Ross Jeffries Is A Devil Worshiper (Have Proof)

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So a holy crusader, by the name of Bado, sends me a cryptic email of friday with the subject line “Ross Jeffries Youtube Video Worship Satan.”

Needless to say, I was intrigued. And it turns out, the is, indeed, a video on YouTube where Ross Jeffries (using his real name Paul Ross) is advocating devil worship, and promoting an organization (read: cult) he heads up as its leader.

Honestly, I cannot possibly make this up…

Oh, it gets better.  Check out part two…

And here I was, all this time, thinking Ross Jeffries WAS the devil, when in fact he just worshiped him.

Now, some of you may be inclined to believe that is NOT Ross Jeffries.  I can assure you, that is him.  He’s younger, and much geekier, but its the same old bitter, angry Ross we all know and love.

Okay, now that all of that is out of the way, let’s get to the analysis of the videos…

First off, this is better than the Dr. Phil clip!  I think my favorite line is when the host blurts out “Its not hard to believe he’s a satanist.  He looks like the devil, doesn’t he?”  Wow, so the devil looks like a scrawny virgin with a fro.  Glad we cleared up that whole “horns and pitchfork” debate.

Oddly enough, pretty much everything this Wally guy had to say about RJ on his show is accurate to this day. The guy is, in fact, scum, and he does tend to make people sick to their stomach.  And when Wally comes right out and asks RJ if he really believes this stuff, what does RJ respond with?

Host:  Do you really worship Satan? Do you?

Ross Jeffries:  Absolutely.

Now, its plain to see that Ross is trying to be controvercial here, and he’s trying to “make fun” of conservatives by saying they share values with Satan.  I’m sure in Ross’s mind, he thinks he was being clever by claiming to be a conservative and associating himself with the devil.

But because of this video, we now know some indesputible facts about Ross Jeffries…

1.  He used to look like a child molester in the 70s.

2.  He has an Masochistic streak and loves to be hated on.

3.  He’s a flaming, anti-united states liberal.

4.  He thinks Jesus was a communist.

And this is the guy you wanna learn pick up from?  Oye Vey.

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86 Responses to “Ross Jeffries Is A Devil Worshiper (Have Proof)”
  1. “If libs today were this smart, this is the kind of tactic they’d use on Fox News — find a way to agree with the blowhard host, but for reasons that drive him crazy.’

    Yeah, but most authritarian conservatives are to anti intellectual and in there own trance of sorts to “get it”. They just lack the real inelligence to see they are being tooled. That’s one characteristic of these dolts, something I am sure they pride themselves on, is the fact they take positions which are totally contradictory and hypocritical but fail to realise it. And even when they do momentarily, they react in total rage. The whole thing about the egyptian god Horus just went in one ear and went out the other…they’re are so far gone and brainwashed on a worldview. even when you present the facts they failed to see the irony

  2. “Umm…Jesus was a Jew. Maybe the reason so many of them are in the community is because the stereotype of them being smart and horny has at least some basis in fact lol.

    “But what sets the above post off, and shows that the author is a close-minded racist, is that he is not distinguishing between “Jewish” as a religion and “Jewish” as a race. It’s the same thing for him, he just hates Jews whether they practice the Jeish religion or not!”

    Umm…Jesus was a JUDEAN, a word which denotes nationality, not ethnicity, you blithering moron. I am a proud, card-carrying racist, but I am not close-minded. You’re the one who is close-minded, swallowing all the Jew propaganda that they’re the chosen people, and that Jesus was one of them. Riddle me this, dickhead. If Jesus were a one of them, a Jew, why do Jews go out of their way to vilify and lambaste him in their media? Jesus is the only “Jew” that you are permitted to attack. Speak out about any other Jew and you’re immediately labeled a racist, an extremist, a white supremacist, or a hater.

    There is no difference between the jewish religion and jewish race. Judaism is merely a codified form of jewish behavior under the guise of a religion.

  3. thunder scat lairchode says:

    i dont think it’s a paraofdy. rj signs his posts with “93/93″ and uses “magick” (ie real magic lol) in his methods.

    Dont worry thundercat, hes going to hell anywaty so dotn bother him. Also, has anyone ever commented on your own goat-like appearance?

  4. Feliciano says:

    He’s just kidding and making fun of traditional beliefs we take for granted and never think about deeply, can’t you see that?

    And how about Joseph Matthews giving me a refund for his product, which I’ve been asking for for months? That would certainly give him some added credibility!

  5. sexy evil says:

    Hey Feliciano,

    Why would you ask for a refund?? Get some balls and use that shit. No matter how crappy the product actually is.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I was curious about the remark that Ross is “still getting laid by younger and hotter chicks”

    Any evidenceof this?

    Even if he is, any evidence he’s not doing it with money or name recognition?

