More On A Possible Sargathon Scam?

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I hate to post this on the off chance that I am preventing a cause to raise money for a cancer patient, but I have been getting a ton of email regarding the recent sargathon event up in Canada, and none of it is good.  Here’s the most recent one:

Hey man,

I posted one of the original comments about the
"sargeathon" being dodgy. I don’t claim to know for sure if it is, but
I’ve heard nothing but bad things about Snow, and I really suspect he’s
ripping off Sean Messenger and the other guys who are volunteering their

Anyway, I have some very solid proof that Miso was working with
Dimitri The Lover, the famously creepy pickup guru in Toronto. It shows the
kinds of shady characters that this Miso guy associates with.

Also, I’m not totally certain that Snow’s mother *isn’t* dying of
cancer. All I know is that if SOMEONE were to lie about this, it would
be snow.

And even if she did have cancer, healthcare is free
in Canada! You can still get screwed because you can’t work, and drugs
can be expensive, but she’s not likely to DIE from a lack of money.

Now, the reason I’m posting this email is because I consider the guy who sent it to me a very reliable guy.  I have gotten NUMEROUS emails, all bashing this guy SNOW from various lair leaders and lair members up in Canada.

And the funny thing is each and every one of them seems SCARED this Snow guy would physically harm them in some way!  Like he’d punch them out of attack them if they said anything bad about the guy.

Fact is, I don’t know what to think about this situation.  If the guy’s mom really has cancer, I want to help out.  But I don’t know who to believe at this point.

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47 Responses to “More On A Possible Sargathon Scam?”
  1. Dino says:

    Snow was kicked out of the Toronto Lair for running a very similar scam.

  2. Miso says:

    Seriously, what kind of a whipped pussy hides behind the “anonymity” of internet while spreading all kinds of bullshit like this?

    Napkin, is that you causing shit again?

    Frank, are you getting jealous again, for whatever reason, afraid that people stepping into your territory are taking your business away?

    I love how people are more than ready and willing to bash on people they have never met before – I’d love to hear who is coming up with this feedback, and who all these lair leaders in Canada are behind these posts?

    I know most of the lair leaders in Canada personally, and not a single one of them has ever mentioned anything bad about ME personally, and if this is the way they are going about it – that’s just weak sauce, guys. At least have the balls to publish your name and some facts here.

    Seriously, Thundy, either post your sources here (or ask them to post this information them self under their name, or nickname if they don’t have the balls to use their real name), or stop posting this shit man. It’s making you look bad now too…

    I am getting emails and calls from all over the world from people wondering what a fuck are you on about and who got you pissed off about this whole thing. And I know as much as they do – nothing.

    And someone out there has proof that I worked with Dimitri the Lover? I’d love to see that myself, cuz that would make me entitled to some of the earnings from his upcoming movies and books, I guess… so pass that info on, brother!

  3. Miso says:

    And that comment saying “even if she did have cancer, healthcare is free in Canada!” is just plain dumb, you dumb ignorant fuck, whoever you are.





    And then look up Canadian Health Care system facts, how they deal with cancer treatment and what is covered under OHIP and what kinds of treatments are “free” and what kinds of treatments they wouldn’t dare perform, let alone provide for “free”… you dumb fuck.

    (I don’t ever get pissed off like this… but someone is obviously out there to cause some more shit again for their own stupid satisfaction, and when you involve me into your ignorant games, I fight back… if only I knew who you were, you little pussy-whipped spineless excuse for a man).

  4. napkin says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I’ve been pretty much out of the community for 3 years now. I’m just here to let you all know that Christiano is OUT! He won’t be teaching at the seminar as promised.

    Please don’t judge him or revolution31 badly for taking part in this scam project. He was lead to believe it was for a good cause.

    I repeat. CHRISTIANO never had anything to gain financially from this project.

    Also Miso, don’t shit on my name. I’ve never done anything to you. You solicited my opnion and I gave it to you in private. Then you got offended. Not my problem.

    Don’t try to put my dirty laundry on the street. I had nothing to do with this.


    If you’re signed up for the seminar and would like your money back, please call your credit card company and request a “chargeback”. You should be able to get your money back.

    They’ll try to talk you out of it, but insist on it. It’s your legal right. When they ask you for the reason, say it’s for “Services not rendered”.

