Video: What Girls Think About Looks Vs. Personality

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Hey guys,

Today I am really excited to share this new video with you.


Because all my buddies I let “sneak a peek” at this video have told me how incredible it is, so I’m excited to hear your feedback on it.

After the “case study” where I went head-to-head with the two good looking guys, I corralled all the women into my apartment and revealed to them what it was we were REALLY doing there.

Needless to say, they were all shocked!

But ask I began to share with them the methods I used on them, a funny thing happened…

They actually began to get EXCITED about these personality techniques!

As you’ll see for yourself in the video, the girls are completely floored by some of the techniques.

Just go here now to check it out:

Click Here For The “What Women Think” Video

I’m sure you’ll be amazed at the kind of responses we get from the women.  (I know I was!)

P.S.  The video is kind-of long, running at about 60 minutes in length, so give it some time to load if it’s slow loading.  Trust me, its worth the wait!

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13 Responses to “Video: What Girls Think About Looks Vs. Personality”
  1. Ashley says:

    Borrrrrrring Video….I can see where some of the things talked about make sense although as a girl I can attest to the fact that looks DO matter. Maybe not as much as they are hyped up to be but they do matter. The guy in the video seems like a boring marketer type. Hopefully hes not teaching the program.

    I think if most guys just followed the routines displayed in this video, they would fall into a friendship category..

    just my two cents….

  2. Kurt says:

    I totally agree with Ashley. This video was terrible and not very realistic….what a disappointment…

  3. The Big J says:

    Major Yawners!
    Girls don’t do much thinkin.

  4. metalhaze says:

    I have to say that Ashlee struck a point, although the other guys looked boring and Thundercat looked very interested, Interesting does not translate to sexual attractiveness.

    If these girls wanted a longterm relationship and wanted to settle, I would say that they would pick thundy, but if they wanted a weekend fling or some casual sex, the other guys would definitely fit the bill.

    Looks might matter to a girl less than what they matter to a guy but they STILL do matter, and they matter more the shorter the relationship/tryst is.

    Although like the previous video showed, Athletic guys who are very shy/timid and handsome party guys who are too arrogant/jerks/airheads do not necessarily fit what a girl is looking for in a longterm relationship, on the other hand they do fit the bill for a weekend fling or casual sex.

    you should have asked the girls this question :

    “Imagine you are on holiday in Cuba for a week and you met these guys, whom would you like to have a weekend affair with ?”

    I do think that it is detrimental for a guy to neglect his health/looks because it telegraphs that
    a) he does not care about himself/his body
    b) he is lousy in bed.

    so Hit the gym!

    something to think of

  5. Lansing says:

    Are you serious? Which buddies did you show that said it was incredible?

    I wish you well in getting your product out there and sold but you sound like you want honest feedback so based on this video I think you need to do some work with your video productions.

    Not even mentioning the content (I agree with posters above though) but what is with your camera man? Is he a buddy or a professional camera man? You hear him make noises (including laughing) in the video for one. The other thing is that I felt almost dizzy with the movements he was making. It was really shaky in parts too. I hope you have someone non-biased behind the scenes looking at your videos. I am sure you can make money on anything out there on the net nowadays, but, I hope to see the quality of your video production improve

  6. Me says:

    People keep asking Thundy to lose his fat.
    If he did that however, he’d lose his niche.
    The power of Thundy’s message is essentially:
    “I’m fat, but I can get chicks. Let me show you how”

    That’s a powerful message for all the overweight geeks out there
    browsing the internet whilst waiting for their kernel to recompile.

    Remember when Oprah lost weight? Her popularity dipped because
    all the overweight housewives couldn’t identify with this new “improved”
    Oprah. So, she packed on the pounds once more and the popularity

  7. Esco C. says:

    come on, Thundy… the girl on the right was totally bored…why haven`t you just gamed them? would have been 10 times better than asking boring questions….

  8. Jan says:

    - ask the women first separately than in the group, and you get two different opinion from the same women.

    - asking women while she is in a relationship or while she is single, you get two different opinion from the same women.

    - asking the women while she having her menstruation and after the menstruation, you get two different opinion from the same women.

    - etc.

    Thundercat you should learn more about professional market research before you make videos like this, otherwise your efforts will be contra-productive.

  9. Veramore says:

    Its a little hyped up, its good to hear what women think, just keep in mind everyone – attraction isnt a choice.

    Can a guy with good game win over a good looking guy with bad game? Of course. But women are more like men than we give them credit for. Some women just look at men as a piece of meat just like how some men look at women as something to fuck.

    Naturally physical attractiveness is a varying thing. It changes based off of a variety of sociological conditions. We are pre-conditioned to what we find attractive, good game is all about creating attraction between the opposite sex.

    Its not that you cant get women without being attractive, its just that why not put in the extra effort and just become attractive to women, physically and mentally – rather than just mentally?

    Naturally this doesnt make for good marketing but in a philosophical sense, good game involves attraction in all ways you can make it happen.

  10. hahahahahahahahaha!!!

    (damn nigga) ~ you suck!

  11. Bruce Min says:

    Hey guys,

    It’s a fair thing to say that indeed looks typically do matter, as that is usually what draws your attention to a girl in the first place. All the debate really isn’t needed. Although some people may say it doesn’t matter, and they believe it, they can’t deny the fact that they would actually like dating a pretty girl. That natural attraction is there for a reason.


  12. Thundercomplainer says:

    I watched for like 2 minutes then clicked the damn tab away. What a croque. That dumb fat bitch that he adressed the first question to had no clue. “It’s like they know they look good, so they act cocky”.

    Are you shitting me? How many guys do you know that actually know they look good? That’s a womans game (even though they so often delude themselves, they’ll think they look good but what actually get’s them attention are the skintight and/or very revealing clothing, the make-up etc. Just take a look at that blonde harlot sitting there with her titties in her lap).

    It took me like up to my 17th year to really realise that I was good looking (and I’m the smart type so I would’ve figured it out eventually by chance). The average bitch will know this by the age of 10.

    However I did appreciate one thing about this video, I’ve always wondered what Thunderfapper looked like and I have to say he’s a lot less of a nob then I expected. But still you know shit about caca mr. man.

    I swear if I ever run into you I’ll take my dick out and fling it at your face.

  13. twinkyofalla says:

    It’s human nature to go for looks over personality at first especially if you’re still young. But as you mature, I bet you will change your preferences.

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