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One of the big up-and-comers in the scene is PlayboyLA, one of the Project Hollywood guys. Lately, he’s been doing a lot of winging with Tyler Durden and seems to be having some AMAZING success. I’ve seen this guy in person work a crowd, and I gotta say, I’m quite impressed with what I’ve seen.

Playboy recently posted a Lay Report on mASF that I think is a really good example of not only his game, but Tylers, so if you guys want to check it out, I’m sure you can get a LOT from it. He shares a lot of his routines he uses in his interactions, and his reports are a pretty entertaining read.

PlayboyLA writes:
After getting hummers from our two classy ladies, TD and I raced down the street to get to the SkyBar before it closed. Seeing the people streaming out of the door in the distance, we began to spot sets on the street. The first one we saw, we hit – a two set – one of the girls was well gamed on by two guys, while the other was dangling, and trying to drag her friend away. We opened the free girl,

TD: Aw, you look so lonely

HBTD: I am, I hate when she does this…you guys are cute

PB: Hey, we need trust, comfort and connection first

HBTD: Haha – I like you guys

TD: We like you too – in fact, we are going to adopt you guys to be our little sisters

HBTD: Yaay – I always wanted two big brothers! Hey HBPB – our big brothers are here!

HBPB: What?

TD: Hey, we are off to Mel’s to have the best milkshake in the world – you guys should join

HBPB: I don’t know – I am so tired

PB: Hey, you are my little sister – and if you don’t come, I will tell mommy and she will ground you, cut your allowance, and limit your phone time.

HBPB: Haha

HBTD: Cmon HBPB, we have to go to Mel’s – these guys are cool!

All of this was said with the two guys standing there, trying to get my girl’s phone number. Each time they went for the number, we just distracted her away from them with our words. TD keeps telling his girl over and over “Yell at her to come. Yell louder. Make her come.” She runs in and drags her friend away from the guys.

Normally, we have spent at least 10-15 minutes with the girls before an extraction…in this case – less than five minutes. The initial challenge, was to get through the first five minutes. Because there was so little interaction – both girls resisted the extraction as we walked down the street. We used callback humor to reengage the playful frame of sister/brother – “Hey little sister, we have to roll together…then we have to sneak back into the house without mom and dad knowing” – stuff like that.

About halfway, we decided to take them straight to the house. Here’s how we did it:

They continued to whine that they weren’t really hungry and wanted to go home. So, we simply oversell the house, and pull them back there – for just 5 minutes.

HBPB: I want to go home, I am tired

HBTD: Yeah, I am tired too – and I gotta get up early

TD: Well, you guys gotta at least come by and take the mini-tour of the house. It will take 5 minutes, then you guys can run home.

PB: Yeah, besides, I gotta work tomorrow too – and can’t hang late with crazy valley girls anyway

HBPB: Hey man – you guys are the ones who are CRAZY – allright, we’ll take the minitour…(smiling)

So, we enter the PH mansion, and lucky for us the Jacuzzi was on! (hmmmm how did that happen?)

So, TD proceeds to put his feet into it, and convinces his girl to do the same. I immediately notice that his girl is very into him, and my girl could become a cockblock so I move her to another part of the backyard veranda – we chat, I do some mini-cold reads on her, run the Cube and then we snuggle. I notice that TD is now in the hottub with his girl and they are having QUITE the time…

PB: Hmm – you seem kinda tired (we are snuggling now), lets go hang in the meditation room where we can relax.

HBPB: Sounds very good

Two things – I had not even kissed my girl yet. There was enough tension though between us to signify isolation attraction. Also, I call my room the meditation room here so they don’t think we are heading back into my real room, but rather a place where we can just hang out serenely, and chat J

We go back to my room, and immediately she gets under the covers. So, I lay on the bed by her and begin to stroke her hair while we chat.

HBPB: C’mon, get under the covers – I want to snuggle!

PB: Oh allright – but please don’t try anything – I am very vulnerable when I am so tired and weary.

So, we snuggle…and I escalate, why not? No reason really – and we proceed to the full monty. However, there was LMR, and I used every trick in the book that I know of – agreeing to the resistance, re-escalating and trying again. The most was when I tried to remove her panties – she had no defense though to the red light/green light routine:

PB: You are a study of opposites

HBPB: What do you mean? I just don’t know you well enough yet…

PB: Of course – but two people never really know each other – and besides, you and I both know that there is part of you that wants one thing, and another part which wants another.

HBPB: (Shrugs) Whatever PB, maybe so

PB: There’s this, which clearly wants one thing (taking her hand – which had been jerking me off), there is this which wants the same thing (pointing to her tummy – meaning her emotions), and of course this, which clearly wants the same thing (touching her pussy, which was warm and wet)…but, then there is the almighty THIS (pointing to her head)…which wants the opposite. (She giggles here)

So, I am pacing her reality and showing a real understanding of her inner world.

HBPB: (giggling) Yes, you are right…

PB: You are like a little car in stop and go traffic – so frustrating for the better drivers out there. It’s “Red light” (point to head) “green light” (point to hand) – “red light” (point to head) “green light” (point to tummy) – “red light” (point last time at head) “green light” (point to crotch, stay there…)

This had her giggling, really at herself, so I re-escalate this time and each time she stops me I say “red light” and flick her head (slightly painful) while smiling, and each time she allows me to proceed I say “aaah, thank you for the green light”…this pacing and leading routine accompanied with reward/punish has worked a number of times for me.

She was just going to stay the night, but decided not to when her friend came down rather pissed off. She and TD had a full monty upstairs in Papa’s room, but now she was done and tired and sober…she was ready to roll! TD told me later that after they were finished, she freaked that she couldn’t find her friend anywhere… Apparently TD wasn’t sure if I’d full-montied my girl or not yet, and got frustrated with her for being selfish.

TD: Hey, if you intrude when my boy is reaching the end-zone you lose every cool point you accumulated up to now!

HBTD: Aaaah – no! I must stop it!

Weird huh? She had just had sex with TD, but still needed to cockblock! Anyway, she was too late….

Apparently TD’s girl had said repetitively that she never kisses on the first date, and gave him a whole ho-hum about how she met a great guy who tried to kiss her, and she dumped him over it because it was too soon for her. Then she started qualifying herself to him about his views on one night stands, and he ran Style’s “I don’t go into an interaction with expectations in mind.. I dated a girl and we took 3 months to have sex. Another girl it was the first night, because it was immediately passionate. I liked both girls equally, because both just felt natural and didn’t try to veer things in one way or another.” A few minutes later it was on.

Quite the night – two closes in under 7 hours (BJ, fmonty). We credit the PUA summit for motivating us to go for two in a row. TD and I then debriefed at Mel’s, our custom, looked around at the few sets there…and laughed at each other as we even considered opening another set! We are sarge addicts!

Wow, these guys are so close to breaking the girl code, it’s scary. 2 Lays in 7 hours. That’s some serious Jedi shit there. Anyway, keep an eye out for PlayboyLA posts, since he’s definitely one of the real deals (and now an official Real Social Dynamics instructor).

You can check out the original post along with all the responses here.

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