    (Works with visa and mastercard)

  5. Miso says:

    I knew it…

    And somehow, I still don’t trust you when you say you had nothing to do with this, nap. It’s got your bitter, psychotic, back-stabbing feeling all over it…

    I’m considering you guilty until proven innocent, as before I’d give you the benefit of the doubt and it always came back to bite me in the ass (whether directly or indirectly from spreading b.s. rumors about me).

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you brainwashed Christiano (your long time friend) into backing out of this thing, just to prove a point, but hey, that’s just my opinion and speculation at this time…

    And no, nobody has asked for a refund just yet as far as I know, as not everybody is as gullible and naive as you’d like to think. Even if they do, their money is only a click away in paypal… but thank you for providing everyone with the “possibilities”.

  6. Calvin Richards says:

    i heard napkin eats spiders and drinks vampire blood.

  7. napkin says:

    Think about it.

    Thundercat said he knows the guy who sent him this stuff. And he doesen’t know me. I’m nobody.

    Thundy, can you confirm it wasn’t me so that Miso’s credibility can be further destroyed than it already is?

  8. Rishad says:

    “The young boy is cried wolf.”

    Poor man. His moms must dies off cancer between 2 or 3 times in every year… and its always when he is run out of money.

    When somebody lies constantly, it catch up with them.

    At his class, he told us bunch of students he was millionaire from owning a prune juice company. Why he needs money now?

  9. Miso says:

    Napkin, do you really have nothing better to do with your life than to shit on the people around you?

    Go out and meet some women, dude, develop some relationships with them… it will give you something more constructive to do with your time and life.

    Or go make some new friends, explore something new about people around you instead…

    Oh, wait… I forgot. Everyone you run into find you totally weird and you leave a bitter, weird aftertaste in their mouth that it must be really hard for you to make friends.

    That’s gotta suck, man…

  10. Doug says:

    I donated $100 to this. I hope that it is legit. If it is — great. I hope this helps his Mom. I respect Sean — and gave because he is involved.

    If it isn’t legit — there goes my $100. But I will go on record here that I will pursue this Snow guy if this is a scam. And if he wants to beat me up — bring it on. I’m not one to hide.

  11. napkin says:

    Dude.. give it up… I had nothing to do with this. Deal with it. I’m not responsible for your scam falling apart.

    Hopefully someday, you’ll get cancer and suffer for a long time. Then you’ll see what a joke it is.

    And when somebody reports you to Revenue Canada for operating an unregistered fake charity, it won’t be me either. 1888-495-8501,

  12. Miso says:

    Doug, if you don’t get AT LEAST your money’s worth during that weekend, I’ll give you $100 cash out of my own pocket.

    And you have my word on it.

  13. Miso says:

    Napkin, give it up.

    Your true face is coming out with every post of yours.

    Your words alone are giving you out and your true nature…

    And stop spreading lies and rumours about stuff that involves some people you don’t jive personally.

    Not that I expect you to actually do so, but you’ve never had anything better to do in your life as far as I can remember…

  14. Dion Wright says:

    I am posting my real name to my rebuttal. I’m doing that because Toronto pickup people, seduction artists, or whatever you want to call this wierd fucked up little scene we’re in, need to start being more accountable for the things we are saying about each other. Miso has put his name to his posts and i’m putting my name to mine.

    It’s time to stop hiding behind anonymous screen names. The slander is affecting people in the real world, and after two of us come out with our real identities, you’ll only look like a bitch if you keep typing “anonymous” or putting up phony aliases when you send unverifiable and questionable slander out through email.

    Thundercat, you don’t know me because i keep a very low profile, but i was in the old TSN from 2005 until it fell apart. At that point i left the lair and walked away from pickup for good because the lair and Toronto pickup scene in general became drama central and i do not do drama; i am not a Jerry Springer/Rikki Lake guest and i refuse to act like one. I came into pickup because i wanted to learn how to be a better man to the women in my life. I did not come into this thing to learn to manipulate or hurt anybody. When the arguments and manipulations started showing up, i left the scene, and i’m glad i got out when i did.

    I won’t take sides in the Toronto pickup wars because everyone involved is basically a good human being. The problem is the players all bring out the worst in each other. Don’t ask me why, they just do.

