Neil Strauss in his first 5-Some

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Looks like publicity for The Game is really kicking into high gear.  Aside from the Primetime Live coverage on ABC, Neil will also be juggling the five ladies from The View this Friday morning.  Here’s the email I got from a guy named Infinity7 on the subject…

Infinity7 writes:
That’s right Thundy…..Style’s gonna be on the view this Friday morning.  Thursday night on Primetime ABC, then on the View the next morning.  SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!  STYLE’S GONNA BE ON THE FUCKIN VIEW!!!!!!  LOLOLOL!!!!!!!

Well, consider the word spread.  Here’s the details via the View’s website:

Guests — Rachel Weisz (The Constant Gardener); Victoria Gotti (Growing Up Gotti);  Neil Strauss (author, The Game).

I don’t envy Style, going on that show with four women and Barbara Walters, not to mention the crowd full of housewives that’ll be there.  I’m sure they’ll put him through the ringer too.  But I bet if you watch, you’ll get to see Style sarge all of them.

(Style, if you can, try to bang Elisabeth Hasselbeck, she’s hot!  If not her, then definitely Star Jones!!!  She can be screaming "Yes I AM a laywer!" the whole time you’re doing it =)

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30 Responses to “Neil Strauss in his first 5-Some”
  1. Style is literally one of (if not the) best PUAs I’ve ever had the fortune of meeting. Hope he kicks ass.

  2. BG says:

    Do you insist on mispelling his name?

    You’ve typed Niel at least 5 times in the last few posts. Ahah.

  3. Thundercat says:

    Do you insist on mispelling his name?

    You’ve typed Niel at least 5 times in the last few posts. Ahah.

    Gragh! Stupid “i before e”! Such was branded into my mind from a young age.

    Spelling has been corrected.


  4. 007 says:

    I’ll be sure to tape it. Can’t wait. Hey Style me and my Wingman will be at your book signing in Chicago September 16th. Hope to meet you!

  5. The Distinguishing Gentleman says:

    Hey 007…

    When/Where is the book signing in Chicago??

    I’m there!!!!!!!!

  6. ybatman says:

    To all who will be able to RECORD the Primetime Interview and THE VIEW. Can you or Thundy place the link of where they can be downloaded. Im currently in Mexico for a few months and will miss THE VIEW…Primetime…will be on probably a few days later on A&E down here…probably by monday or tuesday. Gotta check the programing. Anyway….if someone can post the link for both of them either tomorrow or over the weekend..that would be Great.


  7. Rooster says:

    Here is the location for the Chicago stop on Styles book signing tour.

    Fri, Sept 16
    Borders 150 N. State St.

  8. jb says:

    shit, i was recording it tonight and it’s not on. this is about the hurricane damage instead, dammit!

  9. Truffaut says:

    jb wrote: shit, i was recording it tonight and it’s not on. this is about the hurricane damage instead, dammit!

    Yeah, Style was AMOG’d by GOD.

  10. Mere Disciple says:


    God… is that really you?

    I’m sorry for the interruption, but about my prayers to be the next big PUA and all. If you find the time, it’d be really cool if you could get around to answering them. Thanks.

    Also, if you could make that whole mess about me being caught naked with the goat just go away too, that’d be pretty sweet.

    Thanks, God. You da man!

    Well… not a man… what I meant was…….. shit, who am I kidding, of course you know what I meant – you’re God!

    Oh and say hi to Elvis from me.

  11. GOD says:

    Mere Disciple,
    You are going to have to wait for my help.
    I am busy helping the people of New Orleans
    and cleaning up George Bush’s mess in Iraq.

    In the meantime, help yourself. I gave you
    great powers, use them!


  12. Mr. S says:

    Every segment BUT Style’s was shown on The View on ABC (at least where I am in Canada). CTV (the Canadian Television Network) also carries The View but some of us have to work. Is The View on later in the day?

