RSD Exposed: Part I

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So a lot of you who frequent the blog know that I’ve been ragging on RSD for a while now.  And while my intention isn’t to "be negative," certain people seem to think that I just enjoy bullying TD and his crew just for the fun of it.  Well, that isn’t true.  I want to expose to everyone else what I know to be true about these guys.  But before, I’ve only been able to go off of what I, personally, knew about the type of people they are and how they operate.

But now, I have proof.

RSD has a secret message board where their instructors share tactics on how to manipulate students and take down their enemies.  Recently, I was contacted by an insider who was able to go on this message board, and send me posts from it.

These are real posts from the real RSD instructors.  I have five of them, all of which exposes them for who they truly are:  Manipulative, greedy little boys who care more about money than they do about really helping other people.

Some of the things they talk about are:

  • Manipulating students into giving them good reviews.
  • Brainwashing students to think they improved more than they did.
  • Badmouthing of who they consider to be bad/difficult students
  • Their plot to retaliate against Neil Strauss for his depiction of them in The Game

This isn’t me saying this stuff.  This comes right from the horses mouth.  These are actual writings from actual RSD members, Papa and Tyler included.

My source says this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Over the course of the next week, I’m going to make these posts available for download.  The first post I want to shed light on is one where the RSD instructors discuss their tactics on getting good reviews, against the students getting real results.

It seems that RSD places more importance on getting their students to write them good reviews as opposed to getting them actual, long lasting results.  In this post, Tyler goes to great lengths to discuss his strategies for "long term" brainwashing so once the workshop high wears off, students won’t come back and badmouth the RSD training process.

Seriously, this stuff has to be seen to be believed.

Right Click Here And Choose "Save As" For The First RSD Expose!

I’ll follow this up tomorrow with yet another example of RSD brainwashing techniques.

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1,133 Responses to “RSD Exposed: Part I”
  1. PR says:

    RSD are coming out rather dodgy.

    Anywaysm theres a lot of player-hating going on in the community.

    I’ll get my hat.

  2. Pukimonster says:

    TC’s RSD posts say more about his ego than they do about RSD

    ps I think TC is really an ALPHA FEMALE, he gossips better than most women

  3. L8er says:

    The part about the expanding and contracting funnel makes great sense???

    Dude, wtf are u talking about?

    When it comes to RSD the only thing that would make sense would be an expanding and contracting sphincter!

    Now sign up for their Alaska workshop so you can suck Tyrone’s cock u piece of human shit!

  4. InformPeople says:

    Yeah, thundy messed with the excerpts. People obviously have seen different PDFs. Pretty lame.

  5. J says:

    “Anywaysm theres a lot of player-hating going on in the community.”

    Not the community. Just here. Oh, and a bit of masf trolling. But most local lairs, tighter cicrles, where people usually know eachother personally, are great in both propelling members to excellence and maintaining a positive, productive vibe.

    Dont judge a scene by a digital equivalent of that tacky free newspaper brimming with ads available at your local 7/11 or a bunch of wannabe scenesters yelling about it louder than everyone else to distract themselves from their inner emptiness and because they crave to belong.


    P.S. TC, I would take “ugly dude”‘s post to heart if I were you. Moderation is paramount. Clicks and search engine hits are not everything, unless you plan to run a cashin hard fast and soon, and then discontinue this blog. Any scenario involving future is hurt by this sort of threads.

  6. game on bros says:

    yeah, er well i think we shuld all keep gameing on

    game on bros

  7. Confused says:

    Why does Tyler call girls he’s with “his little sister” when they are taller than him?

    RSD = Scam

    Thunder = virgin

    Neil strauss = has women hips

  8. Harlequin says:

    Oh, and a bit of masf trolling. But most local lairs, tighter cicrles, where people usually know eachother personally, are great in both propelling members to excellence and maintaining a positive, productive vibe.

    Then some of us who are successful watch you guys whine so much about EVERYTHING so we come here and make fun of you for being so serious. Of course it’s funny watching you fumble around to control the frame when it doesn’t even matter.

    The truth is that guys who are out being successful and getting laid could give 2 shits about either side of this areguement. I said before, there are guys who concern themselves with getting laid, then there are guys who are concerned with fitting in with other guys. Whatever works for you is o.k. but if you aren’t getting the results you set for yourself it makes TOTAL sense that what RSD is doing good or bad because you have nothing else interesting going on for you ATM.


