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It may seem like common sense, but I’ve met enough of the guys in this community to know that a primer like this is desperately needed…

Paranoid writes:
I know that personal hygiene is something that is hammered into our brains right from childhood by our Momma.But as we start growing older, Momma stops giving giving sermons on hygiene because she thinks we are old enough to graduate into the next level of hygiene all by ourselves.I know many people who forget to wash their hands after a visit to the restroom just before lunch/dinner is served.It’s important to keep note of such trivial matter(trivial it is not, but to those who forget to wash their hands after taking a leak, trivial it is).So I hope to convey the importance of personal hygiene through this post.I have tried to make it as thorough as possible but I might have missed a point here and there so fill me in.

I am going to split up the post into three sections namely the head, the trunk and the legs.It will make it much easier to follow.So what are we waiting for?!?


1). Hair

Most often than not, men love women with long hair.It shines,appears soft and has that ever-so-delightful fragrance about it.It appears to be knots anywhere! And then she runs her hands through our hair.It’s rough, lacks shine and has no smell.How come?

First off, we need to respect our hair.Daily washing is required.I can hear voices clamor out "but I do shampoo it daily!".I said wash…not shampoo.Shampooing is good if done once in every 3 days.Too much of shampoo is harmful for the hair after all shampoo has chemicals too.If done in moderation, it will make your hair look awesome.So what I syggest is that you should shampoo your hair not more than twice or thrice a week.With cold water.The other days, just a thorough wash with water will suffice.Too much shampoo dehydrates your scalp and you lose your natural odor,if I may call it so, of the hair.Hence the shampoo 2/3 times a week advice.

Okay…now that shampooing is done.What next? Condition it.Conditioner to hair is like what moisturiser is to the skin.It is a vital part of the haircare regime.Paul Mitchell’s Daily Conditioner is a good bet but there are many other brands you could try out.Infact, the best way to go is to ask your barber/hairdresser what conditioner you should get.Afterall he knows your hair better than you know it.

After you are done conditioning, you may not feel the need to use a gel as you can style it as you want (atleast I have been able to do away with gels completely.)

2). Eyebrows

Many people tend to overlook their eyebrows.I know I know that it isnt that important when it comes to personal hygiene.But if you have really bushy eyebrows, you might want to trim it down a little.Other than that, leave it as it is.

3). Nose

Clean your nose atleast once every day.We breathe in dirt every second and most of the larger particles, get stuck in the nose.You may think this isnt important.But the next time you see a person throw back his head and laugh out loud, take a look at the nose.Infact, once my friend had a hearty laugh with my friends and is gf and some gook flew straight out of his nose.It was an embarassing moment to say the least.

Just like your eyebrows,make sure there isnt any prominent nose hair sticking out of your nose.If so,clip it off if you havent done it already.

4). Ears

Just like our nose, dirt tends to enter out ear.But unlike the nose, we cannot check our ear for goober inside it.So use earbuds to get the dirty wax out of your ear.Do this twice a week and you shall have no trouble when chicks whisper into your ear.

If you have heypertrichosis, you know what to do.

5). Mouth

The dirtiest place in our body.A haven for microorganisms.

Make sure you brush atleast twice a day.Make sure you reach every nook and corner when you brush.A casual brushing isn’t good enough.A floss and a tongue-scraper is a must.Use a mouthwash during the day to keep your breath minty fresh because you may never know when you might have to give a crash course in european culture.

6). Face in general

The most prominently exposed part of our body(when fully clothed).So you better make it representable.

Wash your face thrice a day preferably with warm water.Follow a good sckincare regime ( to prevent any major breakout of ance or to clear out acne which is already present.Follow that up with moisturizers.It is an essential part of the skincare regime.Moisturizers rehydrates your face and prevents dryness of skin.Apart from that, it also prevents an entry into your skin by creating a barrier for bacteria and airborne impurities.Apart from these tips for a relatively clear skin, exercise a lot and watch what you eat.

Facial hair looks look on some people and not-so-good on the others.So make a choice about what looks good on you.When shaving, use a good razor (Mach from Gillete) and shaving foam (Brut et al.).Always try to shave with the grain .It’s much easier and prevents a lot of unwanted snicks.Use warm water for shaving.After you are done with shaving, splash on some aftershave and you are good to go!

You can read the whole thread here.

Just a couple more notes on this subject…

1.  Clean out your ears.  Buy some Q-tips, and use them on your ears right after you shower so all that gunk is soft from the steam.  Clean them out about twice a week.

2.  Nose and ear hair.  Nothing is more unattractive than hair sticking out of these two places.  Go to your local drug store and invest in a nose hair clipper.  Use it to get all those hard to reach hairs.  You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

3.  Neck Hair.  Buy a nice hand mirror and take the time once a week to shave all that excess neck hair off.  This may not be a problem for some guys, but for others, it’s worth the effort.

4.  Back hair.  It may seem very "queer eye," but if you have excessive back hair, do yourself a favor and look up a local spa that offers waxing services, and USE IT!  Chest hair on a guy may be a turn on for girls, but back hair is a definite no-no.  Waxing isn’t that painful, and you’ll look better for it.  While you’re there, see if they can’t help you with your unibrow if you should have one.  The good thing about waxing is if you do it enough, the hair will stop growing back.

5.  Nails.  Buy some clippers at your local drug store and trim your fingernails and toenails about once every two weeks or so.  Be sure to file them so they’re smooth.

6.  Wash your nether-regions.  Invest in a sturdy washcloth and get down there where the sun don’t shine every time you shower.  This’ll go a long way to keeping that "not so freash" feeling at bay.

7.  Shower every day.  No excuse not to do this.  I’ve known some guys that go for weeks without washing.  That’s disgusting.  Be sure to shower AT LEAST once a day.

8.  Deoderant.  Buy a good deoderant and anti-perspirant, and USE IT!  Use it every day, especially after you shower.  You’ll be doing the world a favor.

9.  Cologne.  Get a good cologne to spritz you up with before you go out.  Make sure it’s anything other than Old Spice.

10.  Wash Behind Your Ears.  There is dirt that gets caked back there.  Be sure to scrub it off.

I’ll be adding a new category to the blog for this topic because I think it’s very much an important part of getting women.  If you don’t pay much attention to your personal hygene, make sure you change that way of thinking.  It’s very important that you put as much effort into looking good for women as women do for looking good for men.  It could mean the difference between getting a lay an not!

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