’m in Moscow – we don’t have any cameras or many policemen.

  5. Dare says:

    Paul Yanka Impersonator,

    Tell me about it.

    As if guys didn`t have a HARD ENOUGH TIME AS IT IS gaining or mustering up the courage to try to do this life altering thing called `going up to strangers to try to improve both their lives` against the unspoken pressures of society, NOW this shit.

    #1 Yeah you ONLY have possibly the most corrupt leader and surrounding structures this side of the fucking holocaust. Nice.


    PS – Yeah im Jewish, so fuck off. & Fuck the Jews

    (but only sexually please..)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Something not a lot of people know is I was helping out on that work shop and ESCAPED. I couldn’t believe it. I saw the cops arresting the students and instructor. I blended away thinking WTF.

    Forget police statements and start thinking police STATE.

    Stevie PUA

  7. Bob says:

    Dare, you’ve got some fucked up prejudices. Hope you’re not representative of these forums! And yes, UK has highest number of CCTV – it’s in addition to shopping centre/private building cameras, etc – that is police-monitored/controlled street cameras.

  8. Scarface says:

    Back in my “early” pua days, I also once encountered some trouble with security/police guys.
    I was at the train station waiting for about 1/2 an hour, before my train came. So I decided to have some fun with the other people waiting there as well in the lobby.
    So I started up a conversation with a girl that had a guitar with her. We chatted a little bit, and I touched her some. Then some security guard came and asked me: “do you know each other”. So I said we were just meeting. Then he said that I couldn’t go strike up conversations with other people. I asked the girl: “Do you mind me talking to you.”. And she said: “No”. And she also told the security guard she did’n’t mind, and liked it. So, I said to him: “You, see she doesn’t mind”. And he went like, “that doesn’t matter. And if you want to meet peolple you have to go to the bar but not here”.
    Wel then another security guard came, and was totally prejudged and very roughly/aggresive said to me: “That I needed to go”. Then her boytfriend came from I don’t know where, and gave me a big push from behind. She then tried to calm her boyfriend down.
    Well, I remember that at that time my body had started to fill with adrenaline and testosteron. And I was like, “All I did was having a nice and non threathening conversation.” Then my friend came, and suggested it was better for me to leave the situation. And he was right, so we left. That was the weirdest situation I ever encountered.
    though I noticed it unconciously has made me more carefull in those kind of places (stations, shops etc.). Which I don’t always like.

  9. David Simmonds says:

    We have seen far too many wierdos walking Oxford street. One bloke spent allday everyday pestering girls in starbucks asking for thier numbers we had to intervene as girls didnt appreciate his behaviour.

  10. We’ve done day game there loads of times without any problems. But then, we do stay in our sets for more than 3 seconds. And we don’t do 50 approaches in the same place. London’s a big place with lots of good gaming locations. If you’ve got police problems, go to Covent Garden, preferably on a Saturday. I’ve never seen a single cop there. It sucks and I’m with you guys on this. But until we all form an underground an underground Fight Club, there’s not much we can do about the police other than to adapt, improvise, and overcome.

  11. Lady Raine says:

    I think men SHOULD be given at least a citation for harassing, bothering, and trying to pick women up in random public places.

    Most women do NOT want to be approached, hit on, and catcalled and it’s ridiculous that women cannot have the same right to their own privacy, safety, and solitude because there’s a bunch of men acting like predators yet AGAIN.

    This behavior by men is exactly what makes women MORE cautious, MORE paranoid, and more likely to be rude and resentful of men who really ARE just honestly trying to meet a nice woman.

    Sexual urges and “getting laid” is not your “right”. You shouldn’t be able to harass and bother women who are just going to the store, the post, the gym, etc.

    I wish that the U. S. would start pushing to stop this behavior and citing men for harassment. Approaching women should be limited to places where one usually goes to date like bars, nightclubs, dating sites, singles events, etc.

    The fact that men feel as if women should just “deal with” being catcalled, approached, chatted up, hit on, and harassed each and every day by horny men is just ludicrous. They should learn control over their sexual urges and have some respect for women’s privacy.

    There are plenty of escorts to call and brothels to hit if a man is “dying for sex”.

    Bothering women who are walking to the store, going to the coffee shop, and running errands SHOULD be frowned upon and punished.

  12. Captain Kill a Cunt says:

    I think women should be given at least a citation for eye-teasing men and/or being a bitchy snob when the man works up enough courage to approach someone who really isn’t worth it. Men do not want to be eye-teased and it’s ridiculous that men cannot have the same right to their peace of mind because there’s a bunch of women walking around like jailbait yet AGAIN.

    This behaviour by women is exactly what makes men MORE jaded, MORE cautious, MORE paranoid and more likely to have sex with a girl and then afterwards want nothing else to do with her.

    Eye-teasing a man and then freezing him out because he’s not “rich” or “cute” enough is not your “right”. You shouldn’t be able to harras and bother men who are just going to the store, the post, the gym, etc.

    I wish the world would start pushing to stop this behaviour and citing women for eye-teasing. Eye-teasing should be limited to places where one usually goes to have sex like.. the bedroom…

    The fact that women feel that men should just “deal with” being eye-teased, harrassed and frozen out when not good enough by slutty women is just ludicrous. They should learn control over their slutty urges and have some respect for men’s peace of mind.

    There are plenty of vibrators to buy and/or gigolo’s to hire if you are in such a need for a man that you have to go outside looking like a streetworker every single day.

    Walking around like a dirty little slut and then complaining about men approaching you SHOULD be frowned upon and punished.

  13. Captain Kill a Cunt says:

    By the way, I really like Dare, he’s cool.

  14. Anonymous says:

    First things first. Shit, Dare you’re hilarious. Secondly, I would’ve never expected anything like this to happen; in fact I’ve never heard of this happening in the PUA community. I’ve had a police officer ask me HOW I approached a girl and took her number in a space of 10 minutes, but this is really new to me.

    Jealous police anyone?

  15. Captain Kill a Cunt says:

    Dude, that’s totally gotta be it. Jealous neanderthal coppers who abuse their position of power to unleash upon there object of jealousy. What a bunch of fags.

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