  9. Jonny says:

    WTF…I just saw th uploaded psf file that Tcat uploaded and he rechanged the words in the downloadeable file. The archived older version is different. Thundercat changed the report and changed the words that he posted from yesterday morning to the one that he claimes the RSD cuys said on forum. That’s fucked up shit.

  10. J says:

    Hehe, geese.

    “you have nothing else interesting going on for you ATM.”

    do you? :)

    I recon your posts used to pretty damn large for someone who just likes to make fun of people… for being too serious! Dammit dude, we should all lighten up!

    I think you made some good points with your posts here in the past, but if the above was directed at my comment, you totally misfired in your cold read ;)

    regardless, its all good. at least you arent spewing sheer garbage like many here.

    hows THAT for frame control. HAR HAR HAR. I sure own you all now…


  11. The Whiz says:

    The “king” needs to realize that his “game” will not work so well on American girls, and that he is nowhere near the greatest pickup artist in the world. If anybody actually deserves that title its Mystery, creator of the Mystery Method.

  12. Elvis vs. Mystery? says:

    How is what Mystery does with “surivival and replication resources” much different from what Elvis does?

    Mystery can just afford American women, where Elvis couldn’t (or so he has said).

  13. L8er says:


    What happened to you man?
    You used to be just one of the gang, trolling together with us…

    Remember when you got promoted to executive coach and did your first workshop in Ohio?

    Those were the days. It looks like everything has changed now, no more troll upon troll post anymore…
    You sure are serious now. You ok man? You look a little tired.

    It was fun while it lasted though, thx for the laughs guys.

  14. Verbal says:

    Hey L8er would it make you feel better if i came and sucked your balls??????

  15. Mini-Papa #46 says:

    Man…that’s some fucked up shit I just read about RSD. Kudos to TC for exposing it, and stop being naive to those who have “re-framed” it in their own mind.

    Oh shit….gotta go. Here comes Paps with some more RSD Kool-Aid.

  16. The Whiz says:

    Mystery’s hired gun techniques. High “class” strippers meet many men who are very wealthy. It takes one with great game to be able to pick such girls up at a strip club the way Mystery can. If Elvis went into a really nice vegas strip club, to the strippers, he would be just another dirty old man. I will admit that I am impressed with Elvis, but I just don’t think he can touch mystery in any category.
    I would love to see Elvis go up against Ross Jeffries though.

  17. Beast says:

    What have you done w/ the real J??

    Let’s not get all serious now. Random SAm will be rolling around in his grave if he finds out.

    yo Owen Cook, hahahhahaha. Ur business sucks.

    Jlaix- how’s that ugly bitch chessclub?

    Serves you right. U frame control monkeys.




  19. vir says:

    Airing someone else’s dirty laundry in public is pretty tacky. This sounds more and more like someone complaining to mom because your brother won’t let you watch what you want on TV.

  20. As a GDI (God Damned Independent) Instructor myself, a lot of what’s discussed in the .pdf “Reviews vs Results” actually makes quite a bit of sense.

    I don’t know what it said in the other file, but here we have a lot of instructors talking about getting guys “outside” of their mind and/or forcing them to perform by either the instructor running high energy game on both students or demo sets.

    Since TC isn’t an instructor, I don’t think he understands how difficult it can be to get some of the low value guys really feeling good about themselves in order to GET results out in the field. And it’s not a matter of simply running demo sets.

    I could basically sarge for myself all night long, but then the student wouldn’t be getting his money’s worth. There’s a fine line that you have to walk.

    Of course, jlaix’s comment is a bit harsh, but anyone who knows jlaix knows he’s that way to begin with.

    Still it is interesting to read and I look forward to the next series of posts.

  21. Asians can't drive says:

    ^^^ shut up gook, go love me long time and stop pretending like you get laid….thunder, the male booty hunter, has been in the game since 1997 and he has just ONLY now started R-CLose ( rape close)…

    no way in hell a chink asking a HB about a “jealous girlfriend” will give your little wood the time of day…fucking creep, go back to vietnom….your asian chicks love white and black cocks, they love us long time mother fuckaaaa

  22. RSD Fan says:

    thundy, you are a good marketer, but you know jackshit about seduction and what you claim about RSD is a total bullshit.
    you give proofs? now listen, here is my proof: goto and download the whole recorded audio of the RSD Bootcamp/Seminar, you will regret what you wrote, not to mention you will learn tremendous amount of pure gold pieces of this game.

  23. This is a Disgrace says:

    The way the RSD instructors view their clients with disgust and comtempt is a disgrace. Just because they cannot pick up chicks as well as them (allegedly), they are ridiculed?