    The whole issue of Toronto pickup gossip is down to a clash of egos exacerbated by the reality of file sharing’s impact on the modern world’s business practices. Period. It’s not about Snow the villain; that would be way too easy. Don’t believe the fairy tales. Life is just not that cut and dry.

    I would rather that the individuals involved settle their own differences in private and stop dragging the rest of us into their private arguments. Really – it’s getting old. Whoever is doing this shit please stop.

    Regardless of what happened in the past between Snow and other people in pickup, the man has told me and other people that his mother needs help.

    This is a personal issue and a friend reached out to me, so I am going to do what i can for Snow’s mother’s sake.

    You call the sargeathon a scam. If you really want to believe that, who am i to argue. But i tend to give other people benefit of the doubt when they tell me things, because the truth always comes out in the end. And really, would YOU like it if others cried ‘bullshit!’ every time you opened your mouth? I didn’t think so.

    And now for a message to your source, Thundercat:

    I don’t know who you are, but let me tell you something. It must be horrible to live life to where you can’t function properly unless you are slandering other people.

    If you feel that Snow has betrayed you in some part of your life, sometimes the only thing you can do is let the past be the past and walk away from what you consider a bad situation. Sometimes it’s better to find a new corner and build something anew that you can call your own. Charge it to the game and go on from there. You’ll never learn and grow if you have to constantly slander another person to make yourself look better. I tell you that from my own personal experience, because i’ve been betrayed a few times in my life by people who i thought had my best interests at heart.

    Give the world some credit. If Snow is the villain you claim he is, you don’t need to run around dragging his name through the mud. Other people will figure it out for themselves in time, because you can’t change a tiger’s stripes.


    Being that i know Snow as well as you if not better but don’t see the villainish behaviour you claim, i openly question your validity and ask you to provide facts for your statements. And i’ll keep questioning your points until you present more than hearsay and/or sign your real name to your claims like i’ve signed my real name to my rebuttals and explanations. You may not realize it but you lose credibility when you force other people to do your talking for you and hide your identity like you do.

    Women go to nail shops and hair salons to do what you are doing right now. In such places the only men are either trannies or flaming homosexuals. Your current public behaviour is womanish and very unmanly and i ask you to seriously reconsider your conduct. I know you are capable of better behaviour than you are showing.

    But again that’s neither here nor there. Let me get back on topic.

    Thundercat, even if you have a valid reason to dislike Snow based on what you’ve heard, you DO NOT have a valid reason to stop his mother from seeking help for a fatal condition. It’s one thing to talk about Snow, but his mother has never done anything to ANYONE in pickup. Leave her out of whatever argument you have with Snow.

    And for those of you who are floating around and don’t know whose side to take (because you feel as if you have to take a side), there are bigger issues in life than who likes who. This whole thing is high school trash. Please don’t fuel the nonsense by taking sides for amusement’s sake.

    This is pickup and we’re all in this together. Yes, even those of us who have left the fold.

    Whatever personal, business, or other issues Snow has with other people, i will leave it to them to settle those issues face to face like MEN are supposed to.

    I’m not going to judge Snow or any of you based on what i *thought* i *might* have heard.

    I will help Snow out in the best way i can if he asks me to, and i’d do the same for any of you reading this. I’m not afraid to say that in public and i’m not afraid to do what i say i’ll do.

    If you can’t appreciate that, then wish Snow’s mother well regardless ofyour feelings towards him, and KEEP IT MOVING. Because life is precious.

    And, if you as a putz can’t feel sympathy for a woman in a vulnerable situation, how in the HELL do you ever expect to get good at pickup? That goes out to anyone reading this.

    Don’t let your shadenfreude towards Snow poison your every thought towards everyone in his life so much that you’d hinder him from helping the most important woman in his life. That kind of thinking is just beyond perverse.

    After the event, i will disappear into the shadows again. Because i’m DONE with this pickup.

    Beyond that, i will not get involved in any of the Toronto pickup scene bullshit. I refuse to.


  15. Snow says:

    These Negative Statements about Sargeathon is Unbelievable Filth !

