Celebrity PUA Bootcamp With Christopher Walken!

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Okay, we all know that PUA instructors run into all types of students when they’re teaching a bootcamp, and some are more difficult than others.  But what happens when a celebrity stops by who needs some “special attention?”  Check out how AFCAdam, the world’s #1 PUA, handles iconic actor Christopher Walken when he attends one of his workshops.

Special thanks to AFCAdam for this one.  What other celebrities would you like to see take a bootcamp?  Let me know in the comments!

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7 Responses to “Celebrity PUA Bootcamp With Christopher Walken!”
  1. Love it Thunder…
    “2 baby bunnies fighting inside of a turtleneck” LOL Great line!

    Creative as hell dude! Keep up the good work.

    I want to see you do Larry The Cable Guy at a bootcamp next :-)

  2. Thundercat says:

    Larry the Cable Guy?

    C’mon. That guy has NO trouble getting women. :-)

    “Get ‘er dun!”

  3. Carlos Xuma says:

    Funny, man… Now we need is Charlie Sheen in the next bootcamp…

  4. Thundercat says:

    Ha ha. Charlie Sheen would be a good one. Who’s bootcamp should he take do you think?

  5. Scot McKay says:

    Larry McBride next, most definitely.

  6. Thundercat says:

    You mean Danny McBride, Scott? Kenny Motherfuckin’ Powers???

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