    If women like alphas and leaders, that would seem to mean they’d go for “seduction gurus” yet think their followers to be losers, since women like leaders.

  7. Anonymous says:

    If hypnosis is mere “social compliance,” how do they perform major surgery with it?

  8. Hypnorealm says:

    No offense to anyone here but I wonder what the hell is the purpose of these seduction blogs hating on The Rossman? How many of you did not learn from him or learned from someone who did?? Ross is where it all started and he is unparalelled in the simple fact that he deals with change, true change. If it werent for his material no one wouldve been here in the community. And plus his material is unique and stands alone. It is so different than anything anybody else teaches.Why? because he’s diffferent! I have heard of the challenges that Ross has made to some of the knock-offs but they backed down. Lets be honest guys it dont take much to get pussy, Alot of guys get it without having to change. And alot of it has to do with the construct of the woman and her “illusions” of what a guy is based upon her influences and conditioning. But fullfilment only comes when there is change in both the man and the woman. And the man as a leader must start with himself. And his messed-up programming! If not you can learn a bunch of knock of material and get results(laid) but no deep fulfillment. Anybody know what Im talking about?

  9. Anonymous says:

    the joke is on you

  10. Anonymous says:

    Lol thundercat you keyboard jockey. Respect for RJ. He’s controversial like that & got balls. Its sickening to listen to these jesus freaks.

    SS is the shit

  11. Nick says:

    Awesome video. Now if you don’t excuse me I’m going to auction off some of my other seduction material so I can buy some of Ross’s stuff. Thanks for turning me on to this guy whoever you are that owns this site.

  12. Martian says:

    Ross is about to release his most anticipated Speed Seduction 3.0.

    lets see whats in store for us.

  13. David D says:

    low i.q people will this his bad, bat he is just showing the reflections of christians today, they stole they kill they commit sex its up to you

  14. Ross Worshipper says:

    By the tongue in cheek smirk on that ugly mug (attached to a head covered with an even uglier rug of a hairdo) throughout these videos, it should be obvious to the discerning viewer that ole Ross was just pulling our chain. He was perpetuating a massive prank on that crowd of howling fundamentalist dimwits, an act of “guerilla ontology” as described in the books of Robert Anton Wilson.

    Jeffries has many personal foibles and his system has some limitations…but lighten the fuck up, or the joke’s on you too. He’s the founder of a movement and the pioneer of a devastatingly effective method…so give the devil his due, damn it!

  15. Chief says:

    Honestly I don’t think that was a joke. I studied Anton LaVey’s Satanism (the most popular and sensible form of the religion, aka Church of Satan) several years ago and the conservative values that he’s talking about does indeed align with the values of Satanism.

    Based on what I know about RJ and his personality I wouldn’t be surprised if he legitimately participated in the religion. I wouldn’t be surprised if what he presented on that show was 100% sincere.

    I will clear up some discrepancies, however: Satanism doesn’t actually involve believing in a real supernatural being named “Satan.” They use the idea of Satan symbolically. It’s really not as bad of a religion as you would imagine. It’s just a more bitter and hardcore form of Atheism, in my opinion.

  16. ADAM says:

    Whether he’s a Satanist,satarist, marketing genius, expert speed seducer, etc.,I dare say that those of you with 13 or 14 year old daughter’s or daughters of any age for that matter, would want your daughter to have this guy as a “friend”( assuming you really care about your daughter).He is the slime or scum of a public toilet , the absolute bottom of the barrel, and appears to have no conscience or moral compass.

  17. tmac says:

    fuck ross jefferies he is evil as they come he does yoga and learns insight about people and love and then uses it for twisted reasons. He wants followers to love him and praise him as if he is god and worship him, you should run away and not read anything he writes. he’s a twisted soul and is currently living in his own hell he created for himself but messed with many minds in the process.

  18. Marc Vidal says:

    ross is always funny, especialy when don´t try but this video….!WTF! !Awesome document!

  19. hilario! that audience was lol as fuck. what was he slanging back then?

  20. Gift says:

    I thought this comment list would be full of RJ hate (as it’s on Thundercat’s blog) but I was very pleased to read through all the comments – I have nothing else to add really.

    Ross was merely a conduit for the audience’s own stupidity. The host was lost for words, the remedial guest who stood up was also lost for words. I’m surprised when Ross was prompted to produce evidence for his religion in the form of a book that he did not ask the audience how they could trust their own book the bible, as having any validity. It’s a book you assholes! It was written, by various authors of varying styles, cobbled together by monks over the ages, re-written, deleted, omitted, bent into shape as was seen fit by the asshole rulers of the days… It’s not like an instruction manual that came free with the washing machine! It was written 2000 years ago by people who thought the world was flat, ergo, you cannot trust it as a source! Ironically, I would trust the Vedas which are reportedly 6000 -10,000 years old over any of these crackpot Western (Middle-Eastern) religions. End of!

