The Return of Manifestis

April 21, 2004 by  
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One of the community’s most infamous members — the one and only MANIFESTIS — is back after an extended leave of absence from posting. I use the word “infamous” because, well, he’s not exactly known for his prowess with women, if you catch my drift. Anyway, he’s an interesting character that has a great deal of history, especially with those who have been in Mystery’s Lounge from the beginning. The field report of his first lay was really funny (and not intentionally so).

Anyway, here’s a link to his first post in a long while. There’s noting in it worth reading, really, since it has no redeeming value other than having Manifestis whine and ask for advice. But for those who care, it might be in interesting read. =)

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5 Responses to “The Return of Manifestis”
  1. hmmm…i just discovered this site today…interesting posts eveywhere including my recent one which is only for entertainment i’m assuing…in regards to the post, i am talking to her again right now as we speak…still want to lay this chick…btw, she called me again yesterday and then she said she had to go…man, this girl gives more mixed signals than DYD……but right now, i am working on coming up with my new upcoming website which is 80% finished but still need to take care of the details…

    it’s my new upcoming product….audio cd home study course…check it out…

    again, i ain’t claiming to be no mystery but i know that i’m better than ross jeffries, and many more so called “PUAs” who have marketed their products up the ass…

    on the other hand, i have taken the time off from my game on collecting my best of the best results…and you know i have had LOTS OF FAILURES!!! And yes, i have learned a lot from them and i teach what TO DO and what NOT TO DO…and there is no one more blatantly honest than me in the seduction community! so check it out ladies and gentleman! Again, i’m not revealing the site right now, but letting you all know that i am indeed coming back and making it big…and so it is…

    BJ (Mani)

  2. jlaix says:

    Dude, the Manifestis workshop? Sign THIS nigga up!!! Why fuck strippers and 9s when I can learn how to fuck Tijuana whores from a recent virgin?!


  3. rocker44 says:


    I’d go ANY workshop with mani and jay-lay for the sheer entertainment value alone!!

  4. Justlou says:

    Shit, i might as well run a workshop, as a well known v-carder, i’m sure there’s a ton of guys out there willing to give me a few grand to teach them all my infinite amount of keyboard jocking theory.

  5. justlou, no one cares about you…=)

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