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Well, first it was Mystery, then it was Tyler and the RSD guys, and now, GUNWITCH is coming out of the anonymity of cyberspace and putting his face out there for all to judge.

So if you wanna see what the infamous Gunwitch looks like, follow this link:


Be afraid. Be very, very afraid… =)

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21 Responses to “Unveiling Gunwitch”
  1. Gunwitch says:

    Boggles my mind this was newsworthy at all, people seem to enjoy it though so I told thundercat it was cool to post it upp. I do suppose it does show at least one thing:

    I aint mrsex4unyc, I aint gonna disapear and leave. I will be comin out to “play”, GWM is real for sure, lay reports show it, tyler himself says it, anyone without too much ego(you know who you 2 are), to read it and try it, real students of the game know GWM works.

    I am a real person and will be showing up at meets to show my stuff I developed the last 13 years or so for picking up women.

    My pic doesnt prove it yet of course, but does show I will be at least not a some fake screen name, I am comin out to show it.


  2. gravix says:

    I must say, Gunwitch, I do have even more faith in ya now. Look forward to meetin’ ya some day if you do decide to go to meets to show off your stuff.

    But I just can’t understand why you cross your arms to make them look even BIGGER in the picture. I do that, but only because I don’t have any arm muscle. You seem like you’d look intimidating without trying.

    Cheers mate :D

  3. Samurai says:

    gun: yeah, i think ijjjji must look like your twinbrother…..

  4. belial says:


    do you notice IOI’s from a different (lesser) quality of women when “bulked”?

    if you only lift (mainly) for picking up women/improving health, why not stay at a low-moderate bodyfat year round?


  5. Another Fat Bastard says:

    You see this is why I admire Gunwitch so much more than the RSD guys. Gunwitch is getting laid like crazy without good looks, money, a mansion, a nice car, social connections, etc. to rely. So I have a lot more confidence that his seduction advice is generally applicable.

  6. fakewitch says:

    “Gunwitch is getting laid like crazy”

    How do you know this? NOBODY HAS EVER MET HIM IRL. This is the guy who supposedly lays 10s by lingering around magazine racks in a sexual state. OK.

  7. Another Fat Bastard says:

    “How do you know this? NOBODY HAS EVER MET HIM IRL. ”

    Good point, but very few seduction gurus have offered any solid proof of their actual accomplishments. And even those who have offered proof usually do so on a very limited anecdotal basis, and generally refuse to talk about the actual numbers of women they have gotten laid with. To their credit Mystery and Gunwitch are the only ones I know of who have ever even given numerical estimates. Mystery claimed he had had some form of sex with 56 different women back in 1998. And Gunwitch claimed some number like 100-150 about 2 years ago. I think these two claims are fairly credible, as both authors seem to have had no significant financial interest at the time in lying.

  8. Skeptic says:

    am i the only one who has noticed that almost no “professional pua’s” have posted pictures of themselves up with women (except maybe mystery and badboy’s crew). rsd guys? gunwitch?

  9. Endiphrent says:

    Ever thought what would happen if the “women” see this picture up?

  10. FatAlbert says:

    “And Gunwitch claimed some number like 100-150 ”

    Here is a number from me, does this make me a guru? 120,000 all of them 10′s.

    Gunwitch giving a FAKE number makes him a fraud.

    “authors seem to have had no significant financial interest at the time in lying.”

    The ugly guy in that picture is a looser and craves respect and attention on the “let me pretend I am a 15 year old girl in a chat room” fantasy world of the internet. One look at this guy tells you he is not getting laid. Why? It is not so much that he is short, fat and ugly. It is in the way he dresses and his haircut that does not have the flair of a man that has women in his life. Gunwitch, you should go to Thundercats sponsored link “Fashion for Fat Men”.

  11. The One says:

    AFB (Another fat bastard said,)

    “Mystery claimed he had had some form of sex with 56 different women back in 1998.”

    He may have “Claimed” this or that. However, how many guys have met him in person and have seen him DO THE THINGS HE ACTUALLY WRITES ABOUT?

    I have. So have numerous other as well as our own THUNDERCAT. In fact, Thundercat wrote his observations in a report on this after watching Mystery in a Strip bar, a few weeks back.

    I don’t know much about Gunwitch so I won’t make any judgments about him.

    However, please don’t make it as if someone like Mystery is merely making “Claims” When in fact, he is literally demonstrating in front of an audience.

  12. Ace says:

    Hey chodes

    I met Mystery back last year. I know firsthand that the man has laid a LOT more chicks since his original claim. I have seen him with my own eyes pulling home (real) hotties. I have seen him do so in street and club venues. Effortlessly. Realise the man goes for beautiful models of quality…with devestating success.

    As for Gunwitch…has anyone met this guy or seen him in action? ..Ever??

  13. rocker44 says:

    There’s no doubt in my mind that Gunwitch gets laid. Sure he’s not a flashy dresser like Mystery or the RSD guys, but in white trash parts of the country he’s exactly the type of guy women go for. I grew up in the midwest wear a wife beater and big muscles was the look that go you laid.

