RSD Exposed: Part I

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So a lot of you who frequent the blog know that I’ve been ragging on RSD for a while now.  And while my intention isn’t to "be negative," certain people seem to think that I just enjoy bullying TD and his crew just for the fun of it.  Well, that isn’t true.  I want to expose to everyone else what I know to be true about these guys.  But before, I’ve only been able to go off of what I, personally, knew about the type of people they are and how they operate.

But now, I have proof.

RSD has a secret message board where their instructors share tactics on how to manipulate students and take down their enemies.  Recently, I was contacted by an insider who was able to go on this message board, and send me posts from it.

These are real posts from the real RSD instructors.  I have five of them, all of which exposes them for who they truly are:  Manipulative, greedy little boys who care more about money than they do about really helping other people.

Some of the things they talk about are:

  • Manipulating students into giving them good reviews.
  • Brainwashing students to think they improved more than they did.
  • Badmouthing of who they consider to be bad/difficult students
  • Their plot to retaliate against Neil Strauss for his depiction of them in The Game

This isn’t me saying this stuff.  This comes right from the horses mouth.  These are actual writings from actual RSD members, Papa and Tyler included.

My source says this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Over the course of the next week, I’m going to make these posts available for download.  The first post I want to shed light on is one where the RSD instructors discuss their tactics on getting good reviews, against the students getting real results.

It seems that RSD places more importance on getting their students to write them good reviews as opposed to getting them actual, long lasting results.  In this post, Tyler goes to great lengths to discuss his strategies for "long term" brainwashing so once the workshop high wears off, students won’t come back and badmouth the RSD training process.

Seriously, this stuff has to be seen to be believed.

Right Click Here And Choose "Save As" For The First RSD Expose!

I’ll follow this up tomorrow with yet another example of RSD brainwashing techniques.

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205 Responses to “RSD Exposed: Part I”
  1. InformPeople says:

    TC, any people working in the same field are bound to bitch a little when they are together. Teachers bitch about students. Politicians bitch about voters. Pizza delivery guys bitch about customers. It’s just a way to let off steam. You must be very naive to be outraged by this.

    Anyone who has the first version of that PDF, please upload it on (use any bogus email address) and copy-paste the download url here for us.

  2. Get Real says:

    Rebel Leader,

    How much do you make a year?

  3. Golgo says:

    Well, I’m in Thailand … and can vouch for the third world gambit (let’s create a new acronym for it: TWG)

    However, quality girls are still difficult. There are different classes of girls here, as everywhere. To have access to the genuine 9s and 10s (educated, fluent in English, with beauty beyond compare), requires some game.

    That said, instant attraction is always there … so that part is easier.

    Incidentally, I swung by Elvis’s site. Well, what can I say … I know that type of guy, see him lots here. And, yes, he’s hanging with second and third rate bar girls.

    I don’t hold it against him, but it’s not somthing to aspire towards.

    Personally, if you’r interested in game overseas … approach the Europeans. They are delightful, beautiful, and quite charming. Swedish girls rock.

    A far superior target.


    (ps No thoughts on the rest of the silliness presented on this board)

  4. Lazyeyedpsycho says:

    Hey Mystery,

    U egoistic lazy fuck who couldn’t be arsed to write his own ebook.

    Your MM DVDs are shit BTW, it’s badly organised and just you lecturing. Why don’t you release some videos of YOU IN FIELD dickhead?

    Get it? that might actually be usefull. keep of the anti-d’s and say hi to your mom for me

  5. jdsfisefi says:

    rebel leader get rid of your illusions bro mystery is fucking nutcase.

  6. L8er says:


    I we ever meet you would like to have your picture taken with me.

  7. Don "sweet and sour" won ton says:

    mystery, you beanstalk, how is that old, trampy, hag Katya?

    She looks as hot as a particluarly difficult to squeeze out turd from Random SAmurai’s anal passage.

    You fucking LSE, mesogynistic freak of nature.

    Nice nails BTW. Asshole.

  8. Thundercats Fibs says:

    See, here’s the problem with you Thundercat: you have no credibility.

    And why is that?

    Because you have no grounding in your own opinions and reality. Here’s an excerpt from one of your past blogs where you’re sucking Tyler off as usual:

    ” But what Mystery does, though teachable, is very much a style tailored to Mystery. He is successful at what he does because no one else can really immitate him. That’s what makes Tyler so amazing to observe. Tyler does the same things as Mystery, but WITHOUT the magic tricks. Yet he is still able to create IMMENSE value for himself. How does he do this? Well, from what I’ve gathered, his method is more relatable to normal guys like me, because anyone with the proper skillset can use Tyler’s methods to create value for themselves.

    Basically, Tyler creates value by creating and passing shit-tests for himself. If you look at Tyler’s style, he almost targets these shit tests that women or the environment throw at him, and he has prepared ways to pass these tests, and THAT creates his value. AMOG (Alpha Male Other Guy) tactics are a good example of this. Everytime Tyler tools a guy, blows him out of set, what have you, he demonstrates that he is more “alpha” than the other guy, which creates a value for him because women are attracted to “alphaness.” But Tyler will also create barries for himself while in set, be it having the girl think he’s gay, or maybe even insulting the girl to a certain extent. And then, he’ll turn this around on the girl and rope her in, thereby passing the “shit test” he created. But Tyler is also really good at passing LEGIT shit tests that the girl throws down. And this is where his biggest value is probably created. If you can pass shit tests, you become more valuable from the untold countless guys who failed them, and that makes the girl want to sleep with you more. This is why I think the claims that Tyler is just an immitator of Mystery are bunk, because their methods for value creation are VERY different, but just as effective.”