    This is regarding this hateful Sargeathon posts on your blog. I will fax you (or anyone else) copies of the CT scan reports from the hospitals regarding her tumors (80% of the liver is now cancerous cells).

    We have been in and out of hospitals for over three months (and I have been there with her each and everyday) and I now have her living with me so I can take care of her myself after the doctors gave up on her.

    Once doctors say there is nothing more that they can do you are on your own and nothing is covered by Canadian Healthcare in the Alterative Medicine field.

    She’s doing quite well however with some alterative treatments and she and I are very hopeful she’ll make a full recovery in time !

    My hands are shaking as I type this as I am so angry that anyone would dare suggest something like this !

    I have taken alot of shit from certain people in Toronto who are trying slander me in order to further themselves commercially or because of some other agenda and I haven’t said a word publicly in my own defense as most of the people here in Toronto “that count” know the real story (and don’t believe the lies that have been spread about me) but this is not just attacking me anymore.

    This is attacking the wellbeing of my mother for #%$sake !

    Yes ! We are raising funds for my mother’s expenses !

    Yes ! She has late stage metastases liver cancer !

    Yes ! All the money is spent on her (including all my money)

    No ! She is not going to die from this (MY WORDS) even though the doctors have said to get her affairs in order because they believe that she has weeks to live… I don’t believe that and that’s definitely not my opinion or belief !

    And I will take her anywhere in the world if I have to to make sure that doesn’t happen !

    It’s quite amazing how low some people will sink to further their agendas or try to get at me… this is now way beyond obsessive behavior as I have takened these nonstop attacks now for almost two years ! Yet I am still here and still helping people ! I wonder if that’s why all of you “Haters” are so pissed…

    Is it because intelligent people in this city see through all your bullshit that you’ve thrown at me yet still believe in me and are still coming out to support me as I have supported and helped them over all these years. Despite the bullshit you say and have said about me people continue to ignore your childlike rantings and still seek me out, hang out with me and remain my friends to this day ! It is said that “Success leaves Clues”

    Is that what’s pissing you off so ?

    The outpouring of support and love that I have gotten from the good people here in Toronto and aboard far outweighs the bitter shit you few have spewed out on this blog and elsewhere !

    So stay within your anger filled hateful worlds and fill your hearts with more of your darkest bitter shit ! The damage that you do to yourselves far outweighs the damage that you do to me here !

    My mother and I will survive !

    It’s too bad all you’ll ever know is just pure hate in its ugliest form !


  16. Mack Wild says:

    >Hopefully someday, you’ll get cancer and >suffer for a long time. Then you’ll see >what a joke it is.

    Ride on. Kharma is a funny thing…

  17. Mack Wild says:

    Also disregard that I suck cocks.

  18. napkin says:

    Look… Guys who know me will tell you that I’m bitter, angry, psychopathic (not psychotic) all that stuff… whatever. I’m not arguing with that.

    But if I had actually been responsible for this, I would be sooo bragging about it. Unfortunately, (As Thundy can tell you) I can’t take credit. I wish I could.

    So let’s settle this once and for all…

    Thundercat. Can you please write an article about Snow’s previous program called “Dreamcatchers”. Just ask around Toronto, and you’ll find people that will give you the low-down. (Just not me)

    After that, we’ll all know how reliable and trustworthy this whole thing is.

    And then we can end this stupid war that should’ve never started in the first place.

  19. Mack Wild says:

    “Also disregard that I suck cocks”

    Dude I would rather suck a big fat cock than to be such a lowlife that I scam people using cancer as my buzzword. Thats pretty much the most lowlife thing I have ever heard in my life and those are the kind of people that don’t belong in society and should be locked up in solitary confinement without a key.

  20. Miso says:

    I take my previous comment about Frank back – just got an email from him, and he stated he had nothing to do with this, and I somehow trust him. My apologies to Frank in that case – my bad.

    So, I’m still curious – who in the world could be behind all this b.s.?

  21. not impressed says:

    I don’t know what to believe but the conduct being shown here is really off-putting and I would NOT participate in this.

  22. Dion. Word.

    [ slow golf clap ]


    Oh, oh, napkin. It was a wise move posting under a pseudonym. Because as peaceful a man as I am, there are some things that are simply not allowed in this world, and this, my friend, is one of them.

