MINE’99 Is Off His Nut

June 3, 2005 by  
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Here’s the latest from MINE’99 in his fued with… well, pretty much the whole community.  If you thought he wasn’t quite playing with a full deck before, wait until you read this one…

MINE’99 writes:
I built the seduction community. I can take it  down now any time I choose.

Mark my words. I’m going to set this whole fucker free.

Those who profit from my genius..beware.

"Now I truly control the worm AND the spice..and I have the power to DESTROY THE SPICE FOREVER"…..Mu’adib

Now, either MINE’99 plans to destroy every woman on the planet in some Dr. Evil-type scheme to wipe out seduction forever, or he’s just gone crazy.  I’m talking completely, uttery, off-his-rocker crazy.

Personally, I think he’s been spending too much time alone with his cats.

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One Response to “MINE’99 Is Off His Nut”
  1. mua'dib says:

    I’ve laid out the hints. Put the crumbs on the trail. Yet you miss the mark, and fail. To see what’s cumming, down you’re dumbing, weep, and gnash the teeth and wail.



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