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So Badboy just sent me a new article of his about how to use your social circle to get laid like a rockstar.  Unfortunately, he only sent me the first half of the article, so I’ll have to mark this as "Part I" until I get the rest of it.

Check it out…

How To Conquer & Pillage Your Social Circle – Part 1
by Badboy

I am aware that most of guys are sick and tired of going out to clubs and picking up girls with with cold approach techniques (I know I am). I think it’s time to get back to old-school game – Working your social circles!

Even though we’ve developed some very nice tactics and strategies for clubs, we all know deep inside that social circles are easiest way to get a girl.

The biggest problem with social circles we had in college days is that they all fall apart. Most guys with game banged most of the girls, some guys married a few of the girls, and a few years after we graduated the easy social circle disappeared.

After the easy social circle era, we started going to clubs for the hunt.  This is where all our PUA tactics came into play.

After years of messing around with club girls and sarging all over the world, we are all fed up with going to clubs and working the same types of girls over and over again. I think we all need something fresh.

The next logical step is back to the social circle.

I know no one has really written some solid advice for social circle game, so I will start and I hope this is going to be the beginning of a light in this dark tunnel.

Social circle game = long term strategies.

First guys, this is a totally new game; different rules, different mindset, but when you combine your PUA knowledge with this, things go beyond what’s possible off of a cold approach.

Before you even start, you must get rid of that stupid PUA mindset of “trying to bang every girl who crosses your path”.

That mindset is not compatible with good Social Circle game. Again, we are thinking long term.

Rule 1# – You must create female friends

These will be girls you don’t sleep with.  They are just pure female friends. They are your bait.

Girls that love being around you, that are into you sexually even… BUT YOU DON’T BANG THEM. This may be very hard, especially for you hard core “PUAs” , but it’s the way to go.

Having few beautiful girls in your life who are totally into you, but you DON’T BANG will put you constantly around OTHER hot girls who you CAN bang.

For most community social robots this is a total paradox. You meet a 9, you build attraction, rapport, you bring her home and you don’t fuck her? Absolutely…

You need to get few of those girls, who will be bait and bring many, many other girls into your life and tell them all how awesome you are…

Rule #2 – Don’t eat your bait

When you go fishing, if you eat your bait… What do you plan to get fish with?

The bigger bait you have, the bigger FISH you’re going to get!

The more hot your friends are… the hotter girls the hotter girls they will bring into your life.

Every 9 has at least 10- 15 more 9′s in her life. Those are the girls you can bang… just not that first 9.

So as a rule, don’t hit or try to bang your inner circle, instead bang the outer circles.

To be continued…

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  1. maximus says:


    this REAlY works

    The most enriched article i’ve ever read


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