    I mean, you just go with whereever the tide carries you. You like Style, and Style doesn’t like RSD – therefore you don’t either, right? That is the gayest shit I’ve ever heard of, dude. Really.

    Why don’t you march your fat fucking ass out into the field and get some real experience under your belt before you decide who you’re going suck off this week in your gossip rag.

    It might make you a little more credible.

  9. ybatman says:

    I TOTALLY agree with the post above mine by Thundercats Fibs. Also, Why did Thundy changed the PDF that he put up in the first place with the one I downloaded. did he try to make TD and RSD look bad by Thundy “fixing” the PDF?? this is stupid

  10. Brother Eben says:

    ybatman, you’re fucking ugly. Shut the fuck up you fat moron.

  11. Evo says:

    I bet you more than half the shit posted here are from the RSD Turds. TC, you should make people register.

    If what TC says is true, then RSD is garbage. They should focus on helping the students, instead of getting good reviews.

    I feel bad for people who took the RSD shit. MM and Pickup101 are a lot better businesses.

  12. Han Solo (not "Hand" Solo) says:

    Hmmmm… its been a few days since this was posted, and Thundercat had promised to release part 2 on the following day after this one was posted.

    you don’t think jlaix took him out into the woods and put a bullet in his head, do you? anyone heard from the guy?

  13. mASF peeps are fucked up says:

    Fucking disgusting, some guy pisses on his girlfriend’s dress because franco told him to.



    “Then I think she took me to the toilet and busted my balls some more,
    because she was drunk or angry… I then turned round in the toilet and
    pissed all over her designer dress. Don’t ask me why. So she was real angry
    at me again. ”



  15. Style is not a pua says:

    “you don’t think jlaix took him out into the woods and put a bullet in his head, do you?”

    I hope so. Let´s hope he shuts his crack ones and for all.

  16. assbandit says:

    Dudes, lets forget about RSD we all know the score. lets get back on topic please:


  17. Honesty for a Change says:

    Good post, Mystery.

    Finally, a PUA who ain’t afraid to tell the truth. This will only help your business.


  18. FTRssas says:


    EVERY FUCKING THING I HAVE READ FROM PICK UP ARTISTS, EVEN NEWBIES, HAS FUCKING HELPED ME, SO STOP POSTING CRAP ABOUT PICK UP ARTISTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. At the end of the day says:

    The thing is, no matter where you stand in this community on this – RSD are a fraud, RSD is misunderstood – know this: it’s all about to become moot.

    The Game is coming to the big screen. And it’s being directed by one of the Weitz brothers. The force behind “About a Boy” and “American Pie.”

    I have no doubt it will be a good movie. It was a good book.

    There will be some coda section that shows the RSD guys getting chased out of Project Hollywood by a landlord, one with Neil kissing his dream girl and they’ll roll the credits.

    And when it comes out, a MILLION posts on a thousand seduction boards will not matter one way or another. The MOVIE and the DVD and the hype and the summer of publicity that goes with it WILL becomed the dominant public record. THAT will become the ultimate re-frame.

    And when THAT happens, TD will be the villian, Mystery will be the wacky publicity whore on every show and Neil will be the hero.

    And every new AFC who goes looking for advice will run towards the hero and away from the villian. And that will be that.

    So please, both sides, ease up on the bluster. It’s all going to get resolved soon enough without the flamewar.

    It’s not going to end any prettier, but it will end.

  20. achilles says:

    At the end of the day, you get nothing for nothing. Yes, that’s the ultimate question, what happens at the end of the day. even the darkest night will end, and the sun will rise. You are either going down or going up. All the christians are going down! All the puas are going down, but the venusian artists are going up. Not the venusian artists, but the people who are practitioners of the artform.

    Who has acres of land? Who has men they command? Come, let’s raise the parting glass!

    I dare do all that may become a man. He who does more is none! What you need is a Will. A Will of steel. You need a will to get your fills, so if you need a job to pay the bills, take a job to get you skills. It is only be going that which few others are willing, that you can stand to make a killing.

    I dare do all that may become a man!

  21. J says:

    This whole drivel of a thread was worth skimming thru just for Mystery’s posts.

    You rock, man. But you already knew that ;)

    Keep racking em in!

    The original J

    (not that Jerari troll)

  22. chromehearts says:

    I don’t know, when you run a business, you run a business, not a charity. Remember one thing, RSD is in business to make money, contrary to what they claim, reframe, say, or convince people otherwise. To protect and increase profits they have to protect themselves, especially in type of business they are in (service). Buyers/participants should be wary and think things over before going out on a limb, but in this case they are instructors and abuse COULD take place as they are looked to for advice, instruction, direction, and motivation. RSD is in a dangerous place that is tempted to be abused, but I do not think that these posts in the RSD secret forum equate to them “brain washing” or anything like that. They are just practicing good business.

  23. r0uJe says:

    can someone upload the original files again (via

    i missed them when TC first posted it…


  24. Fromdikk says:

    Formhandle, suck my dick.

    You are the archetype of the most stupid person.

  25. Us Marines says:

    John DiGiosa is a fraud. he was never in the marines and he is a coward

  26. capablanca says:

    TD and Swinggcat are the best!!!

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