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So we got to see some boobies on network television this weekend.  I didn’t even notice it when it happened, because at the time I was busy eating some good old fashioned Texas BBQ at Roadking’s place, along with Swinggcat, Adam the Natural, and a few exotic dancer friends of ours.  It wasn’t until Mystery came over and forced Roadking to put his TiVo to good use that we got to see the whole pathetic event play out.

Frankly, I don’t see what the big deal is.  You see much worse past 10:00 pm on Cinemax.  We were all sitting around the TV watching Justin Timberlake rip the boddice off as Janet’s honkin’ hunk o’ skin flap bobbled out for a good 2.3 seconds of air time.  It went so fast we were all like ”Huh?”  It looked to me like she was wearing a pasti, so no one really gave it a second thought.

Here’s the facts as I see them: Janet, in a bid to out Madonna-and-Britney Madonna and Britney in light of her new album coming out this March, either orchestrates or agrees to a little so-called indecent exposure. Mr. Timberlake, eager to shed his own squeaky clean image, and one up his ex, is either put up for or volunteers to be the bodice ripper.  And CBS, worried about a lack-luster superbowl with 2 teams no one really cares about, agrees in order to stir up interest.  So off they go on their merry little way, do their performance, and – dear God! – dare to show tit, which most kids become intimately familiar with as babies, and nipple, which dominates daytime television with the vast amount of shirtless bohunks that rule the soaps.

Now I hear that the FCC is doing an investigation into the incident, that CBS ”didn’t know” (they obviously did), and that parent’s across the country are outraged that their little kids were exposed to prime-time boobage.

It’s no wonder Europeans laugh at us when it comes to sex.

And it’s no wonder why the seduction community is such a necessary entity in this world.  I really fucking hate the fact that there are probably untold numbers of little boys out there who saw this on TV, and their parents are making them feel guilty for seeing it, saying things like ”You shouldn’t have seen that,” or ”It’s a bad, dirty, naughty thing you saw!”  Even worse, I feel for the untold number of little girls who are made to feel bad about having boobs.  Who know’s how many parents called Janet Jackson a slut or accused her of causing society’s downfall.  It’s no wonder we, as Americans, are so fucked up about sexuality with shit like this going down.

If anything, there should be more boobs on TV.  Sex shouldn’t be a bad thing to expose kids to.  It’s probably one of the greatest things someone can experience in this world, so why are we made to feel bad about it?  Why is it such an outrage?  This whole culture is fucked up bass-ackwards when it comes to sex, IMO.

If you ask me, the real outrage was P. Ditty’s butchering of the Toni Basil classic ”Hey Mickey.”  Am I the only one who cares about the sanctity of 80′s pop music?


PS:  I was able to catch both the Surreal Life and Survivor after the Superbowl.  Both shows have a lot to teach about persuasion, influence, and how to deal with women.  Next time they’re on, pay attention to how Richard Hatch handles himself in Survivor, and how Ron Jeremy deals with women in the Surreal Life.  Both are great.  =)

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