AFC Adam Lyons: Zombie Text Game – Resurrect A Dead Set

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Many people who first begin to hear about the possibility of improving their dating life through understanding psychology refuse to believe it works. They would rather tell you how it must be complete rubbish than give it a try themselves, as people find it hard to believe that they’ve been doing something as natural as finding a partner completely wrong for their entire lives.

They find it difficult to accept there is an easy way of doing things that can drastically increase your chances with the opposite sex.

I love proving just how effective these techniques are. Now some of the theories may take time to put into practice however, there is one little lesson I love to teach which you can do RIGHT NOW!

It takes very little effort to do, and is relatively consequence free. So why not give it a try?

A while back I was sitting on the toilet staring at my phone wondering what I could do to improve my own methods… (Sorry for the graphic reference its the place where I get my best ideas)

Then I saw all the phone numbers of girls I have approached over the last 6 months scrolling past on my phone and I remembered something one of my good friends mentioned after we stopped seeing each other.

She deletes the phone numbers of people she doesn’t want to know.

She was explaining how she loves hanging out with me so much that she would stay in touch with me, but that every other guy she’s ever dated she hasn’t really wanted to keep in touch with and so she deleted his number.

Now upon further inspection by myself it turns out that many, many people do this.

So have you taken a girls number in the last 6 months only to have her stop responding to your text messages? Odds are my friend that she has deleted your number too!

This means you gain a massive advantage. You know who she is… but she can’t remember you!

With a little bit of knowledge of how attraction works you just might be able to rekindle something from the comfort of your own home.

I have experimented with different texts, and this was the set I felt had the best results to date.

This is a real text exchange between me and a girl that ignored my texts after getting her phone number in a club.

Adam: Watcha Cutie, how’s life treating you? Still Partying hard? or you getting too old for it now?

Cutie: Who is this?

Adam: Wow Forgotten already :o p I suppose thats how it is in media eh? I’m Adam the PR manager we met in umbaba, you said to give you a call, but I’ve been busy til now, how are you? Still partying? ;o)

Cutie: Ah Hi hun, yeah always, Im coming into town tonight x

Adam: Cool I’m heading to chinas tonight with a bunch of the girls… where are you heading?

Cutie: China too! See you there.

Cutie: Use this number in future huni… (sends me a new number)

I used to use this technique alot back in the day and its amazing how many actually start responding and really warming up to you.

So what to do with all those old Phone numbers… don’t throw them away.

Simply recycle It’s better for the environment.

AFC Adam

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