Tenmagnet Vs. Herbal – Fight To The Death!

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You know, I often wonder what would happen if two PUAs actually got to fight each other.  Its fun to think about a Style vs. Mystery boxing match, or maybe Gunwitch vs. Sean “Busey” Messenger in a steel cage match.  But I never for the life of me thought it would actually happen…

Until now.

Tenmagnet writes:
Am I proud that I beat up a guy half my size? No.
Am I proud that I beat up a vegan? Hell YEAH!!

I often wonder how I get myself into these weird situations.

This summer, I went to Thailand for a few weeks, to chill out, hang with Sheriff, and get some writing done. While we were down there, we checked out Ko Phi Phi, and met up with two friends, Tynan and Todd (who write a blog called Life Nomadic).

You may know Tynan as “Herbal T” from the game. Aside from running his blog he’s also traveling around the world with little more than a schoolbag’s worth of material possessions. You see, Tynan is a free spirit, the kind of guy who’s always up for an adventure, even if it’s probably not a good idea – kinda like me.

So, when we found out that there was a bar on Phi Phi that gives you free drinks for fighting your friends – we knew something fun was bound to happen.

I’d like to say that at first, I had qualms about fighting a friend who’s about 40 lbs lighter than me, but in all honesty, I really didn’t have any moral problems with it. Besides, Tynan is all into this veganism and cross-fit and health stuff, wheras I’m a beer and red meat kinda guy who gave up on working out when he found out he could get girls without being in shape.

We’re also pretty much exactly the same height, and the same age, so you could say this fight was ultimate test of fastideous healthy fitness vs raw animal fed bloodthirsty violence.

Ok, I’m being melodramatic here. It really was never a fair fight – I took boxing lessons a few summers back too.

Anyway, just because I clearly outweighed my opponent, didn’t mean I wasn’t still scared of him. I was really concerned that he would take advantage of the fact I was out of shape, and tire me out before pummeling me with his little weakling arms in the third round, when I was too tired to defend properly.

Also, I got a little drunk beforehand, just to even things up.

So we got in the ring, and there were probably over a hundred people watching us in a dingy, sweaty little bar, with the sound of thai music playing over the hum of the rickety old cooling fans.

We were suited up with ratty old gloves and Olympic-style headgear, so we wouldn’t hurt one another too badly, and our boxing shorts were literally splattered with the blood of previous contestants.

I bounced around to warm up. I threw some kicks to intimidate my opponent. The referee called us to the center of the ring. We touched gloves and it was on.

One thing I didn’t realize about boxing is how EXHAUSTING it is. Literally 15 seconds into the first round, I was completely exhausted. It’s not even like boxing in the gym – when someone really wants to hit you, your body just turns on the furnace and won’t let up. You’re completely, blind exhausted, but your body won’t let you stop fighting.

It was fucking cool.

Tynan was keeping his guard up, and managed to bounce some hits off the side of my head, because I wasn’t holding my hands high enough. Headache city. I threw some punches and kept him off balance, but he managed to get me one right in the face. I got him too, and knocked him on his ass.

Finally, after three rounds, it was over. That was the longest ten minutes of my life! I had a bloody nose, but had managed to knock Tynan down a few times. My head was pounding from the four or five shots he’d managed to get in. Tynan isn’t just a cool guy, and a good friend, he’s a vicious little bugger!

I had won, and got a free “bucket” of dirty thai booze and red bull, which I could barely enjoy because I was dizzy and messed up from the fight. Tynan and I shook hands, congratulated one another, and tried to stop our heads from spinning.

Truly an awesome experience.

P.s. I have photos of the fight on my blog.

LoveSystems Instructor based in Vancouver

Honestly, I never knew Herbal had it in him.  So who’s next on the “PUA Deathmatch” list?  Put your wishlists for a fightcard in the comments.

TenMagnet Contest

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Tenmagnet just sent me an email about a new contest he’s running.  Check it out…

Tenmagnet writes:
I just wanted to announce that I’m going to be giving away over $1,000 in prizes to celebrate the launch of Mantalk.ca, a new message board specifically for Canadian PUA’s. Mantalk is a new site that Cajun and I are working on, to try and bring the Canadian pick-up community together in one space, in a cool and open environment.

As part of this promotion, I’m going to give away a FREE seminar-only seat at an upcoming Canadian Lovesystems bootcamp, AND two free hours of phone coaching. The seminar seat alone is worth $950!

So how’s it going to work?

It’s all going to be about the local forums.

One of the reasons I decided to start Mantalk.ca is because there are a lot of cities out there in Canada that are just a bit too small to support their own board. But by combing a bunch of small local forums together, we can create a site that is busy and interesting, while also having private areas where local guys can talk about local issues. I want mantalk.ca to combine the best elements of fastseduction.com and a local lair board.

So in order to get the local boards going, the award is going to be given *by city*. Large cities will be in the running for a seminar seat. Small cities will compete for two hours of phone coaching. The city in each category that has the busiest discussion board as of September 30th will “win”, and a user will be picked from that city at random to win. (The rules are here)

So it’s not just enough to post yourself – you’ll need to talk to your friends, and encourage them to come join so that your city wins. And if your city doesn’t have a forum – just email me and I’ll add it and you’ll be in the running!

Click Here to check out Mantalk.ca, Canada’s newest pickup & seduction message board.