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I was going through some old pictures of mine today, and I realized that i have gained some fuckin’ weight!  Seriously, I am FAT!  (And that’s sans "P-H" fellas).

Seriously.  I’m so fat I’m thinking of giving up walking all together and just slithering around like Jabba the Hut.  It would be more congruent with my outward appearance, I’ll tell you that much.  Nothing’s more depressing than seeing yourself as being overweight (you skinny guys probably don’t understand this, since your conception of "being fat" is relatively skewed compared to a truely fat man).  When your clothes don’t fit right, and you notice your buying more and more groceries, the ol’ self-esteem tends to hit the floor.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say it misses the floor all together and decends into the bottomless pit that is dispair.

The funny thing is, I’m not too depressed about it or anything.  I mean, I’ve been fat before.  I’m talking FAT!  As in 300 lbs. of Orca Fat.  And back when I didn’t know what to do with women, that was a rough ball to juggle.  I used to think that only thin guys got the chicks, because it just wasn’t in my reality that fat people were considered attractive.

But being the fat bastard I am, and having the ability to go out and STILL get women into me (at least to a certain point.  I’m still learning, after all =) is quite a different experience from the good (or were they bad?) old days of being fat AND miserable instead of just fat.

I think that men, due to society and whatnot, tend to put too much importance on their appearances.  I mean, sure, it’s important to look good.  But so many guys look at being fat as something that REPELS people, when the reality is that for the most part, women don’t seem to mind it.

One of my best friends of all time is a 300 pound guy who’s not much better looking that I am (in fact, I’d rate myself higher on the looks scale, but who am I to judge?) and this guy gets TONS of sex from incredibly hot women.  Why?  He’s not famous.  He’s not rich.  But the dude is fucking FUNNY as hell!  He can make anyone laugh.  And when girls laugh, and they realize they’re having a good time, they’re going to be into you.  My friend’s real strength comes from being able to amp up the sexual tension and actually make a move on the girl (something which most guys can’t do).

So in short, I think that if you have a great personality, and aren’t afraid to get sexual with a woman, you’re going to have a degree of success that is fairly consistent, no matter what you look like.  The thing is, a lot of guys I meet in this community are seriously lacking in the "personality" department.

So how do you develop a great personality?  Well, that’s for another blog entry.  But most of it is being someone who has something to talk about that is interesting.  I think Swinggcat’s concept of "Open Loops" and "Tension Loops" is gold for this.

Anyway, I’m rambling.  To sum things up:  I’m fat.  Gotta get motivated to lose the weight, because when I do, I feel so much better physically.  Anyone got any tips for us porkers out there who wanna carve a little bacon off?

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  1. Endiphrent says:

    Um, Extreme Make Over is quick and painful. You know back in high school I use to be fairly overweight. It sucked ass. Plus add in that I had this asian FOB look that made me extremely depressed cuz I couldnt get the hot surfer chicks like my friends did. Then spring sophmore year I dont know what happened. I went off, i went to the gym like 5 times a week for the next 6 months, I didnt go to the beach that summer at all. Everyday for lunch I had Tuna with reduced fat mayo on wheatbread. I got pretty built and got a 6 pack…but now Im fat too. Well not 300 pound orca fat :) but I lost the 6 pack :(

  2. intlzncster says:

    Man, I hate to break it to you thundy, but the fastest way to lose fat is to put on muscle. That means hitting the gym. You will put on weight, but you will lose the fat and look thinner (muscle is way heavier than fat).

    There’s a shitload of good systems out there for turning fat into muscle and bulking up. Obviously, you have to do some cardio and eat well, but weight trainging is MASSIVELY important in losing fat.

  3. enliteme says:


    For weight this is what I advise. Start teaching yourself about raw, living foods. A diet of at least 70% raw uncooked foods, will help you to drastically cut weight. The other 30% also has to be in balance, nutritious and also low on the glyciemic index.

    You re probably going to have to go through several organ cleanses. People that are obese tend to have congested livers, congested lymph systems, and congested arteries.

    You are learning PU and that is fantastic. But please regard your health. Your chances for staying around and enjoying all this PU for a while are drastically slimmer unless you make some serious changes.

    The Good New is this. You are in LA. (or I at least I think you are?) There are so many support groups, competent people to help you, and nearby centers to help you.