    “Hopefully someday, you’ll get cancer and suffer for a long time. Then you’ll see what a joke it is.”

    To quote a great rapper, “may Allah have mercy on you, cos I won’t.”

    You better check yourself, kid. Think about what you are saying. Consider your choices in this life, because they always come back to you. Do you really want to go to war with a group of people who are trying to do something positive? Do you really want to go to war with nothing but misplaced bitterness as your only ally?

    Do you really want war? Because if you do, and I find you in Toronto, you’ve got exactly three seconds to make it all better before you are choking on your own broken teeth.

    Yours in peace, love, and justice,


  23. >I donated $100 to this. I hope that it is legit. If it is — great. I hope this helps his Mom. I respect Sean — and gave because he is involved.

    I’ll double Miso’s offer. If this isn’t what you hoped, I’ll give you $100 out of my pocket too.

    Real American money, even! :)

  24. Enough talk. I’ll back this. I’ll vouch for Snow.

    If there is any impropriety in the handling of money from this event, I will personally pay back everyone who donated.

    Now it’s my ass on the line too. And you are all welcome to go ahead and take shots at me just as you’ve taken shots at Snow’s mom.

    Go ahead, be proud of yourselves for attacking a woman suffering from cancer with anonymous internet posts. You’re real stand-up guys. In fact, I think you should call your OWN moms tonight and tell her the wonderful things you’ve been doing. I’m sure she’ll be so proud.

  25. Christiano says:

    Hello everyone,

    Christiano here,

    First of all, I’d like to thank Snow to invite me as a guest speaker to his seminar. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend due to my resposibility with my work.

    That being said, thanks very much for you time and now guys go sarge some hot girls and fuck them in way that no one has ever done before!!! ;)



  26. Lansing says:

    ok, I take back my comment that it seemed “Fishy” before… If Sean is vouching for it…..

    Anyway, best of luck in making some money to help out…

  27. question says:

    Considering Canada’s free health care

    How will the donated money help the mother exactly

  28. Dummy? says:

    Some people should start looking into more details on Canadian “free” health care, as well as reading up other people’s comments here about what that “free” health care covers before they ignorantly post their dumb questions…

  29. Mack Wild says:

    Lets see the scanned papers and proof of the hospital bills. You know in this community there is always a ton of hype and frame control and guys spinning off things and drama — but very rarely do you ever see any proof of anything and usually in the end there is always some joker gaming other guys like a homo or con artist in the end.

    All this talk is cheap. If someone makes a strong accusation of this nature towards you and you have nothing to hide — you provide proof — not hype — not empty words saying you will personally pay back everyone — not any other emotional bullshit that only stupid morons and newbies buy into. Put up or shut up — that’s what I say. im not involved in this — but this enrages me because this is NOT the reason I got into this stuff at all. Sometimes this community seems like a fucking psychiatric zoo. It’s sickening.

  30. What kind of “Community” have we created where we are willing to help each other out ONLY if we have written proof of need?

    You want to see photocopies of hospital records, and argue that if you have nothing to hide, then it’s no issue?

    FUCK. YOU.

    You have two choices in this world. Be a man of your word, or not. If you are a man of your word, you make your own decisions about others and whether or not you can trust them, and you don’t weasel out of it by asking for “proof” of integrity.

    Or you can distrust everyone. And that distrusting may give you the advantage in some situations, but will also lead to you never trusting yourself.

    I’m done with this. Snow has put his integrity on the line. Miso has put his integrity on the line. I’ve put mine on the line. And 15 guys who signed up to join us, to help Snow’s mother, and change their lives for the better in one weekend, trust us.

    If any of you don’t, that’s your own call. But if you make that call because of the rants you read from anonymous people on the internet, I say you are not men. I say you are cowards.



  31. Mack Wild says:

    Another reframe — meant to emotionally appeal on a gut level to a mans sense of manhood — yet dodging the issue. You guys are asking for money from people for a cause that has been seriously questioned. The burden of proof is upon you. If my mother was dying of cancer and a bunch of people were raising questions and putting the legitimacy into doubt — I would have absolutely no reason what so ever not to provide the proof. Why would providing the proof be a problem? It wouldn’t. I would want nothing more than to expose the liars and naysayers.

