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So I stumbled upon a blog called "Hot Alpha Female," kept up by a girl in Australia who seems to have her eyes set on writing a relationship book for girls about, what else – how to be a hot alpha female.

Anyway, she had a post called "Why I Love Pick Up Artists" which I found interesting.

Here’s a snippit…

Hot Alpha Female writes:
Ok enough of my ranting. So what is the main reason why I love pick up artists. There are so many reasons but here are a couple of them.

Ok the really successful pickup artists are of course incredibly attractive, because I think in general success is an attractive quality. The ones that have really mastered pick up are hot, not just because they are now what we would call natural at the game but because many of them are now focused on helping other guys to get better at the dating game.

Successful, ambitious and love to contribute … well that’s a plus plus plus

And so the second reason why I love any pick up artist no matter what level they are at, is that they have at least an open mind and are being proactive about their life. So instead of just sitting their butts complaining and bitching to anyone and everyone that will listen, they are actively searching and open to new ways of behaving or perceiving the world.

Open minded and proactive …. plus plus

And the third reason is that they are just a shite load more fun and interesting!!! I really think that pick up is all about discovering who you really are and then growing the balls to bring that to the world. When you have the guts to be yourself, the whole world opens up to you. It seriously does. All my player friends are so MUCH FUN!! They tease you, they bag you out, they are unpredictable. I love it, they love it, everyone ends up loving it. Its such a good feeling being around people who just "get it". Where you honestly don’t have to think about anything except being yourself.

Fun, interesting and gutsy …. plus plus plus

And last but not least this is by far my most favorite thing about pick up artists. When they finally get all the crazy sex deprived attitude out of their system (eventually happens) and they start wanting to find a good quality girl and not just quantity, they are really well rounded and personally developed guys. With (yes) a lot of experience but also a little more maturity when it comes to dating, life and relationships. They have lived a lot of life, they have so many rich experiences and the whole process of picking up and learning about the game has ultimately led them to fully accept themselves as they are. They now know and understand what they want, what their needs are and usually they have an incredibly developed outlook on life.

Confident, well developed and true understanding of themselves ….. deal sealers

Now that’s not to say that when there is a pick up artist around (its easy to tell) that you aren’t going to test them that little bit harder. Its like tennis, if you know your opponent is good you are totally going to up your game to match it.

Same rule applies here.

I can’t help it, its only natural to test guys. But what I’m saying, is that if you get one in the right time, they are well worth it =)

I think every girl in the world needs to read this post.  =)

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