  13. Chappelle says:

    -He was on the view. It was a very short segment (only a few minutes). He just mentioned some basics like ‘negs’.

    -Barbara was absent.

    -He didn’t make ‘the community’ look bad at all. He actually spoke of how most of the guys are just shy and looking for a way to speak with women.

    -I doubt that his appearance on ‘the View’ will have any major impact on exposing the community.

  14. falsh says:

    ray- mate this is word from england. you re clearly just trying to get publicity for you own crappy materials. “the game” won t change JACK SHIT. the reason being that women are clever, very intuitive. very attractive women won t believe that there s some secret techniques thats going to help a geek pull them. this WILL NOT concern women. and don t give me that crap about women suddenly realising their boys a player. thats horseshit ask any attractive woman if their boyfriends got MLTR and i bet they would say ” i would know if he was cheating. hes not that clever etc.”
    they take pride in their ability to suss out the fakers. and if you look even as a man its not that difficult to detect.

    so while i wish you all the sucess in the world with your “buy the author” marketing tactic… i still think you re trying to whip up some fear of what could happen to peddle your own wares. THIS BOOK WONT CHANGE ANYTHING

  15. GOD says:

    Hmm im afraid your wrong raynbow.

    The biggest change from afc to pua is changing the way you actually think. Deprogamming yourself from a position of submission. *Becomming aware of social mechanisms*. etc etc. These are genuine personal improvements and provide the REAL value that makes you successful.

    Openers and routines *ie the easily detectable portion of the pickup* are easily interchanged. Learning and understanding – and i mean really understanding the mechanisms/principles behind how these work is a lot harder to do.

    Learning social mechanisms and how male-female dynamics works comes under the banner of personal development, something any right minded person would encourage. If you think you are ‘tricking’ a girl into bed then you are making a fatal error and obviously have self esteem issues.

  16. Frisbee says:


    Tell us all about using the prawns to get women method.


  17. GOD'S $ON says:


    Tell us all about using the prawns to get women method.



  18. bobmarley says:

    whats that got to do with prawns

  19. Frisbee says:

    “What we have here are women who are temporarily tricked by a bunch of loser guys who never scored in their lives before they found these tricks (published by men like ME, no less)”

    … and the trick with the prawns? Tell us Ray, we want to hear about the prawns.

  20. GOD says:

    Your statement:
    “It’s not “personal development” to judge women on looks, engage in MLTRs, demand they fuck you by the second date (if not the first), etc.”

    Is your personal value and opinion. You are projecting how you think and act onto others.

    Now ray, the one thing a lot of afc guys and wannabe puas, including yourself, miss out on is the component of EMOTIONAL SELF CONTROL. This is the one big difference that determines whether or not a man can handle being with physically & emotionally attractive women. Learning self control takes time and involves correcting self esteem issues. Not all guys are strong enough to do this. Are you?

  21. Frisbee says:

    Ray avoids the prawn question.

  22. Killswitch says:

    Umm.. why is Ray posting here?
    He’s been making the same lame predictions for the last 7 years and nothing has changed and he will be making the same lame predictions for the NEXT 7 years and nothing will change.

    Now he’s HOPING this book will change ‘the game’, but he hasnt read it yet and neither have we. Most likely its going to be about how Neil and Mystery went from being nerdy losers to lovable players with a nice happy ending where they get into the relationships they always wanted.Yipeee!

    The book and the seduction websites will go largely unnoticed by mainstream media and the average guy will be more likely to get his dating tips from the latest issue of Maxim than from us. lol