    In fact, if you want to lose weight very quickly and feel better than you may have felt in years there is one major resource nearby in San Diego. The Optimum Health Institute. I’ve visited, and each time I’ve loved it. (and lost weight, although weight is not my main issue) You’ll learn a ton from people attending, and there are many beautiful (and even famous celebs that attend). The price is also highly affordable. Check out the link:

    If you go, however, plan on staying for 3 weeks on your visit. This is the best way to gain major results and changes in habit. The best thing, is that they have tons of classes there educating one on how to keep their body in check.

    Good luck!

  4. mimicker says:

    There’s only one thing you need to lose weight: motivation.

    Do you really want to lose weight? If you don’t, no matter what you try you’ll fail. My motivation losing weight was always banging hot women, but as an aspiring pua, there’s no way that you can believe looks will get you hot women, so that motivation won’t work. enliteme did a good job of scaring you with “you’ll die early” tactic. That’s one motivator (never really worked for me tho). Just find some motivation that works for you, and no matter what you do to lose weight, you’ll lose weight.

    That being said, here are the facts:

    While you are weight lifting, you are burning calories. After building muscle mass, your body will begin to burn more calories each day so it can maintain that muscle mass. Muscle requires twice as many calories as fat (or something close to that).

    While you are doing cardio (running is hardest and best IME), you are burning calories. After your first session of cardio, you will probably be sore (even if you stretched A LOT). This is a very good sign. Mitochondria in your muscles (the power houses of the muscle cells) are splitting so they can produce more energy. And mitochondria need the most effecient type of energy your body has… and what is the most effecient type of energy in your body??? FAT. So, your muscles will literally become fat-burning machines. And each time you exercise, more mitochondria will split, and your muscles will become bigger and badder fat-burning machines. So doing cardio (and keeping it up!) is essential.

  5. mimicker says:

    One last thing:

    The most important thing while weight lifting is going until failure… and still trying for 10-15 seconds! Some exercises you shouldn’t do this cuz it’s dangerous, like squat and bench press. But you’ve gotta go until failure, then attempt with every ounce of yourself to complete the rep for 10-15 secs. You’re gonna be sore for sure the first time you try this (if you’re really tryin’).

  6. enliteme says:

    I agree with all comments about exercise. This is a key to reducing elevated insulin levels in the body, which is one of the major factors in obesity. (and which is why so many obese people also become diabetic)

    Weight-gain is not just a mental motivation issue. It is also a PHYSIOLOGICAL ADDICTION. Like a drug, perhaps much, much worse.

    For Thundercat to gain desired levels of fitness, he’s going to have to learn to change his bodies physiology.

    There are many dimensions into this problem, but I think along with eating the raw, natural foods I mentioned, one of the major keys is going to be learning how to maintain your bodies blood-sugar balance. This is very difficult out there in the processed world we live in.

    I’m not suggesting the Atkins diet, because this has many many drawbacks. (especially for the people trying to do it on all the processed Atkins foods)

    Check out a website called:

    I, myself, ordered this book and I’ve been using the advice for the last 3 months. It is very, very solid.

    I’ve never been obese, but I have been overweight. I was tipping the scales at 225 (on my height of 6’3) this winter. However, I was not in shape, and I looked bad.

    1′m 192 now. And I’ve done no serious dieting. Basically, I exercise through yoga , walks, and my very strenuous job (waiting tables). I’m also adding running back in, but I had some healh/energy problems that have prevented me from doing so until now.

    The major thing for me is eliminating my sugar/carb cravings, and getting my liver healthy (by eating natural whole foods).

    Ultimately, the cravings issue is the major obstacle in most people’s health plans. For peple that are obese, there are foods that should NEVER be eaten. Not even in moderation.

    As an example, I gained a temporary 5 pounds recently because ate too much bread at work. (stress release mechanism) I gained the weight, because eating that bread threw my blood-sugar mechanism out of balance (because it isn’t completely healed yet) and gave me sugar cravings. For 2 days, I had to fight this stuff off, before my physiology hit homeostasis again.

    Good luck with everything ThunderCat, I’m rooting for you! I don’t mean to have an antagonizing tone, because I bet you have read tons of books already on this subject, and have invested tons of your inner resources looking for a solution.

  7. karakatcho says:

    When i discovered all the seduction stuff, like 2 years ago, i was fat, not muscular and had a very non-confident body posture.

    I trained hard and go from to 240 to 190 lbs….

    At that time, i was sometimes getting crazy ioi… but was still inexperienced and shy. Didnt acted on it.

