Gunwitch Shoots Woman In The Face!

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Gunwitch Mugshot
Gunwitch Is In Jail!

Hole.  Lee.  Shit.

The news is breaking over on, the feminist arm of the Gawker media empire that longtime pick-up artist mainstay and teacher – Gunwitch (also known as Allen Reyes) – has been ARRESTED for shooting a woman in the face at a part.

Let me reitterate…


And no, that isn’t some veiled sexual reference.  He shot a girl in the face with a gun.  A real gun.  With bullets.

Here’s the low down…

Apparently, during a New Years Eve party a 20 year old woman named Amber Tripp recieved a gunshot wound to the face.

After police arrived, they gathered information which lead them to Gunwitch as the one responsible for shooting the girl.  He was found three blocks from the scene of the shooting and was detained by authorities pending further investigation.

Police are saying it’s not clear what lead to the shooting, though the weapon was recovered by police.  However, I can see the trolls now…

“OMG, he was trying to break through her bitch shield… with real bullets!”

“Dude, you gotta make the ho say no… then shoot her in the fucking face!”

“That’s the ultimate NEG, bitches!”

Please, people, let’s try and remember that there’s a real human being who’s been seriously hurt here.  She’s been listed as being in “critical condition” at the hospital, and even is she recovers, well… SHE’S BEEN SHOT IN THE FACE! I’m sure it won’t do wonders for her self esteem.

You know, though, of all the PUAs out there who’s shoot someone, I’d have to say that Gunwitch would be the LEAST surprising one.

Between the heart attacks, drugs, and copious amounts of alcohol the man consumed, I guess its amazing that something like this didn’t happen sooner.  But I will say its a shame.  Now people are going to be looking at his “pickup method” as though it’s some load of BS that promotes violence towards women.  Stuff like that gives the entire community a bad name.

All the details that we have right now concerning the incident are sketchy, but its being reported that Gunwitch might be charged with ATTEMPTED MURDER.  Yes, that’s right, M-U-R-D-E-R.

And I guess if the girl actually dies from her injuries, then the whole “attempted” part of that charge goes out the window.

Let’s keep Amber Tripp in our hearts and minds, and send some prayers her way.  No one deserves to be shot in the face on New Years unless its with champaign.

And to Gunwitch – if you really did maliciously shoot someone with an intent to kill them… fuck you man.  Seriously.  And if you did it on accident because you were too drunk or whatever… fuck you still.  You totally ruined someones life.  Not cool at all.  I honestly didn’t think anyone could be more heinous than Ross Jeffries, but at least the man never SHOT SOMEONE IN THE FUCKING FACE.  (Not yet anyway.)  So let this be a lesson to everyone — friends don’t let friends pick up with loaded weapons.  And I don’t mean that in a hip, sexual innuendo type of way.