  23. falsh says:

    listen guys this “ray” character is FULL OF IT i live in manchester uk and ive just come back from a club i managed to pull 3 girls. 1 the most atttractive girl in the club, although i did tell her a couple of porkies but hey fuck it it was well worth it!!!!!!!!! another girl called kate lawler who in the uk is a bit of a celebrity and very sexy(look her up on the net however i fucked igt up by pulling girl number 1 who was fitter but with no celebrity status)!!! and some other girl who was fit. the idea that these girls would know or CARE about THE GAME is absolute fucking horseshit SERIOUSLY if you came to the uk and TOLD girls about whats being debated here these girls would laugh there fucking asses off. there s no fucking WAY this will make any iota of difference no way. ray if you want to make some real money your obviously having difficulty and NEED ADVISE email my friggin P.A!!!!! and its 3.46 am in the uk now btw…

    just for the recordf though guys although i ve just had a top night out and pulled tremendously i was on my own and i did fuck up slightly and got NO NUMBERS! oh dear never mind theres always tomorrrow. PUA FOR LIFE

  24. jb says:

    flash, what the heck are you talking about??

  25. KM says:

    My money is on this whole Game thing going unnoticed. I mean Mys will get more students, but the rest of the world..who fuckin cares??? Seriously, Thundy can I request some **solid** material.

    My SPs include
    * not being able to build rapport
    * Isolate and holding attention of HBs with high traffic.
    * routines used to build comfort

    there were some good posts before all this Style BS started.

    Lets make this lair resourceful guys, this whole book review and energy spent on this guy is going too far and not productive. My 2 cents.

  26. Fimbah Foo says:

    Fellas, if you think The Game is going to slide under the radar, you are WRONG. I just read an advance copy of it, and it’s one of the best books I’ve read in a long, long time. Strauss did an excellent job of writing a worthy book, not just a geeky manual. And like all good books, the journey he makes is riveting — and not just from a narrative standpoint — he becomes a superhero. It’s comic book appeal of magic powers crossed with its well-told-tale is going to change the game most certainly. It has too, if I know anything about men’s hearts. It’s even packaged like The Bible. I’ve seldom read anything this addictive, it hits all the notes. Knowing the dynamics of what works will never change, but the structure and a lot of the tricks are going to go the way of pulling a rabbit out the hat. Not right away, but … actually, I was hanging out with some pro models the other day (that sounds pompous, trust me, it was a neutral environment), and for fun I asked them if anyone ever hit on them using x,y,z (i.e., a lot of the routines I read in the Game). Sometimes I would barely start the routine, and they would finish for me! So, even before the book, the gals are wising up. Not every gal will, but I really think this book is going to be huge.

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  28. Lonewolf says:

    Neil Strauss’book The Game is going to have a huge impact on the ‘community’ After he appears on the View, women are going to start reading his book. Then word will spread and guys running Game will be shot down before they can spit out their second canned sentence.
    PUAs will now have to become creative and write their own material. I for one and glad about that.
    If you understand the core principles of PUA techniques and NLP and are original, you can still score, even with a chick who’s read The Game
    Next: A Chick version of The Game. When it comes out guys – Read it!

  29. The Distinguishing Gentleman says:

    “Next: A Chick version of The Game. When it comes out guys – Read it!”

    It already came out a few years ago. It was hugely popular and I’d HIGHLY recommend you guys read it.

    It’s called “The Rules” by Ellen Fein and Sherry Schneider.

    They even offer phone coaching…they’re like female PUAs :)


  30. Donovan Duval says:

    Also after the Rules came out there was the book the Code, where two guys pretty much went round offending housewifey types on daytime talk shows and sold loads of copies. It was in the similar vein to the seduction type stuff that is around today, but nowhere near as developed. It died quickly back then and in our ever faster world of more sensory input less time, the Game will die out just as quick, if not quicker. It is a great book though, riveting read -what! Looking forward to the female perspective book that will try and cash in on the ‘oh so fleeting’ moment. Not to mention all the limping copy cat cash ins that will flood the market like hurricane Rita.

    These things tend to be cyclic. They bubble under for a few years, then disappear back to the underground where they (and we) came from. Plus in ten years time where do you think today’s eight and nine year old girls are gonna be? In fact where do you think today fifteen and sixteen year olds are going to be in a few years time. Let’s not jump ship just yet, hey chaps!

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