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Angel Eyes has an interesting post over on his blog talking about a method he uses to engage groups at bars.  It pretty much involves buying the group a round of drinks, but it seems like a pretty good icebreaker, especially for a group approach.

Angel Eyes writes:

My “Source Of Fun Method”

It’s pretty easy.

You just walk up to the bar… and you look to the nearest group (it
doesn’t matter if it’s a mixed group or not) that are either sitting or
chatting/standing near the bar and you say…

“Okay, let’s get this party ROLLIN’… who’s up for a shot?”

… and you by the group a shot.

And, since you’re buyin’, you can accuse and tease people if they get girlie shots… or just flat out refuse to buy them.

After words… give everyone high fives and say something like…

“That’s what I’m talkin’ bout… nobody gets bored on MY watch.”

I know some of the haters out there will poo-poo all over this method, and yes, it does seem to go against some of the "pua mentality," but I think if you can afford to buy a group a round of shots, its probably pretty darn effective.  Go and read Angel Eye’s post, its pretty long and detailed.

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8 Responses to “Angel Eye’s Source Of Fun Routine”
  1. NEWSFLASH: buying drinks *might* get you laid!!! says:

    “I know some of the haters out there will poo-poo all over this method”

    Haters of what? Tryhard attempts to win strangers over by spending money on them?
    Yeah,having an understanding of basic pickup knowledge and knowing when something is lame makes us haters…

    Seduction Maestro:
    “This is the kind of thing that ALL AFCs know how to do, when they have money, and usually they don’t get laid, they get LEFT!

    Sure sometimes they get laid- it’s called fucking luck!

    How can you have been on this scene for so long and still not have a clue, Thundercat?”

    I agree… that’s not so much being a source of fun as a source of free drinks in hopes that it pays off.

    -I also agree that Thundercat should have more of a clue by now. I remember him saying that social circle game was the only way to get laid (which pretty much means “nobody gets laid from cold approached”)

    Angel Eyes:
    “BUT, when you’re buying a group of people a shot (not a drink)…”

    -Are you serious? How exactly are shots consumed?

    I think aspiring PUAs get so caught up in pickup theory sometimes that they’ll automatically shoot down anything that isn’t a widespread “technique” as AFC or “chodey”.

    - No, this actually is weak. Having a clue does NOT = being dogmatic. You might as well be buying a teddy bear for that special girl.

    Spending money on other people for social proof is not game.

    Speedy said:
    “Obviously, you should position yourself as the leader in that situation and guard against being used simply for free drinks, ”

    - … and how exactly do you do that? Maybe by having some social skill and being a cool, confident person who’s fun to be around?
    ’cause that sounds like what you’d basically have to do to get along well if you don’t buy drinks for strangers…

    Of course you do what you wanna do, but if introduce something that’s already common and not practical, understand that people are going to point that out to you.

    Being a source of fun is about being fun – not throwing money around.

  2. Hey!
    I’ve got a new seduction method that really works. Instead of continueing to rent, lease a small yacht, and just drive up to marina bars and ask everyone for a midnight moonlight drive. Some of the hot babes will STAY!
    Simple, effective, no skill needed!

  3. Stephen Nash says:

    Angel Eyes = Good People. Good to see you back in the bloggame Thundercat.


  4. Vince Kelvin says:

    Quit sucking balls Stephen. Fucking pathetic.

  5. Mr. Right says:

    Wow Stephen. I though you where better than this. :(

  6. Great, thanks for sharing Thundercat! I’ve bookmarked this dating blog!

  7. I’d like to add my two cents to this technique right here…

    I’ll never buy someone’s approval, either with words, gifts, dinner, flower, or money. You guys already know what that is – needy, desperate, and it shows a HUGE lack of confidence.

    However, Angel said “And, since you’re buyin’, you can accuse and tease people if they get girlie shots… OR JUST FLAT OUT REFUSE TO BUY THEM.”

    Correct me if I’m wrong Angel, but it sounds like you’re opening a group in a way that gets all of the group’s attention at once instead of going old school and using an opener on one woman in the group and expanding the conversation to the whole group so you won’t get cockblocked.

    So the difference is in opening 1-for-all or Angel’s all-for-1 way, but it sounds to me like this method doesn’t NEED you to buy ANYTHING. You can act like… and then bust women’s balls for their sissy shot choice and/or refuse to buy them something and ask something in return first.

    That’s not buying approval, that’s creating attraction.

    Again, I’m not “pro buy” but we should at least test variations in-field dudes. Here’s another one: bust everybody indivually for their sissy choice, ask something in return, and then go ahead and buy them the shot YOU want them to have (if you’re ever going to buy it).

    Shows dominance, playful teasing, being picky all in one routine. What I would do is get the cheapest shot, don’t get the biggest competitor (if its a male/female group) a drink and AMOG him with his clothing, and also DON’T get my target a shot “sorry honey, Im all out of money… or maybe I just don’t like you enough yet.”

    As you can see, the technique is worth exploring. Don’t knock it until it blocks chicks ;-)

    To more dating success,

    Dennis Miedema

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