    This community is just filled with sharks and cowards looking to make an easy fake buck off men who don’t have any common sense and get lost in a bunch of hype, drama, and reframes. Seans reply totally ruins any credibility he ever had in my book — which wasn’t too much to begin with — especially where snow went on record to say he would provide the proof. I was just saying — hey if your going to provide it — where is it at?

    Of course in reality the mention of proof and scans of doctors bills was most likely merely to reframe and cause the reader to feel strongly that the other party is lying — yet the actual real proof will never come. Another effective strategy.

    This community continues to trick decieve and take advantage of men because of it’s ability to thrive on the ignorant and to put out media and shows that draw in new customers that have yet to expose the majority of this movement for what it is. Lots of sick people involved in this, lazy people, looking for a free buck with no integrity. Con artists.

    The dating coaches were right all along — going down the pua path is absolutely NOT a journey you want to go on. im just lucky I’m 29. I’ve seen it all, I have been around long enough — and I know how to spot a spade and call a spade a spade. I feel bad for those who get sucked into this shit.

    Im actually glad I became a part of thundercats little blog for a while. It truely opened my eyes to a lot of the low life shit that really defines a major part of this community. It’s finally convinced me that I can do better than to be a part of this.


  32. Doug says:

    Sean and Miso — you are stand up guys! There’s not enough like you out there.

    I’m obviously not going to take you up on your offer to reimburse me.

    I am not planning to attend the workshop (although a weekend in TORONTO would be great!). I just wanted to help out a guy in a tough situation by donating. I’m a cancer survivor myself.

    I trust Sean and Miso. If they are putting their necks out on this one — it must be legit.

  33. hahahahah says:


    You guys are so messed up will stoop to any level to trick guys. Now yer posting reps under false names to build credibility. I guess that there are always plenty of gullible people in the world to make money off of. It doesnt make it right but i guess some people feel if someone is stupid enough to buy their bs and their good enough to spit good bs, that they have earned any money they get.

    Its not exactly the way to live your life and things have a way of catching up to you. Character flaws like that contribute to the underlying problem of lack and subpar happyness that streams an endless cycle and causes men to do these things to other people and be losers and swindlers all their life, but i guess they lost their lives a long time ago by the time they get to this point anyhow.

  34. This is me.

    Sean Messenger from LVo3

    And if you don’t like me, that’s fine. But this is my word. I’m not dodging a damn thing.

    This community has been built around selfishness and tricksters for so long it’s no surprise people greet altruism with skepticism

    (too many isms there :)

    This is real. And anyone who doubts it is welcome to their opinion, and I’m happy to discuss it with you like men over email. No insults, no anger. I’m truly interested in hearing your side of the story, and I apologize for letting my emotions get the best of me and insulting people. That was off-sides.

    If you’d like to talk, please click the link for my email and email me at



  35. Peter says:

    I liked what sean messenger said a couple posts ago about being a man of integrity…

    For us that havent met snow…could he respond to the initial allegations about reneging on paying referral fees…

    If that is true that’s dishonest… and in my opinion if someone did something like that it wouldn’t be unreasonable to at least INQUIRE for more information about a business event of his…

    Snow can you be a man and step up to the plate?

  36. Miso says:

    Hmm… now I am thinking of actually getting Snow to scan in all of his receipts spent on medicines and on his mom in the last little while, as well as some of her medical records (something that can be shared publicly at least) just to shut all of you nay-sayers up.

    Either that, or have his mom come down to the seminar and say a few words on camera, and then post that here as a video “testimonial”. I mean, just think about it – how hard is it to get a 60-something year old woman to lie about her condition? Exactly…

    Fuck it, I’ll see to it… will try and convince Snow to get his mother out to the event to at least say thank you to everyone personally… on camera too!

    And to all those afraid of Snow – you should be. No, he’s not a violent guy (for the couple of years I’ve know him and hung out with him I have NEVER EVER seen him get angry, violent with anyone, let alone throw a punch at someone), but yes, he is bigger than most of the guys in the community (Barry would definitely put him in that Top 10 biggest guys list), he knows his martial arts, and if you shit on him in public with no proof whatsoever, I would expect you to be afraid of him.

