How do you Kill Negative Thoughts?

February 18, 2004 by  
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ironration started a thread which seems to have picked up on trying to overcome your negative thoughts with positive ones. I know this is something I’ve had a hard time with, especially when I first started out. Nothing’s worse than repeating affirmations when in the back of your mind you’re just thinking “This is bullshit.” You can check out the thread

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3 Responses to “How do you Kill Negative Thoughts?”
  1. lydiah kago says:

    Since we all learn throuh mistakes,it is much good to kill negative thouhgts with us so to enyoy life. more so to be able to accept ourself the way we are , thus having no time to compare ourself with anyone else on this planet earth.

  2. lydah kago says:

    Thenks alot for replying to my request.I can’t wait to read your article.

  3. lydiaah kago says:

    Am looking forward to read your article.

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