    After getting rid of a 27 yo virgin state, a first LTR, too much restaurant and a computer job.. i am back at 238 lbs (more muscular, better posture but overweight).

    But i can say that all the affairs i have had was with girls of increasing beauty…

    The last fool mate kiss close and number close i got was with a ~19 yo girl, very cute and slim (hot imo).

    This weekend, i was with my gf and her friend wich is the typical hottie (she approched every time we go out with her). She talked to me about her new “friend” and how she wished he had a shape more like me because it’s more “manly”!!??

    Work on your inner game and body posture… these are so important for you outer game fondations. You dont have to be physicaly perfect to get hot women.

    My pratical advice would be to close to TV, cut most sugar and walk whenever you can. Less effective than dedicated training or severe diet but easy to do.

  8. thesandworm says:

    Since this is a serious issue, I won’t mock Thundy, but just offer some good advice:

    1. Blood sugar control. Alpha-lipoic acid is fabulous for this. Rather than get into the details, do a google search on it. It works.

    2. To get in shape, fuck the gym and weight lifting. Check out Matt Furey’s Combat Conditioning program:

    I have NO association with the guy. He just kicks ass. Flame away if you like, but check him out

    3. The emotional side of eating also has to be handled. Don’t kid yourself that this isn’t an “Alpha” way to deal with it. I recommend Tom and Kim’s 3-D Mind:

    One of our students, Chris, dropped over 50LBs simply because the emotional issues that made him turn to food got resolved from the work Tom did with him. It took 17 minutes and I have the whole thing on video. Again, not my product, but it rocks.

    Or you might try Al and Marilyn Sargent. They have a great book called “The Other Mind’s Eye” and you can reach them in LA at 310-457-7062.

    I won’t recommend my own work because you won’t listen. So there are two good sources.

    Or you can try my new co-trainer, Shirleen Rodrigues. She does a technique called “Heart Awakening”. It might sound new-age and woo woo but it WORKS.

    To learn more go to: Not her site, but it tells about the method. Email me privately if you want her number/contact info.

    Good luck with this. I had the opposite problem for years; I was so emaciated, I looked like a concentration camp victim. I was 6 feet tall, 125 lbs all through college. I hated myself so much, I couldn’t look in a mirror and had NO mirrors in my room where I lived and was so ashamed, I would only get naked with a girl in total darkness.

    This is NO joke, and differences aside, Thundy, I truly hope you can resolve this. The tools ARE there. Yes, discipline is a part of it, but so is emotionally resolving somethings.

    Good luck.


  9. coolman2828 says:

    Hey Thundercat,

    Thanks for all your effort with this site.. It is an interesting place to stop by…

    I was at the LA seminar but don’t remember seeing you… Tony Soprano?

    I’d like to share my experiences in this area in case in might help anyone. I’m not sure of the ‘official accuracy’ of these things but all I can say is that they work for me.

    I am about 6 ft tall and have weighed in at about 225 for a while. I know this is not extreme but it cut down my self confidence to be paunchy with a bit of a gut and a double chin if you will.

    A few years ago I got into a ‘low carb’ type diet and got my weight down to about 185 or so… For me, I think I had quite a change in appearance (mostly a more cut looking face and jawline) and at the time I didn’t know why several hotties where trying to get to know me.. I had absolutely no game except ‘innocent enthusiasm’ and really didn’t know why I was capturing so much interest.

    Anyway, after a few months I had gained most of the weight back and now I believe that these kind of diets are not a good idea.

    Basic explanation: Low carb and other kinds of diets lower your metabolism and put your body into starvation mode. This may last for a period but eventually you will need to nourish yourself and when you do, your body will gain weight twice as fast due to the lowered metabolism.

    So, I was kind of heavy for a few years but set the following rules for myself to keep things better than they were before…

    1) Cut out soda and sugary drinks. Drink water most of the time

    2) Avoid fried food period.

    3) Don’t eat to the point of feeling ‘stuffed’

    (I told myself if I break those rules, I want to be fat!)