    I’m half his size, have basic training in some martial arts and know how to protect myself if need be but that’s it, and still… if you were shitting on me (and whoever the source of these allegations tried to), and I ran into you in public, you would more likely get your face kicked into your dumb skull from me than Snow.

    I’m not a violent guy by any means, and the last time I got into a fight was about a year ago when some douche was harassing my girlfriend, but you disrespect me like this in public, spread lies and allegations about me without any facts and proof behind it, I’d deal with you Serbian way – away from all this peaceful, diplomatic way of courts and lawyers. I’d beat the living shit out of you making you think twice about doing something dumb like that again… (just like my parents treated me when I was a kid, thank God, beating the crap out of me to teach me a lesson).

    But hey, you’ve got the anonymity and safety of Internet behind you, and you can say whatever you wish… how convenient.

    Man up, get some balls, get in touch with me (not like my email/phone # is not available on my website), present your facts to me personally, in my face (I’ll respect you way more like that).

    Same thing with Snow – shitting on him based on hearsay spread around by the pissed off few, just because you have the need to blame someone for whatever your problems in life are, for lack of anything you don’t have in life or whatever else ails you… that’s just sad, bro. Sad.

  37. Miso is pathetic says:

    The only thing that is sad and pathetic is a man making physical postures and threats over the internet at random people over the internet.

    Sure bud, plenty of people are now going to rush to pad your pockets. What’s your cut in this little scam anyways?

    If it wasn’t a scam it’s very simple to scan hospital receipts. This little situation has gotten just about as disgraceful, ignorant, pathetic, and shameful as one could possibly imagine. It’s people like you that make the cummunity look like a shrink paradise.

  38. Miso says:

    And what’s wrong with physical threats?

    Never had one thrown at you?

    Never felt like throwing some of your own?

    Are you even a man?

    Hell, I don’t know about you, but this whole wussy way of debating and arguing B.S. over internet, who is right and who is wrong, I know better, this, that… where in reality all the people behind these arguments are biggest pussies ever and would never ever had courage to bring out anything like this in my face (and I am not even a threat in real life – skinny guy with a big smile).

    Or at least that’s how us Europeans deal with things when the common sense/debating doesn’t work and bullshit being thrown your way just crosses some boundaries…

  39. Craig Jordan says:

    I literally feel like crying every time I hear someone suffering with cancer, no matter who they are and what they’ve done right, they’re still Human beings.

    Created in the image of God. I mean from a sociological point of view this argument is fascinating to me. For those of you who’ve signed up to taking Evolution as fact, I want to gently remind you of a comment by Joe Rogan:

    “Everybody wants to believe in evolution; Nobody wants to apply it to PEOPLE…that’s fucking trippy right?”

    But having said that no matter where we believe we came from were ALL in the same boat here, we’re ALL going to die, & that’s why deep down we ALL know there is something along the lines of Karma, even if its just in our heads, I GOTTA LIVE WITH ME, YOU GOTTA LIVE WITH YOU.

    We’ve ALL felt physical pain & we’ve ALL felt psychological pain right? Whether we choose to accept some random internet dude’s chatter as even worth considering with a SERIOUS hat on is up to you.

    Don’t take it too seriously guys, most people know that most others are here for entertainment & selfish reasons & there’s NOTHING WRONG with that. And people who would have already cared a lot about this I THINK would be inclined to research into things themselves. I don’t think random KJs are gonna affect other people’s decision THAT MUCH.

    And be careful about preaching love too much guys. From personal experience of my dad, its often done to make up for something in their lives & fill that hole by going pseudo-spiritual. Keep that stuff to:


    Not WORDS.

  40. AFCguy says:

    Miso miso miso you poor moron. DO you think anyone is scared of you? You are dealing with public opinion here. What are you going to do? Randomly beat people down that look like they might not believe you? Are you going to put a hit out on thundercat?

    Get real and grow up. Want to solve this? Show proof. It’s simple. Your little acrobatics and idle threats to random people you don’t know isn’t going to solve your problem. That or get a REAL plan to make money and do something honorable with your pathetic life.

  41. Dare says:

    Consider also that some people (myself included) will do almost anything for amusement & to crack themselves up.

    Will this bring bad karma & eternal judgement upon these “sick”-format comedy Jokesters?

