World’s First Lesbian Bigamist

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So some woman, who was married to a guy, decided to get married to another woman, then decided she wasn’t gay, and dumped her after the law came after her.  Brilliant.

The civil partnership ceremony between Suzanne Mitchell and her lesbian lover Caroline Beddoes at Shrewsbury register office, on February 1, 2006, was a quiet affair.

Suzanne, a petite blonde, wore a beige skirt and cream blouse while Caroline, a statuesque brunette, wore a white trouser suit reminiscent of the one worn by John Travolta in the film Saturday Night Fever.

None of Suzanne’s friends or family turned up, and only a smattering of Caroline’s. After the happy couple said their vows, pledging to love each other for ever, the party repaired to a local pub to celebrate with a few drinks.

But there was one small problem. Suzanne, 30, was still married to her husband Charles, 46, with whom she’d exchanged the same vows at the very same register office some six years earlier.

Even more bizarrely, Charles – the father of two of her five children – was still ensconced at the family home, albeit relegated to the sofa downstairs once 24-year-old secretary Caroline had replaced him in the marital bed.

This embarrassing state of affairs would have remained their little secret, had police not acted on an anonymous tip-off after Suzanne’s "marriage" to Caroline imploded within two months and she decided she wasn’t gay after all.

Last week, she found herself in court accused of being the country’s first lesbian "bigamist". The mother of five admitted making a false statement to the registrar by failing to mention she was already married. She will be sentenced in August and is praying she won’t be sent to jail.

I think this entire article is a fascinating warning for guys who fall in love with bisexual women.  One of those "Be careful what you wish for" scenereos.  I’ve yet to see an example of a polyamourous relationship that actually lasts for the long haul.

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