    Ross is very smart, sharp, witty and quite serious about what he says under the guise of humour. I’ve trained with him twice now, and seen him work on a girl as demonstration (she was a guest of someone else who was on the course) and there was literally a charge of energy in the room as he did what he did, it was really quite awe-inspiring; she was far gone..! Very skillfull…

    However, I’ve also seen him be quite snappy with his students which wasn’t very nice and he too has a habit of banning people for speaking out or mentioning other good PUAs to check out. If only he changed those aspects of himself and stopped trying to beat everyone else which is futile, he would resurface as the good teacher he is. Ross cannot teach you clubgame, he is too old for that now (he admits this obviously) Others can, it’s what they do best. Just let it be that way. However, for your day 2s and onwards, Ross had uber powerful shit to teach.


  21. Gift says:

    Whilst I’m still on here (and not getting on with any work) here is a link I was emailed from RJs mailing list (I think it is OK to share, don’t see why not..?)

    It’s part 4 of a series of free videos he is doing. I picked it at random but it’s a good example of the sort of stuff Ross is teaching:

    As you can see, it’s not about openers or lines (which are all important too) but what he’s talking about is so true and I know is what holds me back, and probably anyone else who is stuck.


  22. Russian34 says:

    This Show big Joke. Audience wearing sun glasses, moderator has wig and all yelling, what is this good for?

  23. MunichHawk says:

    I like Ross more after watching these videos.
    The host and the audience are disgusting and dumb.
    And there is actually a lot of truth in what Ross is saying.
    Another fun aspect is that they don´t get that he is making fun of them.

  24. Max says:

    Seriously, its funny, satanic thing is wrong yea, but damn the guy has points seriously, hes smart and on the top of his game, and christians did crusades so good point there…

  25. Briddick says:

    the fact this guy has any influence in any field is a shame. It’s obvious he’s crazy, angry and doesn’t know WTF he’s talking about with women or anything else in life

  26. Robert says:

    Oh…and because of this I am supposed to avoid Jeffries’ products? Give me a break. This is a market economy. If his system looks crappy I won’t buy. If your system is shit, I won’t buy. Just concentrate on your products and forget about what the competition said way back in the 1980s. How damn pathetic. You sound worse than a chick with her panties in a bunch.

  27. CD Playa says:

    lol, I was unaware there were so many devout Christians in the PUA community! First, yes Ross is a freak, an agitator, an instigator, and he teaches a course on “Psychic Influence” that shows how to perform rituals and create sigils, which some may view as Satanistic, even though Christians use the same tools. (Sacrement is a ritual,and technically the cross is a sigil) The point is …. WHO CARES? Why are you allowing yourself to be at Ross’s “Effect”? You give him power by allowing him to make you upset and/or angry. You be responsible for you and let Ross be responsible for Ross. All NLP and the seduction branch of NLP is about manipulating the flow of energy (thought is energy) and just like electricity, you need a Positive and a Negative (away from bad, towards good) to have a flow. “Satan” and “God” are just the 2 poles of a magnetic field, 2 sides of the same coin… Positive and Negative…. without 1, you don’t have the other. IMHO

  28. Danny says:

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  29. LOL… those are funny videos. Thanks for sharing, man.

    Gotta love that Ross Jeffries guy…

  30. Rchee says:

    @Thundercat I think you got a problem man, why do you even care ? Get your life straight and think about ur life more often than others’

  31. Me says:

    That’s weird, I was just remembering this vid last night or the night before – mainly the part where he told the host his audience was proof-positive that there was a devil.

    The show kind of reminds me of parts of “Idiocracy”

  32. J says:

    That was funny! Jesus WAS a communist, James Dobson should watch this! :)

  33. Uh yeah,

    Unless everyone’s been LIVING UNDER A ROCK and KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ROSS JEFFERIES at all you will have undoubtedly heard Ross make reference to this interview either in one of the various personal interviews he’s done in print or online in the seduction community, or somewhere in his products as the time he baited the media to get himself on TV. Ross said he called the TV station and madeup the most OUTRAGEOUS STORY he could think of to SEE IF THEY WOULD FALL FOR IT.

    Think of it like some whit Carman from Sputh Park would do to ammuse himself and piss others off!

    Seriously though this is some funny-ass shit!!! The interviewer is a total choad: ) and YOU CAN EVEN TOTALLY TELL Ross doesn’t believe what his saying and is just spouting offensive shit to fuck with the audience…

    My hero.

  34. Vann says:

    The videos have been taken down!!! Is there another way to find them???

  35. Thundercat says:

    I don’t think so. My guess is RJ drafted some kind of legal-ease letter to Youtube demanding they be taken down. And let’s face it, he’s not important enough for them to be disseminated elsewhere.

    Which is a shame, since those vids were EPIC.

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