More On A Possible Sargathon Scam?

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I hate to post this on the off chance that I am preventing a cause to raise money for a cancer patient, but I have been getting a ton of email regarding the recent sargathon event up in Canada, and none of it is good.  Here’s the most recent one:

Hey man,

I posted one of the original comments about the
"sargeathon" being dodgy. I don’t claim to know for sure if it is, but
I’ve heard nothing but bad things about Snow, and I really suspect he’s
ripping off Sean Messenger and the other guys who are volunteering their

Anyway, I have some very solid proof that Miso was working with
Dimitri The Lover, the famously creepy pickup guru in Toronto. It shows the
kinds of shady characters that this Miso guy associates with.

Also, I’m not totally certain that Snow’s mother *isn’t* dying of
cancer. All I know is that if SOMEONE were to lie about this, it would
be snow.

And even if she did have cancer, healthcare is free
in Canada! You can still get screwed because you can’t work, and drugs
can be expensive, but she’s not likely to DIE from a lack of money.

Now, the reason I’m posting this email is because I consider the guy who sent it to me a very reliable guy.  I have gotten NUMEROUS emails, all bashing this guy SNOW from various lair leaders and lair members up in Canada.

And the funny thing is each and every one of them seems SCARED this Snow guy would physically harm them in some way!  Like he’d punch them out of attack them if they said anything bad about the guy.

Fact is, I don’t know what to think about this situation.  If the guy’s mom really has cancer, I want to help out.  But I don’t know who to believe at this point.

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