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If you’re a club-goer, you’ll know that having "dance floor game" is pretty essential to picking up chicks.  After all, in a club where the music is thumping so loud you can’t hear anything else, knowing how to dance is freakin’ essential.

Some guy who goes by the nick Bandit, who by his own admission was a "semi-professional" dancer, made a little video on dance floor game for you to check out.

Now, if you’re a big lump like me, you don’t need to to bust moves like Bandit.  I find that just getting on the dance floor and having the balls to shake your thang with any random girl will usually be enough to get your game on.  But Bandit gives some good moves in his video, so if you want to practice that, you should be in good shape.

Of course, you could try killing two birds with one stone and taking a dance CLASS, so not only do you learn how to dance, but you’re able to meet some women in the process.  =)

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