    No. I don’t think so but maybe I’m wrong?

    I’ve told someone I had cancer before. I was acting for fun & they believed me.

    I thought about what they’d do with that information for the rest of that day. They’d probably tell their workmates, their friends, go home & tell her mom.

    Maybe sit on her bed thinking about life & start to cry for my fake CANCER.

    That is FUCKING sick. But I can’t stop laughing. Consider also that her appreciation for life probably went UP that day right.

    Okay so do I find any of this discussion so far funny? No. I didn’t even want to comment coz its seems inherently NOT funny.

    But how about this:


    Laugh at these FUCKING PRICKS on the internet posting CARELESS & fucking dumb stereotypical RETARDED shit about something they have NO IDEA WHAT THEY’RE TALKING about.

    THAT’s fucking FUNNY man! Imagine them hobbling along with fucking limps & messed up faces tarding around because of their mental mongingness, walking like Zombies to this group of rational NORMAL people & trying to preach their message. NO-ONE’s gonna believe them. HA HA. tards!

    Ok, switching over:

    Guys supporting the message that Snow’s a SCAM-ARTIST (rightly)…

    Laugh at these FUCKING CON-ARTISTS at how LAME their FUCKING attempts are at pulling the wool over people’s eyes & laugh at how funny it is that. Laugh that no-one’s believing their bullshit. It’s so funny.

    So who’s right. Guess what.

    YOU are.

    & You KNOW you are.

    Unless your bullshitting which is also funny.

    UNLESS someone TRULY GETS HURT at the end of the day, THAT & only THAT…Not so cool.

  42. Miso says:

    Hahaa… napkin posting under different monikers again? Dude, it’s getting pathetic.

    I don’t have to scam people or make them sign up for any of my workshops – they do it because they hear good things about me, my partner, things we do, and results we achieve.

    And I have a full time job (or rather 2) that keep me busy enough not to have any time to think about chasing new customers for my workshops (like most pickup companies out there are doing), and I’ve got enough money and income to keep me from focusing all my efforts on pickup, products to sell, workshops to teach, shit like that.

    So why am I going through all this bullshit?

    Because a friend in need asked me to help him.

    End of story.

    And for all of you dummies questioning the reasons behind this, Snow’s integrity and this workshops legitimacy – fuck you.

    Is 10 (ten) really well respected people in and out of the community standing up for Snow and his cause publicly (all the speakers involved) not enough of a proof?

    If not, he even agreed to allow his mother come down and say her thanks to everyone who attends the workshop… and if that’s not valid enough for most people, I dunno what is.

    Fuckin’ drama queens stirring shit up in everyone else’s lives, just because your lives are boring as hell…

  43. napkin says:

    It wasn’t me.

    Have fun using cancer as a marketing tool to steal money from registered charities. You have my blessing.

    Please. Leave me alone.

  44. Voice of truth says:

    All you guys who are involved in this bullshit are sick derranged fucks.

  45. napkin says:

    In fact. Take the sarcasm out of that last comment.

    I don’t care what you do. I’m not trying to stop you from doing anything.

    Just ask Thundercat. I had nothing to do with this mess.

    Just please leave me alone.

  46. Mack Wild says:

    Naw I still have an active account on fast seduction. Part of the reason for me starting a blog is so I can vent complaints about people on my blog rather than on forums.

    Ive updated the blog recently:

    I want to make sure I offer plenty of value in the blog too, which is why you see mostly value and not rants.

    I do make posts on theory here and there but I focus mostly on real life calibration and balance in pickup and on taking the right actions and putting together the right plans to get what you want out of this and stay grounded. That’s pretty much my thing — which is why i sometimes go after the guru’s pretty hard.

    Am I a mastermind? I think that’s a strong word. I’ve only been in this 3 years. However I have been fortunate enough to have had a lot of experiences guys have not had. I’ve lived with girls most my life, I even had a spell where I lived with some strippers, had a long ltr, and have gotten many numbers and makeouts in my day — and a fair amount of same night pulls with people I meet at the bar.

    Even if I hadn’t and I was just some virgin dude on the internet with a blog, it doesnt matter. A blog is for someone to have a place to post their personal thoughts, and that’s what Im doing. Some will find it useful and know it’s value — others won’t.

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