    This is what happens when you have a group of spoiled misfits trying to teach others using some flimsy techniques they learned from a book. Bootcamp? ha! Field-tested? Give me a break…

    Anybody who would pay these RSD losers one red cent, should consider getting psychological help.

  24. fl0w says:

    Hey, I can only agree with the people who saying TC changed the .pdf

    I saw this blog post just as it came online and thought, whoaa, gotta see this.
    Read it and thought it wasn’t all that bad (especially Tyler’s part). I just opened the .pdf again (from this site, not the d/l’ed one) and it’s not the same one. Got both versions laying around.

    I generally don’t care much of what goes on among the big names in the game, but to me, this looks like TC is having some kind of personal war against RSD.

    I’m also amazed of how much TC’s impression of Tyler Durden changed after “The Game” came out.

  25. Geese Howard says:

    My comment was directed at the petty infighting in the community. Though like all good kung-fu movies, no school can really get along with the other schools or a champion of one style always decides he MUST challenge a person whom is good at another style.

    I love to write and once my mind starts going I blather on until it runs dry so yes I have long posts. Shit and I don’t care when it is or what Im doing.. If I have a free (well not free since I am making money ATM) moment at my computer and I want to write I honestly do it for the sheer enjoyment of it.

    AT LEAST I DO NOT come here and announce, “ATTENTION everyone! You are a bunch of AFCS and I am the Worlds Greatest PUA. The boys over At RSD along with Style and Mystery all have Great Game but it is comparable to Me as a Giant Turd and they are just Granules. Come to my workshop and I guarentee you can score with Dozens of Poverty Stricken 6s that are Victorian’s Secret models! I have had sex with more women than All the Porn Stars on this planet Combined, even John Holmes!!”

    BTW I Second and Third and Fourth the following statement!!

    I would love to see Elvis go up against Ross Jeffries though.

    Honestly IMHO I think Ross would take him but Would Elvis actually leave his third world Country and go at least to Canada to meet the challenge?

    Of course, jlaix’s comment is a bit harsh, but anyone who knows jlaix knows he’s that way to begin with.

    Is this his way of trying to qualify others? His low self esteem makes him try to be the first to Reject others before they reject him? What Confidence!! What Frame Control! Using a Favorite tactic of Highschool loners is something I need to try and learn! If someone tells me to do a set I will make them think they must have a problem. What kind of Chode would expect me to show them examples of what I teach? I mean I love seducing women so much that I could Never do such a thing in front of others.

    I will learn to call others Chodes so when they tell others what a dick I am I can say, “He’s just mad because he has a weak frame and is socially inept. I called him a chode already so there!!!”

    Now whats my point? My point is that I can write a post like that because thats what people do here. But if someone takes it seriously then maybe they are spending too much time at the computer.

    Whats the point of fighting about RSD? IMHO it seems that TC is angry and vindictive which is what guys who are supposed to be learning Seduction are trying to steer away from.

    On the other Hand there is RSD plotting and schemeing and telling each other that they are better than all their students. To me it seems pretty low value to actually have to remind each other on a secret message board about things like this. I also seems pretty low value that one must answer students questions vaguely and not mention other instructors/methods for fear that those students will credit other people.

    But let me ask one question about all this. Is it TCs business what a particular Seduction School is practicing? Is it helping or hindering him when it comes to his game ability? Does it matter? Does not their particular attitudes shine through in their Vibe or the vibe people get from these people. The instincts speak to people. Before they put down that dollar bill they understand EXACTLY what they are doing. They understand on a DEEP level who they are giving their money to.

    I will agree with the statement, though about the amount of weird guys in the community. I would probably be offput if I was a teacher and some of the students I got were creepy guys, but there is one way to solve that problem – prescreening. I have mets a few weirdoes in my experiences in this community, but then ask this question – If you can take a complete freak-loser weirdo and help him mold himself into a guy who at least gets laid occasionally does that NOT say alot about you as a teacher?

    I think at a certain point in my journey, once I get completely where I want to be as far as game (I am nowhere close to the HIGH standard I have set for myself – I do not accept mediocre results which I get the feeling some people assume as PUAism) goes, I would definately like to see if I could help a “chode” so to speak to go from loser to getting laid. Of course many of these guys put off such a creepy vibe that it becomes difficult to even interact with them. But what about this question – Does a “PUAs” Dialogue suggest to him, “What if I teach this chode to be a great PUA ans his skills surpass even mine……? What If I show him some tricks and then he turns on me and steals a set from me later on?” I really think that this Flash (lightspeed) comes into the minds of some teachers.