    Then, last Feb, I bought David D.’s ebook and something snapped in my head… When I realized that women don’t control their attraction.. I suddenly felt empowered… It wasn’t really *me* that was the problem.. It was my lack of information!!! This was great and suddenly I set a goal in my mind of getting ‘cut’ and picking up twenty one year old women… (I’m 38) The younger women seem to respond to physical attraction more exclusively and more quickly…
    Actually, this is my personal motivation… Yours might be different… try to create an image in your mind of something you really want and are willing to ‘do whatever it takes’ to get it… This is key and is extremely important to set a BIG goal that is 10x more important than your daily concerns… (When ever I think about not going to the gym, I just pop back that picture in my mind, then I’m immediately ‘motivated’)

    Next, there was some cool info in some ebook I found online last year (Seduction Secrets?).. Well anyway, there was some really good info about physical fitness and nutrition. It referred me to a great book called “The Men’s Health Hard Body Plan : The Ultimate 12-Week Program for Burning Fat and Building Muscle
    by Larry Keller, Lou Schuler”
    I found this book to be an easy read with explanations for everything including cardiovascular, nutrition and weight training.

    As far as losing weight, I think cardiovascular is key… It’s good to set goals for yourself… For me, a min of 300 calories at a time (calculated by the computerized machines — enter your weight) works good… I try to burn at least 10-13 calories per min, but you should definately start lower until you build up your heart endurance. Start by walking fast… I really tune into my heart rate (which is described in the book) I think the formula is “max heart rate = 140 – age”. I use the cardio machine or a wristwatch strapless heart rate monitor I got at for $60. If you’re out of shape endurance wise, I think it’s best to keep your heart rate at about 60% of your max… Slowly working up to about 80% of your max… This could take a few months so have patience.. Some rules I use for cardio… 1) If you’re not sweating after 10 minutes, you’re not burning fast enough… 2) You need to do cardio *at least* 20-30 minutes for it to do any good… 3) As your heart gets stronger with more endurance, your can burn your calories much faster (this happened to me after 2 months) 4) You must breathe correctly for more endurance. (I learned this from a martial arts teacher). Breathe out forcefully and rhymically every few secs. Don’t think about breathing in, this will happen implicitly, just breathe out. This gets rid of the Carbon Dioxide and gives you more endurance. I rarely see people doing this! I use the calories burned as a goal setting technique (300) in my case.. then stretch, then follow the weight lifting plan from the book, then jump rope (like Rocky) for 10-15 minutes (2nd only to swimming for calorie burning) then at last 300 more calories on the elliptical trainer (cardio). This takes me about 1 1/2 hrs. I realize that if I am thinking about leaving as opposed to reaching my set goals for the day then I am not doing what it takes.. I have many other things in my schedule but I find time at least 3 times a week or so… Other things to think about… Don’t compare your self to the other people in the gym. When you have your set plan, nobody can stare you down… I walk around with my clip board and don’t care what the weight lifting dudes think of that…. Once they realize I am not self conscious, they are very helpful and help with spotting, etc…

    I found that with a little less fat and a few more muscles, I was able to completely buy into my self image and project a lot more confidence and indifference. Posture is key. I learned in Major Mark’s hypno session in LA that I can ‘step into’ a projected image of someone else who has awesome body language and suddenly I am projecting the same body language. The way you walk, move your arms, and hold your head.. This has been working very good for me and now I am doubling my dating.. Well, not exactly, since you can’t really double 0!

  10. rocker44 says:

    Hey TC,

    I can understand what you’re going through with your weight. I was overweight the first 22 1/2 years of my life. Two and a half years ago I decided to do something about it. Basically I ended up eating one meal a day for about 8 months. I lost 110 lbs. I also hit the gym MAYBE once a week just so I wouldn’t lose all muscle.

    I know thats not the healthiest thing to do, but I knew I needed to do something drastic and see quick results or I’d lose interest. Now days I eat a lot healthier and have kept all the weight off and feel great.

  11. Viroid says:

    Lots of misinformation in this thread. Ross is right about controlling blood sugar. ALA is a decent product, but R-ALA is better. Its more potent and bioactive. Fiber is also EXTREMELY important for controlling blood sugar. Shoot for 30-40 grams per day. You may want to supplement your fiber. Sugar free metamucil or colon cleanse are good products.

    I also disagree with ross about weight training. You need to hit the gym. What burns calories??? MUSCLE!!! 1lb of muscle burns 50 cals per day. You put on 10lbs of muscle you burn an extra 500 cals per day. Added up thats 3500 cals per week. How many cals in 1lb of fat? 3500!! If you want to do it the right way you should only be losing 2lbs of fat per week. Anymore than that youll be burning up muscle.