    I do think he’d do better with a shaved head though.

  14. whirlwind says:

    hey, there are a few jlaix pics on that site too. He looks pretty sane to me ! :-)

  15. Another Fat Bastard says:

    Certainly Mystery does have a lot of eyewitness accounts, etc. unlike Gunwitch. However, ultimately I think there is a much bigger and more important issue here. To evaluate the advice of a seduction guru, before making a decision to put a lot time, effort, and sometimes even money into learning his technique it would be great to know several things which the gurus rarely tell students:

    1. How many women has he gotten laid with over what period of time ?
    2. How good looking are the women he is getting laid with ?
    3. Does he use good looks, money, cars, mansions, or special social connections to get laid ?
    4. How many crash and burns does he have for each successful lay ?
    5. What evidence (witnesses, photos, etc.) is there to back up his answers to #1-#4 ?

    Now, Gunwitch doesn’t have anything to support #5, but he does answer #1-#4 and his answers suggest that his method will work for almost any guy. I can’t say for sure that Gunwitch is telling the truth, but I tend to believe him.

    Also, I want to say that I appreciate and respect what the RSD guys are trying to do. I just wonder how useful their methods are to an average guy – like Gunwitch – given that they are in a very special circumstance.

  16. whatsupnow6 says:

    Further proof that gunwitch is not a pua. Take notice man, he’s not the guy that girls are attracted to. He’s the type of guy that women run away from and little kids are warned not to take candy from. I got laid twice in the span of 24 hours this weekend, and I know that this guy CANNOT pull solid 9+s looking like that. (maybe he thinks they’re 9s but go to NYC, LA, Chicago and there’s no comparison) Shit, half the high status venues wouldn’t even let that guy in. Looks to me like he’s lucky to get cavemanned by some LSE 35+ chic who has two kids, an ex husband, and a whole lot of emotional baggage. (I’ve been there man, but I improved my game so that I no longer have to stoop to that level). To add to this, the guy spends all his time in the ASF chatroom. Nice try buddy, but I know there’s a reason why no one has met you. Pooooossssseeeerrrrrr. By the way, I took a pic of the chics I fucked this weekend with my Handspring Treo 600 to validate myself (send me an e-mail to see the pics) b/c I know there’s a whole lot of Keyboard Jockeys who read this shit all the time and then head over to http://www.seductiondiary.com and jerk themselves off (been there too) rather than go out because they’re “tired.” There are a lot of genuine, GREAT guys on here, and many that I’ve met have been absolute stand-up guys that I look to model and emulate The_One, TD, 26, Xaneus, PB, Protocol. These guys are totally congruent with who they are and I model there success, but I’ve met a lot of people from these boards and a lot of people have some deeper self-esteem issues and ego issues that they need to clear-up before they can get the girls that they want. These people really need to head to Date with Destiny with Tony Robbins to fix themselves.


    I love you all.

  17. Gunwitch says:

    Take note of how people wont post anything negative without being anonymous or using some lame name they wont ever use again. OUSTANDING COURAGE!

    Far as my number of women ive fucked goes I have no idea, somewhere between 100-150 or so. Gotta remember im in this game a long time now, not like I did a 100 women in a year or some outrageuos shit, thats over a span of 14 years or since I started fucking.

    Anyone who thinks I can’t get laid cause of my looks is kind of missing the point of the community, not like I put up my pic and revealed im a 350lb hunchback with acne and sores on my face. I get laid DESPITE my less than average looks, yes just less than average, not mutant quality, with sound principles of picking up chicks. Thats PUA, thats seduction. I wasnt aware the community was a beauty contest and only the best looking guys advice has any value.

    Guess none of the above shit talkers are part of the community though, being they are SO FAKE they dont even have a real screen name that can identify they arent some troll passing through.

  18. Real_Quiet says:

    Do you really care THAT much that you would need to make such an exhausting post whatsupnow6. I am almost always amazed when pu comes down to one big popularity contest. This in no way helps new guys to the game or guys who are trying to get better. It’s really a fucked up thing when a guy puts himself on the line to share personal info about himself( such as a pic), or dedicate himself to this game, and to other aspiring pua, only for another guy to just step up to the plate and start creating problems out of nowhere and making discrediting attacks like this.

    Personally, I like gunwitch. I think you make judgements on him that aren’t fair and his method are in NO way associated with his looks. You outta learn how to seperate the two. It’s just fuckin’ wrong.

    “no balls no blue chips”

  19. mephisto says:

    “Further proof that gunwitch is not a pua. Take notice man, he’s not the guy that girls are attracted to.”

    What you are suggesting is that only attractive guys can get laid consistently.

    Now look at my theory: girls are not attracted to guys with very limited intelligence. Therefore I think the one not getting laid is you.

  20. Bertecus says:

    Hey what happened to the pic?? I was just reading his ebook and wanted to put a face to the method???

  21. Allen "gunwitch" Reyes says:

    Here’s my pic:


    Be afraid :)

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