    Shit, it happens in Kung-Fu Movies. Caffiene (sorry no do the cocaine) is a hell of a drug… I just rambled on with this long assed post and I don’t even know if I made any sense.

    Oh well.

    As Johnny Whatshisname says,
    “Flame On!!!”

  26. Beast says:


    Shut the fuck up you boring son of a bitch. Ur above post is too long, KJ shit stain.

    RSD tactics work in real life and on the internet look!:

    read this thread

    Reliable link to this post:

    What a mother fucking chump chode penis, tyler durden licking anus

  27. Beast says:

    Hey beast imposter, stop that shit. I like Geese.

  28. Harlequin says:


    Shut the fuck up you boring son of a bitch. Ur above post is too long, KJ shit stain.

    RSD tactics work in real life and on the internet look!:

    read this thread

    Reliable link to this post:

    What a mother fucking chump chode penis, tyler durden licking anus

    Posted by: Beast | Apr 18, 2006 3:23:47 PM

    What a well thought out post. I would say I would challenge you to a sarge off but I’m afraid you might try and rape me. Whats it like in jail?

  29. Sheesh says:

    Whats sad is how many of you guys are defending RSD. This is proof of their shady business practices, coupled with all the bad reviews out there. How in the world can you defend these guys?

    Whats even worse is some of you knowing what goes on, will still give these guys $1500 and take their program to be played in the same way.

  30. Grease is the word that you heard says:

    btw Im referring to whomever wrote that if it wasn’t really Beast just assume Im talking to the imposter. He probably has to use your id since he’s not allowed to post on sites like this from his jail cell… Who knows.

    Anyways I gotta go out for a while. Its sunny and I need to do a few more sets before sundown…

    Flame On!!

  31. jimmy says:

    WTF TC! why did you had to modify your PDF? I think it’s because you’er a fuckface.

    EPK – your another fuckface trying to AMOG the thread. when was the last time you fucked a white woman in a 1st world country. you probably murdered Natalie Hollaway. CREEP.

    What I got from seminar:

    MM – unless you make a 100k and have a rock star identity, you are doomed for 7s. No 8s will want to fuck a computer programmer.

    RSD – JLAIX – you rock! Xaneus – YOU SUCKED! Tim – great shit and good to see you are fucking like a rock star Mike – YOU FUCKING SUCK!

  32. Look in the Mirror says:

    1. Ugly

    2. Stupid

    3. Arrogant

    All qualities Jlaix projects into other people that he really hates about himself.

    “The world is a refection of yourself.”

  33. RickRude says:


    Quit trying to be a hero.

    You are an internet chump with ZERO credibility.
    How many FR’s have you posted?
    Did you ever post a pic of yourself w/ women?
    How many people can vouch that you have any amount of game?

    You choose to be part of this community, but you don’t really participate.
    This is what Thundercat does:
    1. Re-package and sell other PUA’s stuff
    2. Bitch about RSD and getting banned from underscore.

    Thundercat, I issue you a challenge.

  34. J says:


    There is some other chode posting as J with the email address of “”. I hate that fucking bastard.

    The real J is me, an executive coach for the RSD. Man I’m a little bit scared now. I have also posted on that fucking forum about how to manipulate my students. How to get them into gay origies with Random Samurai. TC, please don’t post any thing about Jerrari. My reputation is at stake here.


  35. elvis genes will be weeded out! says:

    elvis… ha ha ha… you never replicated. glad your lllllooooossssseeeeerrrrr genes will be weeded out, bitch. so go bone your 3rd world whores.

  36. Ray Gordon says:

    OMG, i’ve just had a wet dream, i’m going to sue sue sue you all. All my k00ks00t dreams have come at once.

  37. champagneborn says:

    from what ive read in the forum i was expecting something really bad…. but i dont really see what was so shocking about the pdf now ive read it. Its unrealistic for completely socially wierd ugly arrogant people to become pua’s in 3 days. not everyone is a few steps away , so i kind of agree with what was written , jlaix came across as a bit of a dick thou , but for real i was expecting some ‘fuck these losers cant believe they believe any of this shit’ type rants.

  38. Mystery says:

    >1. Lovedrop said you betrayed underscore, why was he so angry?
    Because he and Mystery had admitted a number of stundents into Mystery’s lounge who paid for the privellege, thinking it WAS underscore, they then deceived them in order to keep the secret.