    IMHO here is the easiest and best diet that ive found:

    Reduce cals to 10 X your bodyweight. Eat low to moderate carbs. You can have all the veggies (anything green is preferred) you want, but thats the only carbs you can have. Eat only lean cuts of meat, fish, chicken, sirloin etc. Only after your workout you can have one serving of high glycemic carbs like pasta, rice, bread (wheat). And lastly, give yourself one cheat day per week. Where you can eat anything you want. This is good for sanity and also keeps your metabolism up.

  12. Dave says:

    Think about this: some people eat whatever they want and never put on weight. Others eat half a tangerine and put on 3 lbs.

    Despite the size of an UNSUCESSFUL weight loss industry ($43 billion / year), biotech companies have failed to find any consistent biological causes for being fat (apart from your ability to eat HAHA).

    Why? Because there are forces working against you to keep you fat.

    No other possible explanation. The forces vary but RJ is on the right track.
    However EFT ( works much better than 3D Mind (ask on Mindlist) and is free.

  13. RJ says:

    “Lots of misinformation in this thread. Ross is right about controlling blood sugar. ALA is a decent product, but R-ALA is better. Its more potent and bioactive. Fiber is also EXTREMELY important for controlling blood sugar. Shoot for 30-40 grams per day. You may want to supplement your fiber. Sugar free metamucil or colon cleanse are good products.”

    1. Could you tell me more about R-ALA? I’ve heard their was a variant that was more potent. Where do I find it?

    2. Fiber-right on. My oops for forgetting this. I got a flax seed grinder from my nephew and buy the organic flax seed. I grind it up (keep the rest of it in the fridge) and eat two teaspoons a day. Great for cholesterol reduction.

    “I also disagree with ross about weight training. You need to hit the gym. What burns calories??? MUSCLE!!! 1lb of muscle burns 50 cals per day. You put on 10lbs of muscle you burn an extra 500 cals per day. Added up thats 3500 cals per week. How many cals in 1lb of fat? 3500!! If you want to do it the right way you should only be losing 2lbs of fat per week. Anymore than that youll be burning up muscle.”

    I didn’t say you shouldn’t work your muscles. Just that Furey’s workout WITHOUT weights is pretty amazing. Look, just check out his site is all I am saying. I have no axe to grind in THIS controversy, unlike the other ones I jump into on this board.


  14. “The forces vary but RJ is on the right track.”

    To quote Saul Alinsky, author of Rules For Radicals(one of the finest books on social manipulation and manipulation of the media and public perception that I have ever read):

    “Don’t worry boys. We’ll weather this storm of approval and come out hated as always!”

    “However EFT ( works much better than 3D Mind (ask on Mindlist) and is free.”

    I strongly disagree, but that is a debate for another forum. I can only tell you that Tom and Kim are getting staggering results with very difficult issues, including someone totally relieving all of his emotional distress over an auto-immune disorder, to the point where he is off his medication and virtually symptom free.

    In any event, addressing the emotional issues is required and I wish Thundy luck.


  15. Vega says:

    This is rather interesting,

    I a friend of mine, a non-PUA, several years ago was big into Tao philosophy. I know I know it already sounds woo woo and new age (actually Tao is ancient it’s not new). He got this book called the Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity by Daniel Reid. When he was really into living a Tao based lifestyle he told me two things

    1) when he first started doing the dietary stuff he lost weight without even trying, he got thin and slender.
    2) Women were coming out of the wood work chasing him like crazy. In essence a simple hello would be all it would take for a girl to all of sudden show interest in him.

    Now, I don’t have any personal experience on this (I did get the book and I am starting out on a few things here and there, basically for reason #2 above), but I double checked with him to make sure he wasn’t kidding about losing weight, and he said it happened easily, and he guesses the side effect of being in the Tao according – to him – is that women sense that you have so much energy (Chee) that they chase you. I’m not that far into the book yet. This may be more on the metaphysical side of things. If any one has any experience with this please feel free to let me know (Ross do you have any experience with this?)


  16. Vega says:

    On a personal note, of what I have done that works, it’s a sugar free diet, and eating healthy – plus I got burned out on fast food -. Last summer I worked in a gourmet restaurant and ate like roylty (gourmet food, and about 4 times a day) and still lost weight. Another thing that worked for me (I lost 17 lbs in two months) was a weight tape from Learning Strategies corp. I went from 178 to 161 in two months! How about that for results? You do need to follow the directions on the tape, and at the same time they are very easy to follow.

    Best of luck Thundy,


  17. thenewpete says:


    I think the trick is to keep it simple, find a framework that is realistic for you, and make it interesting and varied so you can keep it up for life.

