Kezia Noble Is Stalking Thundercat

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So it’s no secret I’ve been poking a bit of fun at “the world’s leading female pick up instructor” lately.  But apparently, Kezia has seen our video and listened to the podcasts and has become a fan of the Lair (naturally!).  But last night after we recorded our unfortunate episode of the Bootycast (because the audio of Adam and I was cutting out constantly), I get a call from a number I don’t recognize.

So I do what I normally do, which is ignore the number.  Sorry, if you’re not already in my phone, I’m not picking up!  (Standard PUA call screening.)

Then, I start getting text messaged by the same number.  And guess what?  It’s Kezia Noble!  Somehow, she stalked me down and got my number and started texting me randomly.  Honestly, I don’t know whether to be flattered or frightened at this point.  But here was the text message exchange:

Kezia:  U buy me shoes?  :)

Thundercat:  LoL.  Who is this?

Kezia:  The wonderful kezia.  U buy my shoes?

Thundercat:  Wow.  I feel honored to be stalked by such a public figure.  LoL

Kezia:  Ur welcome.  Now buy me shoes!

Thundercat:  Buy ur own shoes.  We aint sleepin together!  LoL

Kezia:  Oh well worth a try!  Im in l.a, and will be back in september for the pua summit.  Hope to c u then mr thunder cat

Thundercat:  Yeah, I’ll probably be there.  Large and in charge.

Kezia:  So i expect a warm reception from my 2 greatest fans adam and amanda :)

Thundercat:  You should ask them to buy u shoes then.  :)

Kezia:  Agreed

So yeah, now the world’s leading female pick up instructor (hence forth known as WLFPUI, or WOLFPIE) is obsessed with me and stalking me via text message.  Honestly, she’s probably the hottest stalker I’ve ever had, but still… should I be afraid?  :-D

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3 Responses to “Kezia Noble Is Stalking Thundercat”
  1. BARRY says:

    kezia will stalk you and kiss your ass when she sees you at the PUA summit, she needs and wants all the friends she can get in america. lol ……she gives really lousy advice

  2. The Observer says:

    I just finished listening to the first half of your Bootycast (as you call it) episode # 9 and….man, what a piece of crap episode it was/is. What you have said above about this episode as “poking a bit of fun” at Kezia Noble was actually a pathetic and very weak premeditated attempt orchestrated by you, Adam and Amanda to assassinate her Character and what a lousy orchestration it was. This whole section was done so Adam can promote his wife Amanda as a top leading female coach….this was obvious. I used to like Adam and Amanda but by listening to this pod-cast, I lost all respect for them both. And the reason for me being pissed at you “Mr. Wondercat” (in case you are wondering) is that you don’t even know Miss Noble and her work (admittedly) and you still trash talked her in a worst way on this pod-cast. How much Adam and Amanda paid you for it? If nothing, then you are just a tool. What a disappointment ! Don’t tell me you guys did not have an agenda…’s obvious. Amanda showed a lot of jealousy and weakness every time she was saying something about Kezia.

    For your information, Kezia Noble’s work is impeccable. Her Material, her own unique techniques and her teaching/training/coaching is very effective and gets results (don’t believe me? ask thousands of her students around the world and they’ll tell you). Her vast knowledge and material and the way she teaches is extremely powerful. She actually brings a lot of fresh and new and very useful knowledge that you guys don’t even know about (buy her products sometime and you’ll see) She is a published author….are any of you? Her success in her work is growing fast and her fan base is getting bigger around the world and in the U.S., She is a much higher level teacher than Amanda by far (no competition there). She is a much better Pick-Up instructor than many out there in this community (men or women). Kezia has more class in her little finger than the three of you ever had combined.

    By the way, Kezia is stalking you? dream on….you wish. Maybe your name needs to be changed to “Hallucinating Cat”.

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