    Here’s what REALLY happened. I was training new guys and wanted to let my students into Mystery’s Lounge. Some current members were against it because they didnt want a “bunch of newbies” in. I told them that being personally trained by me (remember who in the community WAS already trained by me) would mean they’d be up to speed inside 6 months to contribute meaningfully back to the community. So there was so much upset that I got pissed that they would presume I was incapable of teaching others as I had them. So I thought, fuck that. Ill train up a NEW BATCH of PUAs. And guess what? It worked. I washed my hands of the OLD MYSTERY’S LOUNGE and they changed the name to UNDERSCORE. I then opened a NEW MYSTERY’S LOUNGE, transferred existing members to it if they chose to engage in discussions with guys who had just been through a bootcamp. What people THOUGHT would happen was a bunch of newbies would ask stupid questions and tank the integrity of posts. Instead what happened is we got all these new people who, after meeting me, became DEDICATED to this elegant artform. And now I have turned several former students into approach coaches and we have over a dozen bootcamps lined up from LA to NYC to Sydney Australia lined up in the next quarter. I just flew back yesterday from Lovedrop’s bootcamp in Phoenix. I came in to surprise the boys (and handle the news interview there in the VIP section of E-4 where I made out with two girls inside 10 minutes (both of which I met the day before – one of which was GF material I feel) and get away for 3 days from my quality problems back here in Vegas.

    So UNDERSCORE became defunct. Mystery’s Lounge is filled now with TRAINED PUAs, some of which now train OTHERS.

    Now, did my project work? magnificantly. Mystery’s Lounge is password protected, security is tight, there’s a great culture in there (less flaming when you have MET and sarged in real life) where LIKE MINDED INDIVIDUALS share challenges. Works for me.

    There was a matter of archiving the old Mystery’s Lounge (which got archived and I think Lovedrop has it), and clearing it when the sign was taken down to be replaced with simply an underscore _. With no archive of posts it was like starting over. So some of the boys posted in both places for a while and underscore got smaller and smaller as Mystery’s Lounge (the new improved one) got bigger and bigger (afterall, 10 bootcamps in a row make for a shitload of TRAINED PUAs who now a year and a half later have become solid. Ive personally seen improvements as I met with many students of past bootcamps. Again, some of them have become MM instructors. In fact, everyone in my company is a former student … and GOOD PEOPLE.

    >Most of Mystery’s clients are rich, so they can afford it, however Mystery has no answer to making them attractive so he says they’ve got to change their identity, thereby removing responsibillty for their success. His sick of the ‘I’m an accountant’ and just ducks the problem by saying its his student problem. His figured out what works for him, but hasn’t figured out what will work for 90% of the people who go to his BCs, and yet are nothing like him.

    These comments make absolutely no sense to me. Day 3 of my seminar is all about identity building. I dont just say “Im Mystery and you arent”. Its a full day of resolving the question, “Who am I.” So forgive me for minimizing your comments to the “you have never even taken a bootcamp or met me” bin.

    >Now Neil’s book.
    >Neil shagged TD girlfriend.

    No. He stole a set. VERY DIFFERENT. And TD got laid that night anyways (and I got a BJ the next day haa – good times in Vegas).

    >Neil shagged an 18 year old with 2 brothers at PH, not because of game but because he was revered.

    Bonus round. Just because a chick once in a while throws herself at you because you heated the set with a HOT APPROACH (aka: celeb game, which is different from the cold approach) doesnt mean the cold approach skillset all of a sudden vanishes. Be reasonable.

    >Neil artificially made himself the leader of men by demonstrating routines ‘in the field’ only, so when he walks into a bar the men are hanging on his every word.

    See thats the neat thing. What exactly is artificial about it? We would (just as I did again this weekend) show students how to run a set LIVE. Seriously, how fucking ballsy is that? And to get the girl again and again (dude, I have stories … pictures … video … of the girls we met and shared … time … with ahem), then EXPLAIN how you did it is a fucking EDUCATION. If you are reading this and interested in knowing what others think of our operation click on the MM link on the home page and read some of the testimonials. These arent made up. They are written by guys like you whose only difference is, they TOOK a bootcamp and resolved many questions far beyond “is this for real?” Gentlemen, pickup CAN be learned. And its no secret it can be taught much faster LIVE than via text.

    >Also thundercat, your blug is fine, top quality, its just the posters who suck. Kill the stupid comments. Moderate it, set up a registry, whatever, just fucking DO IT NOW.

    agreed. I read your blog off my 6700 phone. having to scroll through repeat text crap, man. The blog is big enough and sophisticated enough to deserve a signup respect.