    1. Do weights. You need to invest a bit of time with a trainer to start, then you should be OK. Twice a week is fine (you’re not a bodybuilder).

    2. Cardio. Should be three times a week. Design a regime which is comfortable for you (but needs to be reasonably intense). Playing a sport can make this interesting and you can direct the rest of your training as preparation for the sport.

    3. Don’t overeat and watch the fat. You need to havea a good working idea what the fat content of various foods is. Don’t diet – eat normally, but in moderation and balance.

    That approach keeps me – and I’m 43 years old – in the game on every level.


  18. Luke_BR says:

    Check my post at

  19. BBE says:

    I wasn’t over weight but very unfit so this is what I did

    - Got rid of all crap food in my house
    - Only ever buy healthy food
    - Don’t drink as much as I used to (alcohol)
    - Don’t buy soft drinks and the like
    - Only drink water, oj, dairy products (ie nothing shit
    - Choose healthy takeaway alternatives such as indian, chinese (although not too often as it contains a lot of salt), half a chicken (no skin) with vegetables or be like Jarrod and eat subway (i heard he died though?)
    - etc etc

    Its not about going on a diet, its about retraining the way you live and eat.

    It may seem like the above is a bit drastic, however what this allows me to do is be confident in the fact that i know i’m eating healthy and this allows me to occasionally splurge on ‘bad’ food when i go out

    For me motivation was the big thing so i started easy, something i know i could stick to and build it up from there. so i started running 3 times a week, just 2k’s. then built it up to 5 times a week. then i extended it by a k. Currently i’m running 5 k’s 5 times a week. It only takes a half hour.

    For you if your really over weight, start slowly. Half hour walk build it up. Becareful not to over do it in the early stages. you have to lose the excess weight before you move onto putting on muscle otherwise you’ll do yourself a mischief. Like on the simspons when marge says ‘homer you know what the doctor says you can’t run without breaking your ankles’

    Set realistic goals once you lose the excess weight re-evaluate them.

    Most of the suggestions above will work. It doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you do something.

  20. Catfish says:

    Hey TC,

    Lots of good advice listed above. But the best advice I saw was motivation.

    You can eat XYZ food with ABC suppliment and it won’t help if you’re not working out.

    You can work out like a MF’ing fiend and it won’t help unless you’re eating right.

    What it all comes down to is you making a decision to change your life. You’ve got to decide that this fat thing doesn’t work for you and you want to change.

    I was fat last June. I kept trying to lose the weight for a long time. (Long story) Anyway, my knees started to hurt a little bit and I knew it was time to change. I’m down 45 pounds now and let me tell you… It’s totally worth it.

    Now, I’m no PUA. I’m not even close. I just feel better about myself. Just make the decision to lose the weight and you’ll find success. You obviously decided to get better at approaching and you made the improvement.

  21. Viroid says:

    “1. Could you tell me more about R-ALA? I’ve heard their was a variant that was more potent. Where do I find it?”

    OK, heres a great wholesale nutrition website. In the health and fitness internet realm, this guy is the best. The lowest prices and GREAT service. Every time ive ordered by CC ive gotten my product within 3 days. And S&H is only 5 bucks for light items. Anyway, heres the website and info on R-ALA: You can also check out the costumer reviews for R-ALA if you wish.

    “2. Fiber-right on. My oops for forgetting this. I got a flax seed grinder from my nephew and buy the organic flax seed. I grind it up (keep the rest of it in the fridge) and eat two teaspoons a day. Great for cholesterol reduction.”

    Flax is a great source and ratio (omega-6 & omega-3) of essential fatty acids and fiber. i just use a coffee bean grinder. I love ground flax seed on cereal or oatmeal. I think the oil tastes like ass, though. I mostly get my EFA’s from fish oils capsules. EPA and DHA are really important not only for dieting reasons, but also for health reasons. I urge every one to look into this because most people are deficient in essential fatty acids. I shoot for 15-20 grams per day. Its a lot, but thats cause im an endomorph. Ecto/mesomorphs should get 6-10 grams per day.

    “I didn’t say you shouldn’t work your muscles. Just that Furey’s workout WITHOUT weights is pretty amazing. Look, just check out his site is all I am saying. I have no axe to grind in THIS controversy, unlike the other ones I jump into on this board.”

    I could see your point. Look at gymnasts. Huge and ripped, but rarely lift weights. The only weight they use is their bodyweight. Of course, it will take longer to build muscle, but some form of resistance training is better than none.

