Ross Jeffries Is A Devil Worshiper (Have Proof)

August 25, 2008 by  
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So a holy crusader, by the name of Bado, sends me a cryptic email of friday with the subject line “Ross Jeffries Youtube Video Worship Satan.”

Needless to say, I was intrigued. And it turns out, the is, indeed, a video on YouTube where Ross Jeffries (using his real name Paul Ross) is advocating devil worship, and promoting an organization (read: cult) he heads up as its leader.

Honestly, I cannot possibly make this up…

Oh, it gets better.  Check out part two…

And here I was, all this time, thinking Ross Jeffries WAS the devil, when in fact he just worshiped him.

Now, some of you may be inclined to believe that is NOT Ross Jeffries.  I can assure you, that is him.  He’s younger, and much geekier, but its the same old bitter, angry Ross we all know and love.

Okay, now that all of that is out of the way, let’s get to the analysis of the videos…

First off, this is better than the Dr. Phil clip!  I think my favorite line is when the host blurts out “Its not hard to believe he’s a satanist.  He looks like the devil, doesn’t he?”  Wow, so the devil looks like a scrawny virgin with a fro.  Glad we cleared up that whole “horns and pitchfork” debate.

Oddly enough, pretty much everything this Wally guy had to say about RJ on his show is accurate to this day. The guy is, in fact, scum, and he does tend to make people sick to their stomach.  And when Wally comes right out and asks RJ if he really believes this stuff, what does RJ respond with?

Host:  Do you really worship Satan? Do you?

Ross Jeffries:  Absolutely.

Now, its plain to see that Ross is trying to be controvercial here, and he’s trying to “make fun” of conservatives by saying they share values with Satan.  I’m sure in Ross’s mind, he thinks he was being clever by claiming to be a conservative and associating himself with the devil.

But because of this video, we now know some indesputible facts about Ross Jeffries…

1.  He used to look like a child molester in the 70s.

2.  He has an Masochistic streak and loves to be hated on.

3.  He’s a flaming, anti-united states liberal.

4.  He thinks Jesus was a communist.

And this is the guy you wanna learn pick up from?  Oye Vey.

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