Top 10 2008 Contest 1: Craziest Drama

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Okay guys, Day 1 of our countdown to the Top 10 list this year is an easy one…

What do you think was the craziest community “drama” to happen in 2008?  Please give a *DETAILED* explanation as to why you think it is the craziest, what impact (if any) it had in the community, and what you enjoyed the most about it.

The winner of this contest will get…


Right out of me own pocket, to spend on whatever you want.

Sound good?

Winner gets announced on Wednesday.  If no one gives me anything good, or no one enters, I’ll just roll the prize money into the next contest.

So get yer butt into the comments thread of this post and start submitting your entries.  Can you submit more than one?  Fo’ sure.  But remember:  You can’t win if you don’t enter!  So if you’re one of those hoity-toity types who wipes his arse with Benjamins, don’t bother entering.

For the rest of you, I look forward to seeing your entries!

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19 Responses to “Top 10 2008 Contest 1: Craziest Drama”
  1. NomNomNom says:

    News flash, the seduction community is weird and unhealthy!

  2. wtf says:

    Published by Stephane on Saturday, January 3, 2009

    if u want those 100 bucks and i know u want it bad donovan use your brain and find smt else.

    neill and ghita”hooking up”c’ from late december are those pics and so on.

  3. Donovan says:

    Late December is not in 2008? You’re a freak.

  4. BradFan! says:

    Brad P for #1 !!

  5. Jack says:

    the anti PUA myspace.

    apparently the person is a female relationship/life coach. Probably it is because she is losing customers because of mystery’s show

  6. Bruce Min says:

    Wow, $100 smackers. That be nice to put in your pocket.

    Very generous of you, Thundercat! Keep up the good work.

    On a side note, they’re all crazy. :)

    - Bruce

  7. Tuplad says:

    Biggest drama ?

    Well, I am an ex ideaGasms follower, so I have to say, what happened there is nuts.

    AmyJo and Ghita left Stephane, he “fired” all his loyal friends and followers and now he’s mad because Ghita fucks around with Neil. His site is all negativity, yet he claims he’s almost enlightened and all that people of the lie bullshit. That is pretty much the biggest drama that happened.

  8. Tuplad says:

    It had a big impact on all the spiritual fluff that is out there, lots of people are really looking within now.

    Why I enjoyed it ? Because Steph got burned.

  9. Paul says:

    The biggest drama has happened when Alexander of RSD released his infamous demonstration of what the skillset of RSD instructors really look like.

    Here is the video they have repeatedly tried to hide from the public:

    This created so much drama in Papa’s head, that he actually contacted youtube to notify copyright infringement (which is stupid, but whatever). This actually caused Donovan from over at Seductionchronicles to lose his youtube account.:)

    In case someone wants to review all the drama all that video created over at RSDNation, here you can read the closed thread where Alexander defends the video.
    He is so full of shit, that even some of the RSD sheeps had to call him out,lol.

    Summary: Biggest drama of 2008 is the Alexander video, which finally proved the level of competence of all the RSD crew: ZERO.



  10. Gorgon says:

    Mystery losing the lawsuit and having to publicly apologize for slander.

  11. donovan is still gay says:

    man…u find the time to win easy 100 $ but u don t find the time to do smt with your site

    it was cool when u first started, now only copy and paste of other ppl work with affiliated links..what a douchebad.

    thxs thundy for not giving donovan the money..get to work u lazy bitch.

  12. Slick says:

    The biggest drama is the exposure of Alpha-Maximus-blablabla Matador wearing a wig! Obviously Sinn talked about it on your podcast, but he posted it on his blog too:

    You’d imagine that gay indian guy to have fabulous hair that would make other gay guys jealous. BUT NOOOOOOO….it’s fake as my chest hair. He should stop using those steroids…. Now everyone lost respect for that poor little fella. Every time you see him on the show, you just want to see where the extensions are and when the wig will fall off. Hell, that’s the only reason I was watching the show.

  13. Donovan says:

    Ohhhh $100!!! I NEED that so badly!

    @Paul Great point. I nearly forgot all about that! That was some crazy drama. Bloody RSD.

    @Slick HAHHAHA

  14. justin says:

    Ghita Went back to train with Steve P. She will be with him this week in vegas. Stephane who was the Real teacher? Ghita Seems to know.

  15. Simon says:

    neil strauss sucks – he has SLA but they don’t even do workshops. The only reason he makes top 10 is because of his reputation…not because of innovation or skills! At least Mystery has a workshop…but only tv junkies that watch VH1 take em.. What ashame…at least they get help though…but hopefully find UDS or PUATraining soon after…maybe even RSD or whatever else training there is cause M3 is OS (old school!)

  16. Gil says:

    This may not be drama, but its most definitely dramatic. Check out the Circle of Oi, credit to Psych.

    This one is hilarious:

    PS: AFC Adam is number one!

  17. Zardoz says:

    Ah I can’t get over the weird pua gossip. This shit is fucked up. Hero worshipping a bunch of horny ex geeks and watching their wedding videos. What the fuck.

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