    >Thundercat censoring the excerpts, spinning them to show them in a worse light than they are.

    Look, I got an email sometime last year with a link to the RSD board. So I clicked on it and that was that. The password (which I dont remember for the life of me) was embedded. I started reading. And I was … not “disgusted” … more “yep, there they go at it again – clown shoes” to read what they were discussing with eachother. They were literally conspiring to fuck with people, namely Style at the time and it was all … just wrong. Of couse being my good friend, I thought I’d step in … but then my GF talked me out of it. Afterall, if I step in to protect a friend, I will go just a bit farther than anyone else. I think RSD, namely TD, knows this about me and so they seem to be staying out of my face. It must be my “when I go, Im taking you with me” mentality. And besides, despite all the crap and the misguided mesogynistic machiavellian thoughts that run through TDs head, he can PU. I personally put a lot of my time into that kid. And he’s fun to watch. And he’s got nuances that are good to add to your game. But a system of PU from TD? Sorry, that’s mine. Learn MM structure then take all the other bootcamps, (Style’s seminar on DVD is coming – I was there and it was very educational – they brought two girls back from the club and all of them took turned gaming them in the living room – I had my GF with me … and at the end of the night walked the girl to the car and made out with her haa – I WIN), RSD boys are more frat boy mentality but hey, you’ll get to see some PUAs run sets and PULL – always good stuff. Have a structure to put all you see into context though. You can get that structure from Chapter 3 of my ebook (which is free on my site).

    >Also where is lovedrop and Papa?

    I saw Lovedrop making out with a girl this weekend (I opened the set, obstacle1 liked me and he took her and converted to make out, I day2′d my target and made out with her, and he then made out with the other one on the day2 haa). Ive seen him pull girls. Now Papa? I havent seen him game in a LONG TIME … well over a year and a half or more so what can I say? He is more into the business side and TD is more of the TALENT, but Papa has no problem fuckin’ with ya in field and can approach ANYONE. Not too many day2s I hear, but thats not a slag, he’s more focused on money than girls (which we all need to balance).

    >Thundercat, why are you doing this war? You are generating so much bad karma, WHY?

    Well, from what I had read of the RSD posts, the post thundercat showed u is just the tip of the iceburg. this is going to be a mounting multi-series of posts. I personally, having trained TD, had him crash on my futon in Toronto dozens of times, allowed him to a dozen bootcamps in exchange for helping me out at them, have had countless PU conversations, lived with him for months at PH, having shared a brief partnership seminar wise, and having seen him mack women LIVE a shitload of times … so knowing how he thinks and then confirming it with the RSD plotting, I can tell you that they really do conspire and are enemy-centric (and the upcoming posts are damaging). Well just TD … but he persuades all others (Papa is TD’s yes man … he was once mine so I know) so it wouldnt surprise me if he aligned with people who would easily share his dark perspectives. Are they good PUAs though? Shit yeah. Hang with TD long enough and it’ll rub off on you … with a few extra dark memes which make you even more loyal to him. We all knew TD for what he was and we accepted that at the time because he didnt lower out S&R value. but when he started to, we had disagreements. and STILL, disagreements aside, if I saw TD and the other RSD boys in field and he any of them were working a set Id wing them and help them get the girl. We are PUAs. All other shit aside, we’re the fucking INFIELDERS. Hell I meet at least 2 to 3 guys a night who recognize me and come up to ask if Im Mystery and then have a picture taken with me. (Too bad only GUYS haa). Im sure TD is having that same fun. I know Style is.

    Now, is he banking on it? (Meaning, does he try to use his celeb to get the girl if possible?) fuck yeah. thats the whole point of playing HOT APPROACH GAME. I was interviewed on Playtoy TV a coulpe weeks ago. I had to drive all the fucking way to LA from Vegas and back for it. And guys trust me – it was fun to play hot approach from that. That was a good weekend for me. Is it cheating if a guy gets famous and uses his fame? are you kidding me? thats not cheating. thats THE GAME! Im about to make an ALBUM … of love songs of course.

    OK, great hanging out with you guys as usual (ahhh gossip fodder) but I needs vittles.

    Love !Mystery

  39. Luke Skywalker says:

    Listen. My Companions and I have had it up to HERE with you guys stealing out secret techniques and phrases. We started this community and now its filled with a bunch of thieving bastards who have taken our ideas and simply reworded what we spent thousands of years perfecting.