  22. Shrek says:

    Nice posts here. Some wrong data, but I am always glad to see some guys embracing the opportunity to help each other.

    There are many ways to stay healthy, slim, strong, ripped, depending on what you want.

    My way: Go to the round table and read everything posted by David Maurice and Vic Eberly. You will learn to eat right, strech, lift weights, do cardio and be stronger, without nosense tips from genetic wonders that will never work for us, normal guys.


  23. RJ says:

    “he guesses the side effect of being in the Tao according – to him – is that women sense that you have so much energy (Chee) that they chase you. I’m not that far into the book yet. This may be more on the metaphysical side of things. If any one has any experience with this please feel free to let me know (Ross do you have any experience with this?)”

    Not only do I have experience with it, I can teach it. My best example is my student Vince who is blowing all the “PUA” guys( totally away with real world results and skills, much of it based on the energetic stuff I’ve taught him.

    Bear in mind, much of what is taught about it IS New Age crap, but some of it really DOES work.

    To put it simply, women respond to either look or vibe. If you don’t have the look, you gotta have the vibe.

    Now, you can put on the external behavioral manifestations of vibe by imitating PUA body language, doing the back turns, looking over your shoulders, slowing down your movements, etc. etc. and that WILL work better than old AFC behavior.

    But add in the energetic components and you have to do a hell of a lot less of this, and the stuff you wind up continuing to do has real power behind it, instead of being a performance.

    I did a huge section on this at the NYC seminar. Videos available in a month or two. Anyone who DOES do a PUA type seminar will dramatically cut their learning curve AND boost whatever behavior skill they DO pick up.


  24. Dangerous says:


    Have you decided on a title for the product yet? Also is this stuff more advanced from the new model of SS which is displayed on the PA stuff and which have been doing for the last few years.

    One of your fans. Always love your stuff because it moves me towards DANGEROUS INTELLIGENCE in a good way of course.


  25. mimicker says:

    I agree with Shrek that you shouldn’t expect big guys in the gym to know about fitness. Sure, some do, but most don’t. Most are just genetically predisposted to be big. They aren’t big because of their training, but in spite of their training. (yes, working out gets them bigger but they could be even bigger + cutter if they knew what they were doing, scary huh?)

  26. TripleP says:

    One thing I only saw mentioned once – the motivation that other people provide. It’s no different than PU. Sometimes people like to focus too much on the technology (in weight loss as well as PU) looking for a magic bullet, and they forget the most basic thing – sometimes you just have to put in the time and effort. Whatever route you decide to take, having others to share in the journey is invaluable.

    I wish you the best of luck!

  27. Shrek says:

    Yes mimicker, you are right, it is like expecting a natural to teach you how to PU… he is not aware of his habilities and thinks you are retarded, as an “easygainer” thinks you aren´t training hard enough if you don´t get in shape as fast he does, even if you keep feeling dizzy after working out (by the way, this is good).

    Motivation, like TripleP remarked, is really everything. Go to . Watch his pictures. This guy is amazing, very natural and persistent. Don´t follow his guidelines, though. He is misinformed, and that’s why he is injured right now. Go to, as I said before. Don´t buy anything, of course, there is enough good information for free.

    I wish you the best,


    “I am NOT prince charming”

  28. Yuri says:

    Yo New_Sko0L, You need to basically eat a lot of food, all the time, and weightlift 3-4X a week. Calories in, calories out…

    Anyway, it’s funny how this thread got so many replies, and I think all of you guys giving Thundercat weight-loss advice is kinda funny. I mean don’t get me wrong, there are good suggestions here, Ross mentioned blood-sugar control which I didn’t even think about. However, don’t you guys think that if Thundercat really wanted to lose weight, he’d figure out how himself? *Shrug* Now that all of this has been said, I’ll comment on a few things:

    mimicker wrote: “and what is the most effecient type of energy in your body??? FAT. So, your muscles will literally become fat-burning machines.”

    — I’m kinda wondering what you mean by ‘most efficient’ but while fat does have more energy per Kcal, carbs are much easier to burn as they don’t require oxygen. This is why your body will always hit your carbohydrate stores before the fat gets burned. I’m not *exactly* sure how the whole process works strictly speaking, but suffice it to say that if you take in less calories than you were taking in before, you’ll lose weight. Of course people then worry about losing muscle, but it’s a complicated equation of what gets burned first, and how much of whatever nutrients are in your food, etc.

    enliteme wrote: “Weight-gain is not just a mental motivation issue. It is also a PHYSIOLOGICAL ADDICTION. Like a drug, perhaps much, much worse.”