    Ross Jeffries? Father of the community? Cmon. Yoda had been around Years before Ross Jeffries was even born. Now you got Style going around calling himself a Jedi when he didn’t even take the official entrance exam. What a Joke! He can’t even build a basic lightsabre let alone make it fly across the room into his hand and thats basic Jedi training.

    You guys are all just a bunch of nerd wannabe Jedi. How many of you losers can even levitate? Fuck I learned how to destroy entire planets years ago and Im not even sure that Elvis Preston King can do that (I’ll do a google search just to be sure he hasn’t claimed it yet).

    Anyways, my sister and I are writing an e-book and producing a CD series. It will include the Annihilation Method in chapter one since in reality it is a very basic technique that even a child of 5 can learn.
    And talk about real NLP! We got the real deal here folks. Imagine having the power to say, “I would like to go home and have massive anal sex with you. Let’s go right now!” and having the chick say it right back to you like she thought of it on her own! No vague bullshit about amusement parks or Cloud Citys.

    Ooooh and check this out. I just got an e-mail from Landau Calrissian himself. He is going to be the master instructor of the Jealous Hand opener along with the hidden techniques used in the Hand Solo method. Sure he’s not a Jedi but he pulls the most ass out of anyone in the known universe, even Mystery. Compared to Elvis Preston King, it is as if Elvis is but a Lazer Blaster and Landau is the Death Star! No shit!

    Anyways After I sue Style and anyone else who has used phrases such as Jedi I will be releasing the e-book and CD set. I will not release the sale price as of yet, but I can guarentee it will be very cheap, like maybe 299.99 or something. A great value for the 32 cd set where I go into extreme detail about theories and then tell you that either “We’ll talk about that later.”, or “I wont go into that here, but you can find it in the Jedi Lounge.”

    Anyways I need to go do some sets on sandpeople so Im out!

    Stay tuned.

  40. Thunder cat = Entrepreneur or Crook? You decide... says:

    Thunder cat I know exactly what this is all about. Jliax was mainly responsible for banning you from underscore, so you are posting this to try and hurt their buisness.

    Unfortunately both of you are acting like equally irresponsible little children waging little mini wars against each other over the internet. How pathetic…

    Oh yeah by the way I hear Thudy has lots of other side buisnesses to make profit hidden all over the internet. Equally as scamable as the RSD stuff.

  41. Luke Skywalker says:

    Oh and BTW. Mystery I hereby Challenge you to a Sargeoff! It will be aboard Jaba The Hutts Desert Cruiser that we took and made into a sick club a few hundred miles above LA. By the way, security is tight and we don’t allow people like Christina Agulera to bring in bodyguards, so you can do approaches to people like her as much as you want. I guarentee you I’l waste you in a 5-4-5 buddy. Lets see what you got.


  42. Handsome Man says:


    Your posts are always good. It’s so good to know that you actually come here.

    If I ever met you I’d have a pic taken w/you too.

  43. Mystery says:

    >How is what Mystery does with “surivival and replication resources” much different from what Elvis does?

    I agree. Elvis has a specific game plan which only works in third world-like countries like the DR. (Ive been to Romania and believe his system would work there too – I think Rick H. played with this type of PU gambit and David D visited I believe). A recap, the basic concept is, as an American, move to the DR, and build a situation where your wing acts as your PA so you appear wealthy (and american). go in OFTEN (if you dont get the girl who cares there are more hot girls), go in DIRECT (off the street – saves time) and DHV up the freakin’ wazoo so much so (The PA wing, the massive AI script from him, the car, the flash cash, the clothes) that she agrees to a date back at his house the next day which his PA sets up. Run around all day and by the end of the day youve got a steady stream of applicants. but it only works in the DR.

    I personally think the idea … is fuckin’ GREAT. Id LOVE to do that sometime. This gambit has little to do with COLD APPROACH but its a legit system if you want to do it. In MM, I suggest people move to target rich cities (scottsdale is THEE BEST) to improve their chances DRAMATICALLY. And Elvis suggests if you are American to move to the DR and play his game. Its not which is better, its simply what do you want. Chicken or Beef today.

    >Mystery can just afford American women, where Elvis couldn’t (or so he has said).

    Haa, Im doing pretty good these days (search MM vs. RSD traffic to see how much better haa) but I STILL can’t afford American Women. :)

    Love !Mystery

  44. WooF WooF says:

    Very honest post Mystery.

    You’re the last honest PUA out there…can’t wait till you sell us out to MTV reality show all in hopes of achieving Flava flave type of fame.

    FYI, Being a celebrity doesn’t mean you have game, it just means you have status that girls want…Like Nas tolled JayZ ” what you think you getting girls cause of your looks…Negro plz?”

    Thunder, it’s time you get a register on here bro.

  45. Luke Skywalker says:

    Geeze. Always trying to be the center of attention aren’t ya Mystery. Make sure you post a big-long response to another comment after another couple posts so people know you were here…

    Im still waiting for you to accept my 5-4-5 challenge.


  46. Tyler Durden says:

    Yes Thundercat, I know I suck!
    The difference between you and I is…
    I get paid to suck; YOU, suck for fucking free!

    RSD (c) 2006
    100% Content – 0 % Political Flame Bullshit

  47. SeekingHonestCoaching says:

    Guys come into the community looking for (and paying for) honest coaching. Guys KNOW that they’re socially dumb as bricks AND LOOKING FOR YOUR HELP.

    I have personally paid $$ to my local lair and to big names for coaching that left me with high volumes of BULLSHIT with only occasional pieces of wisdom. The instructors in my experience were more interested in keeping others DOWN to help elevate their standing. I’M SURE 50% OF ONE PARTICULAR COURSE I TOOK ASKED FOR THEIR MONEY BACK!

    THANKS T.C. for having the balls to post this. If I said what I *really* thought, I’d be booted out of my lair!


    note, my email is real, you can contact me if you want to discuss this calmly further.

  48. Rebel Leader says:

    >>Most of Mystery’s clients are rich, so they can afford it, however Mystery has no answer to making them attractive so he says they’ve got to change their identity, thereby removing responsibillty for their success. His sick of the ‘I’m an accountant’ and just ducks the problem by saying its his student problem. His figured out what works for him, but hasn’t figured out what will work for 90% of the people who go to his BCs, and yet are nothing like him.

    >These comments make absolutely no sense to me. Day 3 of my seminar is all about identity building. I dont just say “Im Mystery and you arent”. Its a full day of resolving the question, “Who am I.” So forgive me for minimizing your comments to the “you have never even taken a bootcamp or met me” bin.

    I took a Mystery Method bootcamp in the beginning of June ’05 in San Francisco. I remember day 3 where we discussed identity. I was getting frustated because during the day we were dealing with that whole question “what do you do?” That usually means how do I make money. How do I make money? Fuck. I fix fucking computers. Who gives a shit?

    But at night and other time I live my passion. No one pays me to do what “I do.” The people with money and power, who make decisions that destroy people and cultures don’t pay people like me to fuck with their game.

    I’m a radical leftist, interested in changing the entire political, social and economic system on the planet. I’m a revolutionary. I want everyone on the planet to live, have freedom and benfit from the resources they produce and need to survive. That’s what I’m about.

    The problem at the time was that politics and bars/clubs don’t mix. Despite my lofty ambitions, like you, I’m also trying to get girls and get laid. So I feel embarrased when I’m asked what I do.

    In my bootcamp, day 3, I lost my temper when we were talking about identity, and threw all of this on the table. I said “You want to know what I do?! I’m a revolutionary! But that shit don’t fly in bars!”

    Like we were at a bar, most guys in the room were uncomfortable when I threw this all out. But my teacher, Mystery, had a look in his eye like he was moved. He said “dude, say THAT in field.” It was a powerful experience for me, and has not only affected my game, but other parts of my life. I have no idea what politics Mystery holds; but that doesn’t matter. I’m not interested in magic; he is. In that day, as a good teacher would, he nutured my identity and encouraged me to forge it into something that would generate attraction, comfort and seduction in the field, which is what I paid him to teach me. And it has. An more importantly, it also has gotten hb’s involved in my Movement.

    He probably doesn’t even remember this, but it was an indelible experience for me. If you’re reading this, Mystery, Thanks. The guy cares about his students’ goals, and has massive skills that he worked for shares generously. I’m confident there are no secret forums where MM guys plot how to manipulate their students into thinking they’ve learned something they haven’t.

    I’m lucky that Mystery was still running bootcamps when I took the plundge. But all his guys are great. Consider investing in his stuff if you’re interested in this shit.

  49. Ranko Magami (Shark) says:

    I just coudn’t help myself but comment how its funny that all these guys hide behind super closed forums.

    Why are they hiding in the shadows?
    Why are they password protecting theit big secret knowledge???
    Why dont they let anybody see their students success and complaints???

    is my forum where we help out students in front of eweryone to see.

  50. 1 says:

    Shark’s a funny guy

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