    — Haha, an addiction? Dude, don’t you think that is labeling it just a bit liberally? I’ll go with your label of “physiological” only because I think there is SOME tendency for a sort of physical habit to develop and for your body to expect certain things. However, I’d say it’s over 90% psychological (if I had to put down a number) and probably much more than that.

    In fact, I’d argue that just thinking this way kinda fucks you up. It gives you an excuse not to conquer your own tendencies. “Fuck, I can’t stop, it’s the addiction” .. Ever been to an AA meeting man? I might get flamed for this but there’s very little real “healing” going on, it’s just a bunch of group validation and people wanting to feel that they are “really doing something” about their lives.

    Ok, so .. Thundercat. There’s good suggestions here, but also lots of bad ones. That stuff about only eating “raw” food strikes me as self-fulfilling prophecy-type nonsense. Whoever said that you should surround yourself with good food was right. I think you should go pick up a good college bio textbook and read it, if what you’re doing isn’t working for you.

    Are you exercising dude? It doesn’t matter if you eat a lot if you also exercise a lot. Start doing pushups until failure several times through the day. I know you sit at your computer typing shit up for this site so you must have some free time. Do like 100 pushups a day, and 2 or 3 times a day run around your house as many times as you can. Whatever it is, come up with exercises you can do any time, any place. Don’t depend on good conditions to get in your exercise, just do it every day. Do some fucking jumping jacks. LOL.

    It’s pretty easy to go from fat to skinny, you just don’t eat many calories (not necessarily amount of food, remember) and exercise a lot. In fact, I find it kind of hard NOT to exercise, you just gotta make it a habit. Peace.

  29. Zanther says:

    Dude, get yourself a 24Hr Fitness membership. They have some really good prices (if you bargain right) and they’ll throw in tons of stuff like free sessions with personal trainers who will tell you EXACTLY what you need to do and they match it to your lifestyle. These people are damned good. If you do a tour at one gym and don’t like it call up another local one.

  30. Zanther says:

    PS I’d rather be overweight than underweight. I’ve never seen a short scrawny guy get laid consistently, but I’ve seen countless really overweight fat guys get laid nonstop for years.

    They have the whole manly presence, large protector thing going for them. If you’re much skinnier and shorter than the girl, you’re probably not going to be getting 8s 9s 10s.

  31. manifestis3 says:

    dude…all u have to do is replace your time eating with something else…simple as that…and why do so many people eat food obsessively…becuase everyone is unfulfilled in some ways psychologically and they feel better when eating…just like others smoking weed, doing drugs, etc…

    the key to get out of it is to REPLACE the time with something else…because you do NOT need to do it all the time whether it is food, drugs, alcohol, or whatever…replace with exercise…replace with going outside…replace with drinking jamba juice…replace with eating fruit…REPLACE…replace…replace…with something better for YOU…

  32. GP says:

    So far you have been given lots of good advice and some bad advice. I’m a certified personal trainer and when a guy comes to me in your situation, here in a nutshell is what I tell him has to be done:

    1) Forget about losing weight.
    2) Think, instead, about reducing body Fat and getting fit.
    3) Lift some weights.
    4) Do some cardio.
    5) For a quick two-week fat reduction, get on the South Beach diet, strict version (Phase I).
    6) For long-range body fat management, follow the more relaxed phase of South Beach or the Zone or any Low Carb and moderately high protein diet.


  33. Paul M says:

    Here’s a long-ish page on how I got motivated when I started a weight training program in ’99:

    Now I pretty much look like this:

    Since then I’ve become a trainer. In my experience with myself & others, I’d say the first month or two is the hardest, just keeping it going. Structure & integrity is absolutely key. Once the (myriad positive) effects are both felt and seen the feedback loops kick in and it becomes mostly self-perpetuating.

    Have fun, Paul

  34. whocares? says:

    As a ‘playa’ I’m sure your aim is to develop a brad pitt type body, which most 18-30 year old women would agree is the ideal. Good news, anyone can do it I dont care what your excuse is its easy to obtain that look if you’ve got an ounce of self discipline. Personally I prefer being a lean two-thirty but thats a little too big for most women’s taste. Diet diet diet is the key, remember ANYONE can have abs if they’re not concerned with building muscle or strength.

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